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[Mature member's true feelings XNUMX] I will talk about a man who gave me an offer after knowing that he was Rachel Part XNUMX


This time, I will talk about this and that related to the encounter with a gentleman I met in the universe.

I was so excited to meet a wonderful man that my writing became too long, so I had no choice but to divide the manuscript into two parts.I'm sorry if it's hard to read, but I'd appreciate it if you could read both.

Now, let me send you the first part.

When I submitted the article, I modified it a little so that the man would not be identified.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. T.

From offer to the day before

In February of this year, I was plagued with symptoms.

It's a sickness that sweet bread is delicious and delicious and unbearable.

I'm a timid person who can't overcome my desires, so I eat bread at every opportunity from morning till night.

The melancholy that has been haunting me these days just disappears when I'm eating bread.

One evening, when this situation continued for a while, I suddenly realized.

(Hmm...? I don't want any bread today. Could it be that the mysterious guy is here?)

These days, he suddenly appears only when I'm calmly poised, or conversely, the longer I wait, the more he doesn't show up at all.

The true identity of this capricious guy who is toying with me like this...

it is physiological.


When I was young, I used to visit the moon almost exactly, but in the past year or so, it's been moving beyond the range of prediction.

(Have you come around this time? I hate that I can't control my own body...)

As I was thinking about this, I realized something important.

(Ohhhhh! Tomorrow is my first date with T! What should I do?!)


I'm a C-type, and if I were to turn down an invitation, I'm sure I'd be disappointed.

Furthermore, it is also embarrassing to say, "I'm sorry, I'm on my period today."

(Oh, it's too late!)

From a man's point of view, wouldn't it be better to meet a good woman than spend time with me, who is literally a "bad girl"?I thought.

Yes, men have the right to offer other women, not me!

A wind is blowing in the empty public office district.
On Friday night, I called the club out loud.

(Okay, it's a female staff.)

“I have a date tomorrow, but today, uh, um, actually… it’s hard to say, but today I got my period… I’m a type C, and I think men expect that too. What is everyone doing at a time like this?"

Women have a common understanding of what the second day of their period (that is, tomorrow) will look like.

"I'll try contacting the man."

In contrast to the flustered me, the club staff's response is awfully calm.

"Oh, are you going to contact me? Excuse me. Thank you very much!" 

(Oops. Are you going to contact a man? I wouldn't mind if someone said, "Your date is going to have her period tomorrow." What kind of response will you get?)

I think it's fine to say, "Then I won't see you."

I won't be in a bad mood because of that, and it's the guy inside of me that's to blame.

It's because of the guy inside me, but that's because I'm equal.

After a while, the man came back through the club and said, "Let's enjoy dinner tomorrow."

(Oh, gentlemen….)

Although I was relieved by the man's reaction, I was overcome with guilt.

(I'm sure I disappointed you. At the very least, I'll do my best to make sure that you can enjoy your dinner date tomorrow, and I'll enjoy it to the fullest!)

At the same time, I felt a sense of relief that I would not have to have sex with someone I had just met for the first time.

On the day of the first date: before meeting

It was a date from Saturday evening, but I didn't know what would happen, so I left home before noon with plenty of time to spare.

I went to the hairdresser and had my hair set beautifully.

After some hesitation, we arrived at the hotel.

(Wow! This place is... amazing. There was such a gorgeous and sparkling hotel in such a place. I didn't know.)

Calm atmosphere based on brown.

I was stunned by the high ceiling.

A language I don't know leaks out from the lounges and restaurants.

It's not an atmosphere that ordinary people can enter.

While wandering around looking for a place to stay, I found a comfortable sofa a short distance from the front desk.

no one is sitting

Sit shallowly on the edge of the sofa, set the timer on your smartphone, and read while drinking tea from a plastic bottle.

(Hmm, interesting.)

After a while, light music drowns out the fantasy world that surrounds me.

The bookworm turned back into a human.

Close the book you've been reading and go fix your makeup.

First Date: Encounter

Five minutes ago, it's finally here.

This moment is the most tense.

When I make a phone call while feeling my heart beating, a man who passed in front of me turns around.

