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How to receive ordinary to unusual treatment


What is it actually like to receive allowances in Dad-katsu?

I'm often asked this question, so I've summarized it in an article.

I and my acquaintances actually found a way to receive allowances that was unusual, so I would like to introduce it to you.


  • direct cash delivery

This method of reception was the most common.

Some dads will give you cash as is, while others will give it to you in an envelope.

As a bit of a twist, there was a dad who didn't like the cash or the envelope, but he even gave it to me in a box of Alfort (chocolate candy).It was an interesting idea because the allowance and chocolate were included!

There was also a game-like way of handing over cash, with three envelopes each containing a different number of XNUMX yen bills, and an interesting way to receive money was to choose which envelope you would like to receive your allowance.Sometimes the least amount of envelopes would be XNUMX, and sometimes the most would be XNUMX. I was excited to guess which envelope had the most, and it was fun because it was my first time receiving one.

Recently, I have been receiving more and more special allowances.

It's perfectly fine to accept cash as is, but cases like this are so interesting that a unique way of receiving them leaves a lasting impression on me, and I get excited every time I see them, wondering what will happen next.lol



  • Allowance transfer

I received an allowance by bank transfer from my father, who was unable to see me because he was busy living overseas and working, but wanted to help.It's not a very large amount for me, but when I transfer money, a record is left, so I'm a little nervous.

Also, when we went on a remote date, I received an allowance by wire transfer.

We used remote dates when my dad wanted to see me and talk for a little while.

It was good because it was easy to do and the allowance was transferred.

Depending on the father's circumstances and dating method, I think there are many cases where the allowance is received by bank transfer.



  • Remittance through PayPay or the Internet

Personally, I didn't really like this method of receiving allowances, but there was also a way for my dad to send and receive money with PayPay every time.

Is this method common among fathers these days?That's the impression.In my mid-twenties, I felt keenly that we had come to an era where the Internet was evolving and sending allowances.

However, I think this is good for people who use paypay, but it may be a problem for people who don't usually use paypay.

There are also other apps like LINE Pay and Rakuten Pay, and the number of dads who send allowances using these apps is increasing.

From the dad's perspective, it's easy because he can easily send money through the app without having to withdraw cash.



  • Receive in kind rather than allowance (money)

When it comes to allowances, it comes in the form of money, but there are some people who receive them in kind instead of money.

For the convenience of my dad, instead of paying for it, I went to buy what I wanted with him instead of the allowance.I didn't dislike the things they bought for me because they bought things that were many times more expensive than the allowance I received in cash.Sometimes he buys me things that cost millions, so I'm satisfied even if I receive a non-cash allowance.

Another dad gave me an allowance in pure gold.Money is going up and it's just a good thing to save.Worried about my future, he gave me pure gold to save money so that I could sell it when I was in trouble in the future.So I have a lot of pure gold in my house.In fact, since I received the pure gold, the selling price has increased, so I sell it to make money, or I still have it as savings.

As a result, I'm happy with the allowance, whether it's money or things.


XNUMX. Receive benefits in the form of gift cards

Some people even gave us a gift card for the same amount as they would normally pay in cash.I liked the way this allowance was received.

I often use online shopping such as Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, VISA, etc., so it was very convenient to be able to immediately register the gift certificate I received as a allowance on my mobile phone and pay for it.If you pay in cash, it would be troublesome to make a transfer when your bank account runs out of money, so gift certificates can be used as money just by registering them on your mobile phone, so it's a new idea for receiving benefits, so it's convenient.



Like this, there are various ways to receive allowances depending on the father.

Until a little while ago, most dads I met at dating clubs only handed over cash, but now there are various ways to give allowances depending on the dad, so it's interesting and fun to receive it.

However, any method of receiving money is interesting, but cash delivery is the easiest way to receive money.

Dating clubs do not touch on how to give the allowance, and it is up to the two of them to decide how to receive the allowance from the father and the woman, but the side receiving the allowance (the woman) wants to give the allowance to the father, in a way that is easy to give. I think it will be more comfortable for dad to give you the treatment if you do it together.

Receiving the allowance can be done in any way if both parties are satisfied, so I think that receiving the allowance with a twist based on the above experience will make dad life fun.


It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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