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[Reason why she / wife does dad activities]


While the number of women who are working as dads is increasing, there are women who have boyfriends and husbands.

how do you feel?Is it divisible?is it official?What is the reason for being a dad?What is the relationship between bodies?There are many questions and doubts from men, so I tried to summarize the opinions of my acquaintances and me in the boyfriend edition.The wife version is an acquaintance's opinion.



her edition

・How do you feel about being a dad when you have a boyfriend?

myself:I don't want my boyfriend to find out, but I'm working as a dad for myself, so I'm dating.Sometimes I have mixed feelings about meeting my boyfriend after going on a date with my dad, but that's the only time.

Acquaintance A:I don't feel guilty because my boyfriend is official.He is a boyfriend who understands because he says that he is working hard at daytime work from his boyfriend and that he is lucky to get money just for a rice date.

Acquaintance B:I don't think anything about being a dad even though I have a boyfriend.Both are important even if you put it on the balance with your boyfriend and dad.Papa is money, boyfriend is love, so I am working as a dad as a completely different thing.


What is your relationship with your father?Is it divisible by ants?

myself:It is related to the body.It's divisible, but sometimes it feels complicated.If you are active as a dad, you will get more pocket money if you have a physical relationship, so I try to deal with it sensibly.

Acquaintance A:There is a physical relationship.I'm active as a dad with my boyfriend's official recognition, but my boyfriend doesn't know until I have a physical relationship. (exposure)

I don't think it's just a rice date.My pocket money is high, so I can have a physical relationship with the amount of money.

Acquaintance B:The relationship of the body is completely divisible.I think that there are a lot of women who can understand being in a physical relationship with their dad.

If it's just rice, my pocket money is low, so...I don't know if I will marry my current boyfriend, so I'm saving money for my future self.


・Isn't the contact/date with daddy found out?

Me: My line with my dad is hidden, and I don't see him at night, but only during the day (when my boyfriend is at work), so he won't find out.

Acquaintance A: I only communicate with my dad to confirm the schedule, so it doesn't matter if he sees LINE.When I go to a hotel, I go to a place away from the city center.

Acquaintance B: My boyfriend checks my phone, so I communicate with my dad (single) on the phone.The registered name is the name of a friend.I live in Tokyo, but I often go on dates in Yokohama.Date in a place where there are few relatives and it is difficult to find out.


・Why do you want to be a dad?

Myself: I live as a dad because I want money.Prices are high in Tokyo, so I want to add money for living expenses and save money.I don't want my boyfriend to know, but from my point of view, dad activities are part-time work, so I can do it.

Acquaintance A: Listening to my boyfriend and buying what I want.The rest is money.I can't beg my boyfriend, but my dad can.I think that everyone has the same reason for being a dad regardless of whether they have a boyfriend or not.

Acquaintance B: My dad helps me with my tuition and pocket money, so I can't let go.She tells her boyfriend that her parents pay her school fees.My dad will help me with the funds to open the store later, so I will continue my dad activities.




・ How do you feel about being a dad even though you have a husband?

Acquaintance C: I'm very fond of my husband, so I enjoy being a dad as entertainment.But if I find out, I'm going to be told that I'm having an affair or something, so I feel nervous about being a dad.

Acquaintance D: Husband is a husband.Papa is Papa.I can't do it if I don't convince myself that I'm going to be a dad after getting married.I've been with my husband for many years, but rather than feeling sorry for my husband for being a dad, I've been able to make money with my dad!Household finances are saved!There is a feeling that said.

Acquaintance E: I'm on good terms with my husband, but I feel like I'm playing on a date with someone I'm good friends with without hesitation.


What is your relationship with your father?Is it divisible by ants?

Acquaintance C: There is a physical relationship.It's divisible and I'm thankful for me who has libido (laughs)

I have no sex with my husband, and it's only profitable to eat delicious food and have sex and get money.

There are some dads who like older women, so if the conditions are met, we have a physical relationship.

Acquaintance D: Now we are in a physical relationship.A while ago, it was a relationship with rice only, but since I couldn't get a large allowance, I changed it to a relationship with a physical relationship.I'm good friends with my husband and I love him, but my husband's salary is low and he has a house loan and living expenses, so even if I add my part-time fee, it's barely enough, so I have no choice but to have a physical relationship with my dad.

Acquaintance E: There is no physical relationship.My husband and I regularly go out at night, and if we catch an infectious disease, we might find out, so we only date for meals and shopping.Before marriage, I had a physical relationship and was active as a dad, but after marriage, I refrained from doing it, so I am enjoying dating.


・Isn't the contact/date with daddy found out?

Acquaintance C: We communicate on LINE.My husband and I do not interfere with each other, so there is no possibility that we are contacting each other.I won't call you.On a date, we meet in a hotel room, have food and alcohol in the room, and then have sex.

My dad also has a family, so my husband meets me during the daytime on weekdays so that he doesn't find out.

Acquaintance D: Dating with my dad is usually during the daytime on weekdays.I'm meeting at a luxury hotel, so I'm thorough.We will decide when we will meet next time.I try not to contact them as much as possible, but when I have an urgent business, I try to contact each other during the daytime. I keep in touch with them through LINE, so I always turn off the chat.

Acquaintance E: Basic communication is short message.There are times when my dad is a gala phone, but I've never found out that I'm contacting him.My dad goes back and forth between Tokyo and Osaka, so I live in Tokyo and go on dates with him.My dad pays for transportation, shopping, and food.


・Why do you want to be a dad?

Acquaintance C: Self-satisfaction.It's convenient for me because I use it as an outlet for my libido and I can get money and have fun.I want to enjoy it until the age when my dad needs it.

Acquaintance D: I am working as a dad to save money.If it's true, I'd like to graduate from Papa Katsu (there is a physical relationship), but I have no choice but to do it because my husband's income is low.Rather than having fun, it feels like a part-time job that makes you think that you can understand your feelings.

Acquaintance E: It's a bad word to say that it kills time, but that's what it feels like.I can buy what I want, eat luxurious meals, and receive pocket money.


The above is the voice of her / wife who is active as a dad.This is just my opinion and that of my acquaintances, but although the opinions of those who are married and those who are not married are different, the most common one is "money."If money is involved, XNUMX% of women are able to work as dads.There are other acquaintances who are family-approved and are working as dads, and people who are raising their children with their dads (pregnant during daddy activities) with their boyfriends... These people are also for money, but there were also very interesting people. .

This time, I heard various reasons for my girlfriend/wife to be a daddy, and I will write an article when I gather a lot of opinions.



It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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