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〜Enjoy Daddy Life ♡ 3 Articles〜

What do you enjoy doing the most?

What do you enjoy doing in your daily life?


Anyway, I couldn't help but enjoy [Papa Katsu].

I feel that I was able to enjoy my dad life because I am enjoying myself no matter what I do, rather than [I enjoyed being a dad].

If you can enjoy [things in front of you] and [people in front of you], you can enjoy anything in life ♡♡♡



Life as a dad is hard...

I'm tired of being a dad...

I'm holding off for the money...

That's rude to [your precious life]! !

Life is a waste! !


Today, I would like to tell you about the “things to enjoy ♡” that I felt through my dad activities.




《Part XNUMX》Enjoy your meal♡

Basically, when you meet with your father, you often have tea or a meal.

Are you really enjoying that time?


I want to talk slowly at the first meeting, and since I am married, I am concerned about the appearance of others, so if the father of the partner asks about the restaurant's preference,

"I'm happy to have a restaurant with private rooms," I answer.


At [what kind of shop]

[what kind of meal]

【Who to eat with】

It's very important.


Besides the deliciousness, there are many other factors that make a meal enjoyable.

⭐︎Atmosphere of the shop

⭐︎Clerk's response

⭐︎Playing music

⭐︎ Color, gloss, appearance, shape, and presentation of food

⭐︎ Tableware, flowers, table coordination, lighting

⭐︎ Fun conversations and laughter in the store

⭐︎ Delicious smell


"This is really delicious~♡♡♡"

Try saying it with your heart, with joy, and with a smile.

Dad will be happy with your smile.


To be honest, I'm surprised to know the reality of [overeating and vomiting] in Papa Katsu.

It is important not to waste food and to be grateful.

However, people have their likes and dislikes, and the amount of food they eat varies from person to person, so don't overdo it.It's okay to leave.


[Eating is living]

People who enjoy eating can enjoy life♡




《Part XNUMX》Enjoy conversation♡

It's boring to have a conversation with an old dad...

You should spend your time properly...

And don't you touch your smartphone all the time?

Anyway, I enjoy listening to Papa-sama's story.


"Conversation with Old Papa"

There is the history of the person's life, and the unknown world of oneself spreads out.

⭐︎ Stories of foreign countries that I have never been to

⭐︎ Music genres you've never heard

⭐︎ Passionate thoughts that are important in work and life

⭐︎Experience stories of dad activities so far

⭐︎ About marital relationships and sex

Even if it's different from my own values, I think it's a life study and enjoy listening to it.


"Spending time properly"

It's a waste of time to spend like that.

⭐︎ laughing happily

⭐︎ Ask questions with interest

⭐︎ Empathize (Even if it's a difficult story, just nod cutely is OK)

⭐︎Listen to the end

⭐︎ Accept the story (It's OK to ignore the boring story, lol)

⭐︎Keep your smartphone in your bag


Please listen seriously to the story of Papa-sama in front of you.

If Papa responds well, I feel like I want to surprise him more and make him happy.

If you ask with love, it will come back with love♡


[Listening enriches life]

You won't be able to listen to that person for the rest of your life, so make the most of that time♡




《Part 3》Enjoy yourself♡

what kind of self do you like

I usually wear glasses, no makeup, and pants style.

I'm not fashionable at all.


But in [Papa Katsu],

"I want to look cute!"

"I want you to please Papa!"

With that in mind, I will transform myself into a Cinderella! !


⭐︎ Contact

⭐︎ Apply makeup

⭐︎Wear a skirt

⭐︎ Wear earrings

⭐︎ Take time to care for your skin the day before.


And I am enjoying my own change.

I'm doing [self-directing] a [special self] that I can only show to my dad when I meet him.


[The product of Papa-katsu is myself]

Enjoy your efforts to maximize your own product value ♡





We are at our best when we are having fun.

do you enjoy your work?

Are you enjoying love?

Are you enjoying your married life?

Are you enjoying parenting?

Are you enjoying [Papa Katsu]?


Even if you are a once-in-a-lifetime dad, let's appreciate and enjoy the time we have together.

If you can enjoy [things in front of you] and [people in front of you], you can enjoy anything in life ♡♡♡

Let's enjoy [Papa Katsu] as we enjoy life.



I hope you have a wonderful encounter ♪

May your life shine brighter!

May you live the life of the protagonist




nice to meet you.I am a housewife in her 4s who has been a dad for 40 months and is a happy couple. With the motto [enjoy the present, enjoy life], I will tell you what I am learning through dad life and stories of dad life experiences like skits.

Articles by Ruriko

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