Convinced that it was that person, they bowed to each other.

After briefly introducing myself, I took a half step back to follow his escort.

Looking at him from behind, I could tell at a glance the quality of what he was wearing.

The material and color of the fabric, the overall color scheme, and the small items also have a good sense.

I put on a good woman's mask and walk around this hotel pretending to be a woman who meets stylish Mr. T.

He smiled back and opened his mouth.

“Rachel, who writes the column, right?”


My expression hardened.

(How should I answer...)

The face of a stranger was completely me, just as I was.

A good woman mask was peeled off within seconds of meeting.

The eyeballs naturally go diagonally to the upper left, and the lips that are tightly rouged are tightly tied tightly.

I try to lift the corners of my mouth just barely.

At that time, I must have looked like that person who shook his head slightly in front of Fujiya.


While saying that, a controversy erupted in the large conference room in my brain.

"It's exposed! Hey... are you okay?"

"What have you written in the three books so far?"

"That and that and that... isn't it? It's pretty frank!"

"If I find out that you're thinking about such naughty things, it will be difficult for me to go out with you! You should pretend you don't know."

"No, no, don't lie to people. Be honest."

“But you said you were married, didn’t you?

"A 'not popular raccoon face'?"

"A raccoon dog? You can tell just by looking at it."

"Ah, that's true. You knew the raccoon dog the moment you met him, and you knew he wasn't popular."

"Speaking of which, I may have written things like 'I used to do dating', 'I've had chlamydia', and 'Ecchi boy'."

"Did you just write that? What are you doing! That's not good."

"But, Mr. T knows that and has made the offer, so isn't it okay?"

"No! Shame on you!"


"Can you do that? It's rude to Mr. T!"

Just when I wondered if this discussion would continue until morning, Mr. Soichiro Tahara in me concluded as follows.

"It's your creed to live by your curiosity, isn't it? Why don't you affirm it and see how it goes!"

Thus the parliament ended successfully.

First date: meal

I affirmed that I was Rachel and asked how he had identified me.

(I see, you thought about connecting that and that.)

While admiring his keen eye for observation, I repeatedly said, "That's amazing! That's amazing!"

What impressed me was the strong curiosity of Ms. T, who wanted to meet an eccentric woman like me.

Before I knew it, I was drawn in by Mr. T, who had a witty way of speaking.

By listening to Mr. T's story, I simulate another life.

A life that enjoys sports that I have never experienced.
A life where I do a lot of work that I don't know.
A life that enjoys an affluent life.

But no matter how much I fantasize, it's not reality.

There is a big gap between the two.

In a word, it would be "disparity".

Dishes were brought one after another between the two who were isolated across the table.

Two people who are completely different in terms of gender, occupation, status, and wealth, spend the same time and eat the same food.

Appetizer, soup, sashimi, simmered dish, grilled dish, fried dish, steamed dish, rice, and dessert.

(Is this what they call kaiseki cuisine? I've never eaten something so luxurious.)

The first time I ate puffer fish, sweet tuna with trotto, scallops and salmon roe rice.

(It's more delicious than bread... What was that mid-winter bread festival... Well, I wonder if that was delicious.)

While enjoying the meal and conversation, Mr. T gave me a pocket bag at the timing when I handed him a small gift.

(Hmm? It's kind of thick... It looks like it's going to burst! Is it expensive?)

Suddenly I got excited.

(How about me.)

Like a sumo wrestler who had just finished his fight, I cut my sword in my heart, respectfully received Pochi-kun, and immediately put it in my bag.

The price does not change the response.
I will do my best to make T-san enjoy it, and I will enjoy myself to the fullest.
This is today's goal.

When the conversation ended for a while, Mr. T said quietly.

"Do you want to go to your room?"


(I want to see this elegant hotel room!?)

Driven by curiosity, I stood up.

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A married office worker in her 40s who travels the world with her creativity and charm. She has been writing as an outside writer for Universe Club since September 2017.Her hobby is random reading.Her reading range ranges from romance novels to business books to academic papers.She never reveals it to her dad, but she actually graduated from the University of Tokyo.

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