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6 famous songs recommended for karaoke dates

A surprising number of people seem to go to karaoke on dates with men at dating clubs.

So, if you can sing it on a karaoke date, I will tell you only 6 famous songs that will increase the favorability of men.It is dogmatism and prejudice.

I actually know about 100 songs, and I want to write about all of them, but some people may not be good at reading long sentences, so I'll forgive them.

It seems that some people say, "It's boring to talk to your dad who doesn't know the latest songs."
teeth?You're complaining at the level of "All dinners at the Imperial Hotel are expensive and disgusting".Don't take things for granted.Shut up and do it in pairs!Go away!Shish

Teresa Teng "Leave Yourself to the Flow of Time"

A masterpiece that gracefully sang longing for an older man.
Somehow the woman in this lyric doesn't love this man for the rest of her life, and it looks like she'll eventually leave him in the not-too-distant future.

I think that it must be a momentary love that is not eternal, so the sad line of "So please, leave me by your side, I can only love you now" is wonderful.


Strictly speaking, it was originally not Teresa Teng's song, but a cover of Keisuke Kuwata's band called KUWATA BAND.Both of them have different charms and it's hard to choose one over the other, but KUWATA BAND shows the atmosphere of the West Coast of America well, while Teresa Teng has a jazzy voice that goes well with her bewitching voice. are arranged in

The lyrics themselves are full of emotion, looking back at the sea at the end of summer, looking back at a former lover.
The phrase at the end of the chorus, ``If you look back, this town where God smiles above the clouds,'' leaves a lingering impression.

Saki Takaoka “Rose and Poison”

This song is romantic and pop, but it starts with an eerie organ intro.
There are almost no lyrics reviews on the net, and it is probably less popular than other songs by Saki Takaoka such as "Midnight Sabrina" and "Sleeping Beauty".
But there is no doubt that the impact of the song is stronger than any other song.
Men who like unique and edgy women will surely remember you with this song.

"Hey, just like that day, give me a beast's kiss" is sung in a cute but somehow sexy voice, and even a woman's heart will be thrilled.

Airi Hiramatsu's "Room, Y-shirt and me" is a song with a similar world view.

Akiko Kobayashi "Fall in love"

It became a big hit when it was used as the theme song for the drama "Friday's Wife Tachi e".That is the famous song that Keisuke Kuwata also covered in “Hitori Kouhaku Uta Gassen”.
By the way, in the introduction of a music program that introduced this song, there was an expression that said, "It sparked an affair boom..." Is it an affair boom?I can't stand such a boom.

Other singers have covered it many times, so maybe the younger generation has heard it at least once?
The wavering love of an adult woman is frustrating.
The second verse is in English, so it would be nice if a woman who could speak English could sing it.

CHAGE & ASKA "Final Chapter (Epilogue) ~Theme of Reminiscence"

I hesitated between Chageas' ``Confession'', ``Can you tell me'', ``Men and women'', and ``Days of rest'' (too much hesitation), but here.
"Terrestrial" and "Otoko to Onna" are really good songs, "Confession" is too much love and something is wrong, and "Sabbath Days" is not a love song.

The only flaw is that it's a farewell song, but it's nice to see a brave woman's heart sung well.

According to an acquaintance who is a Chageasu fan, when Chageasu was at its peak, their songs seemed to have hit the entertainment industry, and it seems that they often heard the mother of the snack bar singing "Can you tell me?"
Conversely, among young people such as junior high and high school students, Chageus was "something lame people listened to."I didn't say that Chageus' live venue was called an "ugly prison camp", so I didn't mean it! ! !

So, when I was a student in the heyday of bands, I was in a cool band and I loved Western music!I love lark! I love B'z!You should never sing in front of a man who says (laughs)
Because there is no possibility of being scolded, "Does it look like a nekura that you hear about Chageasu?" (smile)

At live performances, Chage sings with both hands on his hips.That's another good thing.Because it is a chage faction.

Seiko Matsuda "Red Sweet Pea"

The last is the idol song of the royal road.At that time, Seiko Matsuda was often criticized for being "fucking", but her appearance as "The Idol" is a legend.

After all, it is a royal road song that everyone knows, regardless of age or gender, to get excited at karaoke.
I think the 5 songs I introduced above are masterpieces that can win against red sweet peas, but no matter how good a song I think is, when I sing it at karaoke, it's chilly... There is a sad karaoke.

Then Seiko Matsuda.Seiko Matsuda for the time being when I'm in trouble. For the time being, you all know the rust of "Nagisa no Balcony" and "Blue Coral Reef".Especially if you're in your teens, you have to sing.It can be said that it is a safe song selection.



A Final Word

It's hard to find people who can sing not only their own favorite songs at karaoke, but also songs that match the other person's taste.

Of course, all the songs you sing at karaoke should match the other person's tastes, but I'm not telling you not to sing your favorite songs.One of the great things about karaoke is that you can find out what music the other person likes, but it would be boring if you did that.

On the other hand, I can't stand to see women enjoying themselves singing only popular songs that men don't understand.She is sure that this woman is so self-satisfied that she will be pulled over.

So, if you are a woman planning to go to karaoke with a man, please listen to the 6 songs introduced here and add them to your set list.

Even if it's a song that doesn't suit a man's tastes, I'll think, "He took the trouble to memorize it so I can match it," or, "I know some old songs, so I'd like to hear more." There is no doubt that it will be made.

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