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XNUMX% of dad life is made up of nasty things.Then what is the XNUMX% good thing? (He is not talking about money)


Universe Club Takita's legendary saying, "9% of dad activities are nothing but unpleasant things."It certainly is.Even for me, once I start writing about the hard and frustrating things, there is no end to it.

However, I decided not to complain today and try to change my point of view.

What is the remaining 1% of "good things"?

There may be people who immediately think, "I can get money easily!"However, if you only think about it in a unicellular way, your thoughts will be transmitted to the other person.And wouldn't such a woman be hated immediately?

Money is certainly important.

But I don't think the real thrill of being a dad is money.

For me, who is full of curiosity and curious about everything, the best thing is that "I really enjoy talking with my dad!"

In order to share that fun, this time I would like to write about what kind of conversations I have with my dads and what kind of fun there is.


Mr. B

Manager B.In addition to having many exchanges with overseas, he is very knowledgeable about cooperation and business expansion between many companies.

When I talk about work, he comes up with ideas from an unexpected perspective.

In a sense, this is an eccentric idea that would never come up in my own company.

At the same time as I realized how much I was bound and danced by the industry's peculiar "obviousness", I was able to bring up his ideas and throw a stone into the industry's outdated common sense (just like my idea). ).

Furthermore, Mr. B overestimated my ability and invited me, saying, "Let's work together! Will you help me?"

I'm not going to change jobs at the moment, so I'm refusing, but actually, it's a very good offer if I have the desire to do so.

If you listen seriously to Papa's story, there is such a chance.

Also, I am always impressed that you think and evaluate me not only from the perspective of "How am I as a woman?" but also from the perspective of a business person.

Mr. F

Mr. F is a person who travels all over Japan and gives lectures.The interesting thing about my relationship with him is that the interesting questions and answers unfold one after another.

"Why do people work?", "What is the purpose of life for humans?"

I think, think crazy, and put into words what I thought with my childish brain.

However, no matter how hard I try, I can't come up with an answer that satisfies Mr. F.

"Rachel, you can't do that."
"Eh! Please tell me~!"
The conversation goes deeper while interacting with.

While being told, "Don't try to listen to the answer so easily," in the end, sometimes I couldn't listen to Mr. F's thoughts.

I don't think there is a "right answer", but philosophical discussions are welcome.

It's funny no matter how much you talk.It's a strange way to share time with Mr. F, who talks like that and rushes into sex for some reason.

Mr. P

When I have a conversation with Mr. P, I try to listen empathetically.

I do this because I have an intuitive feeling that he would want it.

Mr. P, who is serious and a bit sarcastic, tells us a lot of episodes where he had a hard time at work.

If it's about trouble, I say, "That must have been hard."

The story continues with "That's right! That's why...", or "I was surprised rather than angry.

Of course, let me tell you my thoughts at the end.

Talking with Mr. P will be a good opportunity to think about how to respond better when troubles occur at work (are you serious?).

Mr. M

Mr. M from a different industry in the same industry as me.It is one of the highest status occupations in Japan.

He's a quick thinker, and even if I'm talking about something, he grasps a lot in the middle and leans forward and says, 'I want to talk! ’ is the expression on his face.

In such a case, I will end my story early (but remember what I wanted to say) and make sure that he feels comfortable talking.

why am i acting like that?That is, I want to listen to his story rather than my own story.

I want to hear what he feels and what he thinks when he hears my story.

What I get from talking to him is a wealth of overwhelming expertise and a high-level way of thinking gained from his experience.

But he's a pretty hot baron, and he gets horny quickly, and his emails are mostly dirty jokes.

Mr. T

I met Mr. T, who lives far away, twice, but we have been exchanging emails.

Always giving me witty emails, I can't help but laugh.

I often read e-mails on the train carelessly and end up grinning.

If it's this much fun, I think this person will be popular.It makes me happy when people share information about interesting online articles, movies, and books, and say, "I want to hear your thoughts."

In addition, Mr. T knows that I am writing a column as Rachel in person, and he sometimes sends me his impressions of the column and requests new themes (although I haven't written it yet).

Mr. T is the only person with whom I can honestly talk about my troubles related to club activities, and he is my emotional support.

in conclusion

I really think.There are so many things in the world that we don't know.

That's why it's interesting to hear a story about a dad who has a completely different experience than you.


Most dads are socially successful people.

Spending time with dad means that you can occupy a great person for a long time.

There is no better opportunity than this.


One of the good things about being a dad is that you can listen carefully to what dads say, and through that you can learn the thoughts and ideas of successful people and gain wisdom.

A story that tickles your intellectual curiosity and fills you with a sense of fulfillment is truly enjoyable.

It may sound pretty, but he was chosen from among many rivals and met.

I believe that we must not forget the true value that human-to-human connection with such an important partner brings.

To avoid any misunderstanding, I would like to add a word at the end of the story.

The end


A married office worker in her 40s who travels the world with her creativity and charm. She has been writing as an outside writer for Universe Club since September 2017.Her hobby is random reading.Her reading range ranges from romance novels to business books to academic papers.She never reveals it to her dad, but she actually graduated from the University of Tokyo.

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