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I was planning to find my daddy, but I got a boyfriend ②

Last time I posted a story about my boyfriend who was planning to find a dad on a matching app.

But I can never tell A-kun that he has a dad.
A-kun is a serious and gentle man who exceeds expectations.
But I want to continue my dad activities only with this dad in the future.
I have only one dad who was really important and influential.
It was my dad who gave me the most allowance and helped me.
That's why I want A-kun to admit his dad life.
I get a lot of money every time because it's really just a relationship to eat.
Don't tell A about money from now on
I want to continue eating with my dad.
Rather, I want to introduce my dad to A-kun too.
I want to introduce A-kun to my dad too.
I was thinking alone.

I thought I wouldn't tell A-kun, but I changed my mind and wanted A-kun to know too.
But first, when I was thinking of asking my dad if I could tell A about him, A proposed to me! !
At that time, I had been dating A-kun for three months.

A surprise proposal three months after meeting A on a matching app.
I got a ring with diamonds.
I was very, very happy to receive a gift that was different from the one I received from my dad.

I always wanted to be involved with my dad, and of course I think he thought so too.
I decided to consult with my dad about getting married and what to do with our relationship in the future.

meet daddy
“A-kun proposed to me.But from now on, let's go out to eat with Papa! 』
Papa was very surprised.straight away
"congratulation.I am glad.I want to see Kako-chan again.Because we were able to get along so well.But I want you to think a little about A-kun. 』
I kept silent for a while.
"When I think about A-kun, I don't think it's a good idea to go out to eat together.It's sad, but when I think about Kako-chan, it's really irreversible if our marriage ends up being a blank slate because of meeting me, so I think we should stop seeing each other.I'm sure A-kun is a kind person, so it's right to take care of him. 』
They said.
I was very shocked by this answer because I thought that my father would continue to go out to eat.
was fixed for a while.
It's the result of a lot of thought by two people.

I also told my dad about my love life.
She also talked about how she was suddenly dumped by her boyfriend who had been dating for two years, and how her previous boyfriend was a little violent.

After dating for 2 years, I was asked to live together, and when I was looking for a room, I suddenly got dumped and started working as a dad.
To have such a rich experience in life
I didn't think so.
I can't say it to people around me, but it was important and I had a lot of fun eating, driving, and dating with my dad.
That's why I didn't want it to be a memory, but my dad thought about it and came up with an answer, so I decided to do it.
I'm sorry, but I knew I was out of touch.
Papa taught me that.
A-kun is also a really serious and gentle man.
If I told A-kun that he had a dad and that he wanted to go out to eat with him from now on, the marriage would have been a blank slate.
Daddy who thinks of me so much.
I respected you more and more.
Papa was so serious that I was embarrassed that I said "Eh".

Daddy life was so much fun for me that I didn't have any demerits in meeting this daddy, so it's really hard to say goodbye.
I still remember it almost every day.
I want to contact you, but I met a relationship through dad life.
I can't do it publicly, and I can't think of A-kun.
Papa-katsu is not generally accepted yet.
I said that it has not been recognized yet, but I think it will be difficult to be recognized in the future.

What did your dad say when you last said goodbye
"I pray for Kako-chan's happiness. 』
It was a word of thanks.
I am the one who is filled with gratitude.

I think that prejudice is inherent in dad life.
I also think that if my friends try to do "papa katsu", they may stop depending on the friend.
It's strange to say it myself, but the eyes that see people are really important.
If you are a solid person who can protect yourself, and a friend who can say you don't like what you don't like, I would like to recommend it with all my might.
It goes without saying that each person has good and bad points regardless of whether they are male or female.
There are compatibility and so on.
I think both men and women have different goals, but they all have the same desire to meet a wonderful person.
For me, being able to meet a wonderful person has nothing but benefits, and it's an experience that can only be done now, so if anyone is hesitant, I'd recommend it.

And as for me now, I was trying to find a dad on a matching app, but I couldn't find a good dad, so I withdrew on the third day after registering.
And after 3 months of dating, I will propose and will be registered in half a year after dating.
I don't know if there is a demand for this too, but I'll write it next time as a record!
Thank you for reading.

next column
The story that I was planning to find a daddy, but I got a boyfriend ③
I think this concludes my column.
We hope to see you there!

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