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I told my fiancée about dad life.

He is both boyfriend and fiancée

Let's find a dad with a matching app!
With the matching app registered with
I got a boyfriend.
Proposed after 2 months of dating
Tonton proceeded.

I was planning to hide the story of Papa Katsu

The woman who was working as a dad
It's not good for the world.
I personally felt proud
Not only my family, but also my friends know that I am doing dad activities
I didn't tell you.

Of course it's out of the question to tell my boyfriend
even if you're joking
What are you saying.with the stance
I was determined to stick with it.

I decided to say that I was working as a dad
It was triggered by an incident.
Another thing you're hiding from me
there was, but for some reason
A friend of his knew and told him.
I have something important to say to him.
I was called urgently.
Also at the end of overtime.
After the simple betrothal ceremony and the face-to-face meeting of both families
Marriage at last!at that time.

have a car pick you up
We talked in the car.
He said, "I heard from 〇〇 (my friend) that 〇〇 (I) used to do 〇〇, is that true? 』
They said.
That's not true!
I would like to say that it was true.
I can't write here what I used to do
It's not good.
Should I say it's true this time
Is it really kindness for him
Is it better for him to tell the truth
It was before we met, so can I say it?
I've been spinning my head around
I think I was frozen for a while without being able to reply.
"It doesn't matter if it's true or false, but my friend said bad things about 〇〇 (me), so I couldn't forgive him and I got angry.what should i do 』
It's been painful to be asked.
"fact.I'm sorry I didn't tell you.But it's normal for that friend to say bad things.I don't care about anything because it's a story from the past and it's different now.Don't worry about it. 』
I told you.
“It was really painful to learn about the unknown past of 〇〇 from someone other than herself.I wanted you to tell me.It's pathetic to think that there must have been times when he was troubled next to me.We're getting married now, so let's overcome anything together.Don't keep secrets anymore.Do you have anything else to hide? 』
should i say it again or not
I have hardened.
"I love you no matter what.Because there are various experiences and there is now 〇〇 (me). 』
So I decided to say

Do you know Papa-katsu?

"Do you know what Papa Katsu is? 』
I suddenly heard.
because he is stuck
I explained.
I'm going out to dinner with a man.
So we chatted and ate
I get some pocket money.
I have friends who are doing dad activities around me
I don't have one, so what is a normal dad life like?
I do not know but
It seems that many people go to hotels.
But my body relationship
Not at all, never even held hands.
he always
"Yeah yeah, so? 』
I was puzzled by the unexpected reply
I heard
Even if my dad touches me a little
I'm avoiding it right now.
How else did you start?
what kind of person did you meet
what kind of gift did you get
One, meet a very nice daddy
We also talked about what we enjoyed.
the question from him
“A meal alone is about 1 yen? 』
Because I was told
"3 yen.Even if you are busy in the morning and can only take 15 minutes, it will be 3 yen, and the longest time is an hour and a half. 』
And I don't have to say this far
I've changed my mind to be completely honest
I answered everything honestly.
because i was really enjoying myself
I once refused an allowance!
I also told you.
My most respected papa.
The episode with this dad that I told him
I wrote my first column
The title (a story about a very ordinary nursery teacher starting a dad activity) is detailed, so if you don't mind, please take a look at it.
When I refused the allowance, my father said, ``This is the money you should take for granted. "In the first place, you and I have different monetary values, so you don't have to hold back."
things you said
I told him many episodes with my dad.
he was very surprised
laughing a little
"You can't do it again"
Papa life ended
I'm grateful that I met him
I also said a lot.

And now

And now I'm free to enroll
Newlywed life has begun.
To be honest, I still wanted to be a dad, but
Because I don't want to hurt him who is most important to me
I will no longer be a dad.
A year ago, after work, I reapplied my makeup.
A weekday night when I went out to eat with my dad and had fun.
Now it's days to do my best to cook that I'm not good at.
Both have their problems
I hope you are living a happy life.
When I'm working as a dad
Let alone getting married, I'm going to have a boyfriend
I can't get money, so I don't feel the charm at all,
I want to be single for the rest of my life and enjoy meals with my dad.
There was a time when I thought that
A matching app that I registered to find my dad.
I don't know what will happen in life
I was able to experience it.
This story I can never tell my friends.
I never wrote a column
There is a connection here
To many people who let me be a writer
I was able to read your column
A really happy experience.
After all, I love to talk!

Thank you for reading to the end.

A 2-year-old who just broke up with her boyfriend of more than two years?

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