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[Mature member's true feelings 5] I will talk about a man who gave me an offer after knowing that he was Rachel Part XNUMX


This time, I will talk about this and that related to the encounter with a gentleman I met in the universe.

I was so excited to meet a wonderful man that my writing became too long, so I had no choice but to divide the manuscript into two parts.I'm sorry if it's hard to read, but I'd appreciate it if you could read both.

I'll send you the next part.

When I submitted the article, I modified it a little so that the man would not be identified.

Synopsis of last time

"[Mature member's true feelings XNUMX] I will talk about a man who gave me an offer after knowing that he was Rachel Part XNUMX"

My first date with Mr. T, a brave male member who read my column and offered to meet Rachel.

After enjoying a superb meal, I was invited to my hotel room.

On the day of the first date: to the room

The smart Mr. T smartly invited me to the room, and the two of us headed upstairs without any reason to refuse.

"Wow! What a great room!"

In any case, the large room is equipped with luxurious-looking furnishings.

A million dollar night view below.

Somehow, I am deeply moved.

Mr. T urged me to the sofa, where I was gleefully gleeful despite my age, and Mr. T sat quietly next to me.

(Hey, it's close...)

My tension rises at once.

(Ugh, I'm nervous!)

Ticking and awkward, I was urged by Mr. T to stand up and stand up straight.

silence falls on the two

Mr. T looked into my face, hugged me tightly, and gave me a gentle kiss.


Immediately, my neck is traced, and my heartbeat speeds up.

After kissing me again, Mr. T wraps his arms around my waist and heads for the bed.

(Don't go over there! I'm on my period today!)

I naturally use the cow-walking tactic.

"Okay, just a minute"

(What do you mean by just a little? No, no!)

The bed is definitely approaching in front of me, the silent cow woman, and Mr. T, who is dandy.

(Didn't you come to the front of the bed...)

The luxury bed was ridiculously high, about the height of my waist.

All right.


When I prepared myself and got on the bed, Mr. T covered me.

I am looked down on and hold my breath.

Mr. T's eyelashes are slightly trembling.

Little by little my lips got closer and I slowly closed my eyes.

Mr. T's hand gently traces my whole body over my clothes.

As usual, I was reluctant to be touched by a man I met for the first time.

Everyone is the same.

Feelings of wanting to escape, curiosity, and a little excitement coexist, creating a complicated state of mind.

(… Eh, whatever!)    

I relax my mind and body and surrender myself.

After lying on the bed and interacting with them for a while, they gradually adapted to the situation.

But Mr. T never took off my clothes.

(Maybe I won't be stripped today. Don't worry, I.)

As I leaned against Mr. T's chest with my clothes on and relaxed, the conversation started.

Eventually, it became the subject of a column I wrote.

"It was fun. Write more."

"The second one was amazing. I don't think women can write about that."

(I'm still immature. But I'm happy. And I'm a woman.)

"I have a few things I want to write," I say, listing the titles.

"That's good!" "Hmm. How about that?"

I think while watching Mr. T's reaction.
(Next, let me write about Mr. T!)

While talking on the bed, we flirted with each other.

Chichikuri each other and talk again.

That's it, the good times are over.

When I got home, I took a quick shower and fell asleep.

The next morning, I open the pochi bag that looks like it's about to burst.

(Even though I knew I couldn't have sex...)

Filled with gratitude, I bowed towards my bag.

second date

I wear clothes that are a little better than usual, and I walk quickly with excitement.

I can meet Mr. T today!

After having my hair set at the beauty salon, I hurried to the hotel where we met.

When I was reading a book in the lobby, my smartphone vibrated.

(From Mr. T!)

After confirming the room number written in the email, I quickly stood up.

(Ah, I'm nervous!)

With trembling fingertips, I press the doorbell of the room.

When the door to the room opened gently, there was Mr. T with a big smile on his face.

At that moment, I felt myself becoming calmer.

When I sat down on the sofa in the room as prompted, my knees touched the knees of Mr. T who was sitting next to me.

Silence flows between the two.

(Ah, my heart is pounding. I have to say something…)


"Ah, go ahead," said Mr. T, once again, holding out the thick Pochi bag in front of me.

Respectfully receiving it with both hands, he apologizes, saying, "Is it okay for me to receive this much? Last time, I received so much just for rice."

"It's okay, I'm happy to see you again," said Mr. T.

(Uh, I'm happy! I'm happy to hear that you're happy to meet me!)

We hugged each other, kissed each other just enough to graze, and smiled at each other.

"Well, let's go have dinner."

We went to a shabu-shabu restaurant that Mr. T made a reservation for.

This is it!After eating a lot of meat, we returned to our hotel room.

I found Mr. T to be a gentle person.

I found him to be a safe and secure person.

I feel relieved now.

While being gently touched over the clothes, the desire to be touched directly is born.

Mr. T caresses my whole body while maintaining a delicate sense of distance between me and the tip of my downy hair.

Touch along the direction of the hair and touch against the direction of the hair.

(Hmm... it feels good...)

The whole body is wrapped in a happy feeling.

Mr. T touches me and opens his mouth.

"I can only feel my back and here (hidden part). Foreplay hasn't been developed yet."

(Huh?…No way, me? Undeveloped!?)


With those words, I was instantly uplifted, and I felt the core of my body heat up.

After surrendering myself to pleasure and enjoying our time together, Mr. T took me to the station.

I waved at him until he was out of sight.

I fell into the illusion that the scenery flowing through the train window seemed to shine even at night.

(Somehow the world is different...)


His words echoed in my head.

"It hasn't been developed yet."

Nice to meet you again, I thought.



A married office worker in her 40s who travels the world with her creativity and charm. She has been writing as an outside writer for Universe Club since September 2017.Her hobby is random reading.Her reading range ranges from romance novels to business books to academic papers.She never reveals it to her dad, but she actually graduated from the University of Tokyo.

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