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App Trap➀

I came straight to the serious road, but I didn't understand why I registered for the "app", and the days of confusion began. 


First, search for "papa katsu". 

There was a comparison of each company's application. 

I looked into "Sugar ○ addy" where the age of the woman was up to 40's. 

It seems safe and there seems to be a female member in her 40s enrolled, so I decided for the time being. 

I need ID, so I can't lie about my age. 

 I absolutely wanted to avoid using a photo of my face, so I registered with a non-offensive name without showing my face. 

I've already figured out from my preliminary research that the number of messages from men will decrease drastically if I don't show up, and that the functions that can be used are limited.Still registered without a photo. 

First day of registration 

Surprised to receive so many messages unexpectedly. 

Since the e-mail address is registered, when you check the e-mail, you can see the arrival of the message. 

The target audience is between the ages of 37 and 65. 

Younger people and people of the same age were more likely to have so-called “serious love”. 

"I want you to heal me" "I want you to seriously meet me regularly" "I want to hold hands and hug you on a normal date"To be honest, I was quite surprised by all the serious messages. 

I didn't post a picture of my face, so when I asked, I was told that I was choosing by age.

I was a little surprised by the demand for people in their 40s. 

During the exchange, the man immediately sent a picture of himself.Even if you are not cool or handsome, he will send you (in that case, it will be said that you are almost kind. With a comment). 

What is this psychology? ?First, it's a mess. 

Are you confident? ? ?Self-proclaimed Ikeoji? ? 

If your intuition doesn't make you feel (physiologically) when you look at the picture, give a non-offensive reply or"No?"to the question of"sorry"When I replied, it ended quickly, so it's an app, or rather, the next one! !The atmosphere was pleasant. 

Again, is he a confident self-proclaimed geek?As expected. 

On the other hand, much older people often wrote clearly such as "Meal and hotel, 3. XNUMXnd month", "XNUMXth month. Meal date, hobby date", etc.This is also stark and straightforward.So hasty! ! 

It was also the first day of registration, and I was still not clear about what I was really looking for, so I withdrew. 


"These people, as long as there is someone who can do it, anyone is fine..."That's how I received it. 

I don't know the actual situation, but they don't have a photo of their face, and although there are some descriptions of their characteristics, they write "request for physical relationship" based only on age, occupation (even this declaration is almost false), height, weight, etc. hey. . . 

That's how I received it. 

left for a few days 

I was a little tired of the storm of messages on the first day, so I didn't open the site for several days. 

When I opened it after a long absence, messages from several people had accumulated. 

Some people were unilaterally angry that there was no reply, but on the first day"I want to do it!!"The atmosphere is muted,"Let's go on a date first~~"was left. 

I didn't know much about this app, so it seems like I've been on the site for a long time since that day, and I felt like I was always logged in as a "woman looking for men."In fact, such a message came, so I closed it in a hurry. 

Contact from Ikeoji 

Among them, I ended up having tea with someone who was very aggressive and eager, but this was a big mistake. 

I found out his full name in the email, so I searched as he said, "Try searching", and it turned out to be really cool. 

I was able to confirm the record of catching marlin on the cruiser, so I went to the meeting with a little joy in my heart. 

At the meeting place, the man in the photo doesn't even look like an uncle. 

The gimmick was simple, the photo was of the cruiser owner and the angler.This is probably on purpose. 

"They got me····" 

Still, it would have been nice if it was a fun time, but I continued to ask personal information questions all the time,"What do you want?" "What do you want to do?" "What do you want to be with me?"continued to question. 

As expected, I decided to drive to the marina where the cruiser was, while thinking that this was not possible. 

I will add this again because Ikeoji is there. 

"Haha, you always invite me to feed you Ikeoji." 

 As soon as I realized that, I decided to keep my smile on my face and stay on the highest level of vigilance. 

The reason why I stubbornly refused to look into the bedroom inside the cruiser was because the danger signals inside me flashed violently. 

I managed to return to the original place while dodging the ○ uncle who was trying to go around behind me. 

"Next, let's go to a membership-only restaurant for lunch."
While replying to the words with a smile, I registered the email address as spam. 

Appearance/contact from acquaintance managers 

When I continued to "leave it alone" as usual, I received a very polite message. 

When you check the profile, what a great fellow in the same industry, and moreover, an appearance. .In a way, he was someone I admired. 

Since I have registered my occupation falsely in this app, there is no way that the other party will notice, and since he is so high-ranking, there is no way he knows me. 

"I want to meet you" "It is useless if you absolutely step in" 

I was conflicted for a while, but the day to meet was decided in a hurry with quite forcible.It is the afternoon of that day.It is said that the secretary will pick you up at the nearest station. 

When I went to the designated place with happiness and surprise, there was a secretary who accompanied me to the meeting place. 

A few hours later, I shook hands with a very smart flow, handed the transportation fee, and passed through the ticket gate of the station. 

A few minutes before the train arrived, I received a thank you message. 

The man who has it is different. . . 

This was my honest impression.To be honest, I wanted to go out with her on her invitation. 

However, what I realized is that false registration is still painful. 

I killed various emotions and faded out. (I still regret it a little...) 


I received messages from quite a few people, and although I had an exciting encounter at the end, I still didn't have the courage. 

Besides, I was still reluctant to ask for something serious and extramarital affair. 

In the end, I decided to roll my tail and withdraw. 

This experience made me think about what I wanted again, but I was a little mentally unstable, so I got into further confusion. 

45 years old with a university deviation S rank, a love deviation C rank, and an adult deviation F rank.I would like to write a record of my dad activities that I started out of curiosity to learn from my dad.Thank you

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