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A woman who is good at flooring is profitable

What uncles look for in a young girl's sex

Hello, this is Madame Butterfly.

As I said last time, "Uncles who can work are good at sex."

A good uncle always checks the reaction of the other party and has sex as if he had a "business negotiation".
Moreover, care is very polite after sex.

anytime“How can I make someone happy?”I'm thinking about
Whether at work during the day or on the bed, the feeling of thinking about the other person is the same.

On the other hand, how should women behave when having sex with uncles?
When I was a hostess in Ginza, I was often asked this question by my fellow hostess.

"How can I please an older and more experienced person in bed? How can I improve my technique?"


As far as I'm concerned, it's a stupid question.

When you have sex with an uncle, you should pay more attention to "how polite" rather than technique, but that's it.
In particular, the uncle doesn't ask young women for techniques.This is the point of misunderstanding.

Recently, an uncle who lives around me said something like this.

"Why do young girls want to go so fast when they give fellatio? They think it makes men feel good, but it actually hurts."

There may be women who have feelings for you.
Most men won't be impressed by a high-speed blow job that makes a lot of noise.
Furthermore, in the cowgirl position, even if you move your hips at high speed, you may be reflected in a woman who has no delicacy.

Usefulness of "Cleaning Up"

Why do so many women fall into the “fake technique trap”?

Simply put, watching AV too much.This can also be said for men, but since AV is an unreal world, it is not the best sex in the real world.

If you imitate AV, both men and women will definitely have sex, so be careful.

So what kind of sex should women aim for?

When dating an uncle, one thing I can say with certainty is that "a woman who is good at bed is absolutely profitable."

Sex isn't everything for uncles, but sex is an important option for uncles to taste women.

But just as eating a hearty Chinese bento every day can make you sick, sex requires moderation and delicacy.

Isn't sex something you enjoy with all five senses?

The more experienced a man is, the more he orgasms in his brain, not his body.

For example, men first get excited when they see a woman's body.In addition, the excitement increases even more when you come in contact with the smell and skin sensations unique to women.

Hearing the voice that the woman feels as if responding to her own excitement makes her feel even more excited.

In other words, multiple points overlap to reach a sexual orgasm.The percentage of good or bad techniques for blowjobs and cowgirls is not that big.

Women who are good in bed have a deeper understanding of these male qualities.

Therefore, what women should do is to be more considerate of their partner than to improve their technique.

Specifically, I think that the level of good flooring will appear only after the other uncle has come.

No matter what I hide, I always give a cleaning blow job after my partner ejaculates.

Let it cool in your mouth for XNUMX-XNUMX minutes, then carefully wipe off the semen with a tissue.

There are many uncles who say "tickling", but I think it can give them a psychological sense of fulfillment.

Kindness even when broken

After the age of XNUMX, men lose confidence in sex.
Have any of you women ever had the experience of a man breaking your heart?
A break in the middle seems to be a more shocking event for an uncle than a woman thinks.

So to speak, the best of sensitive situations (laughs).

How would a woman who is good at bed deal with such a situation?

The worst thing you can do is try to get an erection with your mouth or hands.

It is outrageous to condemn it.

Broken hair is a depressing situation for women as well, but as men get older, this is unavoidable.
It's not your fault because it's often influenced by your physical and mental state that day.

In such a case, the floor worker does not say much, but leans towards the other man and hugs him carefully.

Before long, the man will finger your pubic area.When that happens, give lots of compliments.

The situation should never be denied.

Mrs. Butterfly


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