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The reason why an ordinary office worker started dad activities ~I don't recommend dad activities ①~

My appearance is like a kokeshi doll.An ordinary office worker you can find anywhere.
My monthly salary is barely enough to live in Tokyo without spending extravagance.
Age has reached a turning point in life.
Having experienced marriage and divorce, I think I know the sweet and sour sides of life.

Before I knew it, I had no desire.
I haven't bought anything expensive in years.
I buy clothes at thrift shops or online shops for young women.
GU that is occasionally reduced in price.Uniqlo is too expensive to buy.

She goes to the beauty salon once every six months and dyes her gray hair with her own color.
Bags and daily necessities are purchased with Amazon points accumulated with Poi-katsu.
Without knowing various desires such as wanting something, wanting to go somewhere, wanting to eat something
I was holding back and living.

That was fine until now.I had no complaints.
However, due to the corona crisis, I have more time to talk with myself.
I suddenly felt uneasy.

Is it okay to just live as it is now?

I didn't have a lot of experience with men to begin with, so I didn't have anything for about XNUMX-XNUMX years.
At that point, my period suddenly stopped.
It's not because of stress or excessive dieting, but because my body has forgotten that I'm a woman.
Monthly menstruation is troublesome and troublesome, but when it's gone, it's a little lonely.I feel like my body hair got thicker somehow...
I have to regain myself as a woman somehow!So I searched online for women's customs, but it was kind of scary, and above all, the prices were high!
If you include hotel bills and so on, it's not an amount that ordinary office workers can pay frequently.

The company I work for doesn't allow side jobs, so it's almost impossible to get a part-time job after work.
Work that the company won't find out...
I can't drink alcohol, I'm not good at conversation, and I'm not young, so it's probably impossible for me to work in the bar business.
When I was in college, I heard from a friend who worked part-time at a brothel that an old man who looks like a bear would come to the brothel.
I'm a bit of a germaphobe and I don't have the guts to do that to anyone.
It would be impossible to work in customs.

In this capitalist world, not having money means narrowing down your options.
I can't use women's customs, and it's hard to attend the wedding of my dear friend.
When I pay 5000 yen at a company drinking party, my stomach and bosom ache sharply.
I don't have any qualifications or special skills to be proud of, and I'm doing a job that anyone can do.
There is no guarantee that your salary will increase.
Even if you work for the rest of your life, there is no way you can prepare for the problem of 2000 million yen after retirement.

i need money

Then, [Papa activity] surfaced as an option of what I can do.
I've heard the word papa-katsu before.She did, but he didn't look deep into it because he thought she wouldn't be relevant to his life.
Rather, I was disgusted by those words.
In a nutshell, papa-katsu is about young women dating uncles their parents' age for financial support.
I don't know how many people actually do this because people who do this don't come to the surface as they live a normal life.
However, fortunately or unfortunately, there were people around me who were doing dad activities.
is the real father.

daddy life

My father has always had a flamboyant relationship with women.I think it's a big deal because I, her daughter, notice it.
I will refrain from writing in detail here in consideration of my father's privacy, but one day my father
I was shown several two-shot pictures, saying, "My girlfriend."
He clearly looks younger than me.It seems to be a university student.The figure of my father reflected there is not the solid face of my father that I usually show to our family.
It was the figure of a father with a red face and a big smile with all the facial muscles loosely stretched out.
Absolutely against cheating, adultery in the world!I know there is a trend
Maybe it's because I grew up in this kind of environment, but I personally think that as long as I'm doing [things to do], I can do what I like.I think
Here, [doing] refers to [being successful at work to some extent].
Of course, assuming you don't bother others...
It may be criticized in today's world to discuss men and women, but
I dare say that men are originally in the blood of hunting,
If you want to have many children, you can leave offspring with many women.
However, while a woman is pregnant with a child, it is impossible for her to become pregnant again.
From the structure of such a body, unlike women, I arbitrarily think that men can deal with multiple women.
Therefore, I imagine that almost almost most men are cheating or having an affair.
That's why I don't get shocked when I see a picture of my father's daddy scene.Rather, now that the child has left the parent's hands after raising himself so far,
I feel a sense of security that he is enjoying his second life.And to the other female college student,
Such an uncleThereI would like to express my gratitude for having a meal with Mr.
I'm really happy to be of help to someone in any way.
I'm no longer young enough to play like that female college student, but I wonder if I can do something with this papa katsu.
And I would be happy if I could afford even a little financially as compensation.Killing two birds with one stone.

That's how I quietly opened the door to Papa Katsu.

I'm an office lady who can be found anywhere in your city♪ I will write articles based on my experience dating over 50 men in the universe⭐︎

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