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The Story of Finding a Daddy on Tinder ~ Dating a 31-Year-Old Actor

I took a break from dad activities for a while, but when I heard that my friend met a wonderful dad on Tinder, I missed dad activities and immediately downloaded Tinder.

Actually, it's not the first time I've used Tinder.When I used it before, I used it purely to find a lover.
After using it for a few days, I felt that in the past, there were many men who felt like they wanted to fall in love a little more, just like a general dating site. "I'm looking for someone to go to Thailand with."

Unlike regular dating clubs and daddy apps, Tinder is a dating app.Some men don't know about papa-katsu, and some have a negative reaction.
However, as an advantage, I think that the fact that you can choose who you go on a date with by yourself after seeing the visuals of the other person is a bit different from Tinder Papa Katsu.
Anyway, I searched for a high-level man who I thought I could go out with.
Excluding people who really want to have sex, people who live far away and can't meet (because people from other countries were also displayed), if you select a partner based on the criteria of your age or older, 30 people I have matched about.
Wow, my heart is pounding.
Among them, I met only those who understood the concept of Papa-katsu. I will continue to try until I can have a fat daddy on Tinder.

Investment fraud seems to be rampant on Tinder these days.
If a message using a translation app arrives on a handsome Chinese account, it is a red flag, and it seems that it is more complicated than a simple remittance, such as being invited to a virtual currency wallet.
It seems that investment fraud in virtual currency wallets is difficult to follow, and related fraud seems to be rampant.
Please be careful and have fun.

On the other hand, when it comes to men's stories, it seems that women also have such investment stories, and there are many people who write profiles that say, "I refuse to talk about investments."

And the schedule is filling up.
Today is my first date with a 31-year-old office worker.
They appealed to me that they were super-like, they said they would take me to a restaurant that I wanted to go to, and they readily agreed to my allowance, so it was Friday night. to, I promised.

However, things did not go smoothly.
On the day of the event, when I asked the name of the reservation at the restaurant, I was told that the reservation was made under my name.Anyway, I was told to wait at the entrance of the restaurant at 7 o'clock, so I decided to wait.
Waiting for 30 minutes, no contact, and the person himself didn't show up.
Was it played or was it a last-minute cancellation?
I messaged him on Tinder but no reply.
Tinder's first dad activity, is it really a loss?And I sink.
Then, a young man in a suit with a model figure appeared 30 minutes late, and he started making excuses saying, "I sent you a message! It's my fault that the message didn't arrive properly!"
Don't you think it's bad to be late, I'm starting from minus 100 points.
He looks young for a 31-year-old, and his style is outstanding.He's 184 cm tall and weighs less than me.

31 years old who wants to hold hands as soon as he comes.
She starts to persuade her that she is beautiful today as well.
Perhaps because of his profession as an actor, he was unusually accustomed to women.
It's smooth, but it's too early to touch it... It was a restaurant with a beautiful night view, so after enjoying the night view, I decided to have alcohol and delicious food.
It's true that I've had a lot of fun with alcohol, but my partner invites me with a playboy atmosphere.
I don't care if I live alone, I want to go home from now on, and I don't care if my roommate or k-zoku are at home.
When he asked me to buy some alcohol and drink it again at home, I refused.
Although it was a parallel line, I told him the time I had to go home, so was it because he was late?The date ended early.
I'm relieved that I'm tired of continuing to refuse.

On the way home, when I asked about the allowance, how much was it, can I stop by the ATM?he asks.
I can't help it because it seems that I'm not used to papa activities, but I wanted you to prepare.
Will you continue to meet me when I arrive at the ATM?Tell me when you meet another manSomehow I'm going to check my seriousness.Is it real love or is it a pick-up line?
Is it a performance unique to an actor?

She tries to stop him from wanting to take him to the front door of his house, and tries to trick him into kissing him by saying, "Ah, your hair is tangled in your mask."
I asked myself if this would make my heart pound if it was a man I like more, but the answer is NG.
I stopped the sexual harassment, managed to keep my house from being known, and returned home safely.

I'm tired.There is no second date because it seems to be troublesome.
Next time I will aim for a little more calm older.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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