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Love hotel secrets that everyone wants to know

[Question 1]

I try to put my towels and robes where I can easily see them so that I don't have to look for them.


[Answer 1]

Thank you very much for your concern.


It is the official state that we don't care how the customer uses it, but we are very thankful and happy when we clean the room that has been carefully cleaned like the person who asked the question. Become.Thank you very much for your consideration.


Now, I would like to know where the towels and robes are.Both used and unused towels are washed, so working efficiency will be greatly improved if they are in the same place when collecting them.


Of course, we have no intention of demanding this kind of care from our customers.However, I would like to inform you that I am aware of the consideration of the questioner.thank you so much.


[Question 2]

I would be happy if there was a product that I could definitely get with points.


[Answer 2]

Thank you very much for your question.


There are many hotels, mainly in central Tokyo, that offer a service where points can be accumulated according to the number of visits and the amount of money spent, and can be exchanged for branded bags.


As an example, let's talk about a certain love hotel somewhere in Tokyo.


Take a break at this hotelP, stay XNUMXPis accumulated, but the points required to exchange a pair of tickets for a certain theme park are100P.that too1It is a brutal specification that must be achieved within a year.


Actually, in the first place, we do not intend to give presents to general customers.Of course, if you accumulate points, we will give you a gift, but in normal use, it is almost impossible to achieve.


The reason why we offer such services is because we want people from a certain industry to visit us.As a love hotel staff, I cannot state this industry clearly.This is because if it is proved that this industry and love hotels have some kind of relationship, this industry will be exposed.


As a love hotel, we would like people in that industry to visit us.But I can't say for sure.That's why we provide such services and give back to women in that industry.


By the way, there seems to be a hotel somewhere in Tokyo where even the general customer can reach the price if it is about XNUMX to XNUMX yen, regardless of the high-priced items like a certain theme park.No matter what, we look forward to your visit.


[Question 3]

Do love hotels have spirits?


[Answer 3]

Thank you very much for your question.


For some reason, love hotels are associated with ghost stories,10I've been working for about a year and I'm still1I have never seen anything of the kind.That said, it's kind of a survival bias, and maybe it's just that people with psychic powers can't handle love hotel business.


Of course, it's not that I don't hear stories like this in the industry, and I've heard many times that that hotel is going to open, or that hotel is dangerous.


However, I don't know if there are any regrets in this world, but ghosts that come to love hotels even after they die are probably not that scary.


[Question 4]

What kind of impression do men have on women's colored contact lenses?


[Answer 4]

cute, love

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