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mistress aspirant

I have lived a simple and earnest life.

I devoted myself to my studies and work.

However, the record of a 45-year-old woman who realized that there was a mistress desire deep in her heart.


At the beginning of January, when the New Year's festive mood remained, I registered on a certain site.

No, the correct expression is that I did.

I, who lived diligently and diligently like a generation who didn't know about the bubble era, came to this age to join the daddy activity site.

Now that I think about it, it was completely impulsive, and to put it simply, it might have been mentally strange.

Still, seeing the world for the first time aroused my curiosity and revived the distant memories that had been sealed away.

first time dad

Mind you, I'm not beautiful.

Nor is he the owner of a captivating body.

I am the ordinary serious girl who doesn't care about makeup.

As the academic year progressed, the number of various courses increased, and as a matter of course, the relationship with the instructors (professor and several others) increased.

Under such circumstances, there were uncles who "snuggled" into my daily life.

Now that I think about it... in today's fashion, it might have been "Papa".

Professor A

Around the time I entered my sophomore year, something happened that prompted me to invite him to dinner.

more often than he did then.

A gentleman's professor always had someone else sit with him, never two.

However, when I think about it now, there are shops that students can't possibly go to, hideaway shops, shops that offer the best seasonal products, and sometimes far away shops that can't be reserved. Met.

In addition, I took me, who spends my free time reading or studying in the library, to the room next to the professor's room.use this as you like. "

The abuse of authority was also extreme, but for some reason neither the secretary nor the other lecturers said anything.

There was no prying or intervention, just being left nearby, but when I think about it, what I received from Professor A was enormous, both tangible and intangible.

Now that he passed away, there is no way to hear the professor's true feelings, but at the time, I was comfortable and enjoyed all the environments he provided me without thinking too much about it.

The second "Daddy"

In addition, Professor B appears when he is a fourth year student and begins to think about his career.

Like other students, I started by inviting students to the classroom, but before I knew it, I was given a mobile phone that was beginning to spread at that time (under the name of a professor).

It was very convenient for me because I was on various committees of the grade, but Professor B always modestly said, "I found a delicious restaurant'' I contacted him.

At that time, I was neglected by him, who had already become a member of society, and I was spending most of my free time studying.

Professor B preferred to be alone with us, but he always sent us to the boarding house first on the way home from the local meeting.

In the end, I wasn't assigned to Professor B's classroom, but this strange relationship continued until I graduated.

Anyway, he was a gentleman and had a gentle gaze, and he was a "strike" gentleman who had both "thickness of the chest" and "strength of the upper arm" that I was particular about from that time.

Why did you meet with uncles like every day?

I don't know what the professors were able to gain from dealing with chicks 0 years younger than me, but I would say the thinking, the way things are handled, the decisiveness, and the usual kindness of those who are at the top of my field of study. I was very happy to be able to experience the commitment and rigor to work that is in me, and I thought it would be nice to continue.

The happiness of having someone you respect share time with you is irreplaceable.

It is still the same.

Being able to be in a space with someone you think is amazing, share time with them, and give you a variety of knowledge...

When I look into the other person's eyes, they look back at me... I think I'm happy.


After graduating and finding a job in another prefecture, I spent all my time working, studying, and training so much that I didn't even have time to go back to my boarding house.

However, even in such a situation, "Teppen" from other industries appeared with a similar "papa" presence.

All the dads would just talk to each other all the time during meals and delicious cakes.

Her relationship with her fathers, which lasted until her marriage, became a distant memory while being swayed by childbirth and childcare, and was unconsciously sealed.

The amount of baccarat and Bizen ware, which were out of proportion to our home, barely reminded us of those days.

For some reason

While living a life without a dad and living a happy life in general, I often met successful people in business and private life.

Managers of various industries, successful entrepreneurs, presidents who make you feel completely defeated just by listening to their stories...

After all, it's great to have someone you can respect.

The fulfilled me who was living such a life was like a bolt from the blue! !

Are you mentally driven to escape from reality?

No, I want you to support me... That's how I registered.

From there, the world of 45-year-old women began to spread.

45 years old with a university deviation S rank, a love deviation C rank, and an adult deviation F rank.I would like to write a record of my dad activities that I started out of curiosity to learn from my dad.Thank you

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