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Why dating clubs are so popular! !


If you want to be a dad, try dating club!I can confidently say that the number of people joining dating clubs is increasing, regardless of gender.

Because we live in a convenient age, there are many ways to engage in fatherhood activities, but we have summarized why dating clubs are so popular.


▼Reliable and highly secure

Nowadays, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of men and women who are looking for a father or a girl is rapidly increasing, and we live in an era where you can easily find a father-hunting partner through SNS.However, because it is easy to search, many incidents and troubles occur.

In order to avoid such troubles, social clubs have long had an interview for men and women to join.

Men submit their ID, occupation, and annual income, and women submit their ID to the club, so there are no troubles or incidents, and you can be a father with peace of mind.Dating clubs have evaluations for women and men, so if someone has a problem they won't be able to stay in the club, so you can trust people with good manners and humanity.Also, the women's profile photos will be taken by a photographer, so they will be posted as they are without any editing.So there is no appearance fraud or age fraud.

Examples of people who got in trouble for trying to be dads outside of the club they were close to were: They went out drinking together, but it turned out they were cheating on their age (they were underage), and their wallet was taken from their bag while they were going to the bathroom. The police came to get in trouble because they asked for double the money, the photos were heavily altered and when I met them they turned out to be different people, and because I gave them my business card they started making nuisance calls and demanding money from the company.I've heard of various problems.It's convenient for anyone to be able to be a dad outside of dating clubs, but that's why it's so scary.Recently, there has been an increase in cases of murder and cases where parents are threatened and demanded large sums of money.

Social clubs are a place where you can be a dad with peace of mind and trust in this day and age.

Therefore, it is very popular among men and women who want to be safe dads even during the coronavirus pandemic!


▼Too many women!But you can leave the search for women to the club.

You can search for registered women at dating clubs, but since the number of registered women has increased considerably, some people find it difficult to find the woman they like. think.The dating club picks up and introduces several women who are similar in occupation, age, and appearance to the man's wishes (preferences).You can choose from them, and if you don't find one you like, they will introduce you to a few others.

Even if you want short-term or long-term assistance, you can communicate with women through the club and find women with conditions that match your needs.

Because there are many girls who are active fathers, it saves you the trouble of searching and introduces you to women with good reviews, which is another reason why dating clubs are so popular.


▼Business trips to local areas and overseas.It's harder to find a dating partner than in Tokyo...but there's no problem with dating clubs.

Currently, some people are working remotely, leaving Tokyo, or going on business trips to rural areas or overseas, unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of you may be wondering if there are women who want to become fathers outside of Tokyo who are registered with clubs outside of Tokyo, but there are many men and women who are also registered outside of Tokyo.

At the dating club, you can find women who live not only in Tokyo but also overseas and in various areas.

We have many people from different nationalities registered, so you can feel safe being a dad with people from other countries both domestically and abroad.

Therefore, you can have a quality father's life both overseas and in the local area, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic.It's safe, isn't it?


▼Ranked according to women's level

This is also unique to dating clubs.

There are many ordinary women, but women who do special jobs such as idols, models, and CAs only register in social clubs.This is also proof that the dating club is trusted.

The date setting fee changes depending on the rank of the woman, but it is a good option for those who want to be a father with a woman who has a special job.

The introduction method is different from that of regular women, so please check with the club.


▼Informs you of new members in real time

Good for women who are new to fatherhood.I think there are some dads who think so.

The dating club introduces new women who have joined. (There are some dads who don't need an introduction, so if you want one, please let the club know.)

You can also enjoy a date with an innocent woman who is not used to being a father.Of course, these are women who have passed the interview, so they have a solid social status and manners.

You can see new members on the dating club's homepage, but it's easier to find out about new members when the club contacts you, and since the information is up-to-date, you can also ask them what the woman was like during the interview. Masu.It will also introduce you to new members according to your preferences, so you won't have to worry about searching.


These are the reasons why dating clubs are popular even during the coronavirus pandemic.

The most commonly chosen reason is that it is safe and reliable.

Many women are having their income reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, so they want money at all costs through various means, such as lying about their age while trying to be a dad, getting into trouble and incidents, and more!Unfortunately, there are also women who engage in such vicious father-hunting practices.

No one wants to have a bad experience while having fun as a dad.Dating clubs allow you to have fun as a father without having to worry about such things, so the number of carefully selected women and men who are joining is increasing because they are highly supported by both men and women.


It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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