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Do you hate taking your daddy to Puroland?


I like Sanrio characters, but would you mind taking my dad to Puroland?

Has anyone been there?






Thank you very much for your question.


Let me answer honestly without any pretense.


First of all, if the questioner says, "I want to go to Puroland!", I think the other man will probably grant that wish.They will smile and say, "Well then, let's go."


But that's not what I really mean.More precisely, it would be correct to say, "It is true, but it is not ideal."


To explain what this means, let me give three examples.

XNUMX) Women don't want to go to Sanrio

XNUMX) If you want to go to Sanrio, go with them.

XNUMX) If someone asks me to go to Sanrio, I won't go with them.


Of these three, the third is probably the one most men don't want.It is not a desirable development for a man to refuse when a woman wants to go.In other words, I think that XNUMX is better for men than XNUMX, so if the questioner says, "I want to go to Puroland," they will honestly say "I like it."


But probably the ideal for many men would be XNUMX.Of course, there are individual differences, so I can't generalize, but at least I think that there are many men who are ideal for dads.


It's not that Sanrio is bad.However, in general, Puroland is a facility for women and children, and it is not a place where adult men can enjoy themselves.Furthermore, if you go to Puroland, it will take several hours, so many men will find that time troublesome.


If this was a normal romance, I would not object at all.But this is dad life.If you think about it that way, your partner will most likely hate you.


By the way, why would you want to go to Puroland?Of course, the questioner probably likes Puroland, so I can understand that.The problem is, "Why do you want to go with Papa?"


Perhaps the reason is that "I want to reduce the painful time of dad activities".I'd rather spend time at Puroland than have lazy sex and dates.You may be thinking about that.


If that is the case, it goes without saying that what the questioner is about to do is uncomfortable for Papa.The merit of going to Puroland is only for the questioner.


I have no intention of suggesting Puroland to you, but it is highly likely that you will not be pleased with it.

However, if you say, "I wanted to come to Puroland with someone I love," there is a possibility that I can deceive you.

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