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Please tell me the difference between “papa katsu” and “enjo dating” → there is no such thing


Please tell me the difference between "papa-katsu" and "enjo-kotsu"


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Thank you very much for your question.


This question is very interesting.Of course, if you just say the answer, it will be "the same, just with different expressions."However, there is a great deal of malice in such expressions, and although it may be in bad taste, I cannot help but find it amusing.


Well, there are a lot of jargons in words related to sex.


For example, if you take the word "sex," you'll probably come up with many jargons such as "adult," "real," "ecchi," and "sleep."As you can see, there are many jargon words related to sexual activity, but I think that they can be roughly divided into three when considering the reason why the words were born.


The first reason is concealment.A typical example would be a soapland.


Prostitution is legally prohibited in Japan.Therefore, it can be said that they are evading the law by using jargon such as "soapland" and "bathing fee" (whether they are really evading or not).


The second reason is shame.Most cultures today consider sexual activity to be embarrassing, so jargon is used to avoid using direct words in public.


The best of these is "Etch".In modern times, it is common to refer to sexual activity, but the reason why etch came to indicate sexual activity is1980It has been around for a long time, and its history is surprisingly not old.


And finally the third reason.That is your invitation.


There is a word called femininity.It is a word that is not used much nowadays, but in short, if you can think of it as a "Fuzoku Scout", there should be no problem in general.


They only have one job.How many products to sell?In other words, it depends on how to mediate women into customs.


Perhaps some of you may have felt angry when you heard the word "selling product" now.I understand how you feel, and while it is very rude, I dared to use this word to make you feel angry.I am sorry.


As a matter of fact, women are nothing more than commodities for philanderers.However, if she says, "It's a good product," it's true that the product will get angry and won't be a product.That's why people in the feudal neighborhood wrap their expressions in oblates in various ways in order to get the mood of the product.


In the past, this was the case with “enjo-kokai”. There were a certain number of people who would get angry if someone scouted them and asked them, "Why don't you prostitute?"Even though what I'm saying is a complete wordplay, it doesn't change anything, but just by changing the expression, it's very easy to bite.From the outside, they are nothing but fools, but in reality, such people exist, so it can't be helped.


However, when the term "enjo-kosai" became so popular, it became a word that was not taken into consideration.A new wordplay called “Papa-katsu” was born there.


Only stupid people or people who are trying to deceive stupid people are the ones who seriously say, "Papa-katsu and compensated dating are different."


Some people might argue that "Papa-katsu is just drinking tea, so it's different from compensated dating," but that's exactly what the puppets are aiming for.They're just trying to please the product by making it look as little like prostitution as possible.


I was still in elementary school at the time, but if I remember correctly, I said the same thing back then.


Compensated dating is just dating.

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