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Nanase Yui's papa activity seminar, the night I fell in love with her who stepped on the stage saying "I will ride on top!"


Yui Nanase, a woman who earned XNUMX million yen by working as a dad.I want to see what kind of person she is with her own eyes!

Driven by such curiosity, on August 22, I attended a seminar held at Sanctuary Publishing in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.

The theme is "how to enjoy a date taught by a dad activity expert".

When I arrived at the venue, the club staff said to me, "Cut it all out in your column!"

Because there are too many other things I want to write.There are more than 15 themes that I want to write about.

Priorities are also set.There is also an unfinished article.

However, this time, I wanted to write about "Nanase Yui" by overturning that priority.

First impression

(Hmm? Is this person XNUMX million yen in dad life?)

As I observed Mr. Nanase conversing with the customers in the front row, I was a little puzzled.Bun hair with full forehead, black rimmed glasses and pants suit.No matter how you look at it, he seems to be a plain and serious person.

(Is XNUMX million yen true?)

However, when the lecture began, I was immediately drawn into her charisma.

(Maybe it's true...?)


What does Mr. Nanase teach sugar babies?

The title is "How to enjoy a date".It's never "How can I get my dad to give me a lot of money?"There should be no misunderstanding.

There are two topics worth noting in the beginning.

  • Let's know the purpose of dad activity (difference between men and women)
  • Know what to expect from your partner (differences between men and women)

With these two points, it can be seen that what ordinary daddy men and women think is completely different (I actually experienced it, but if it is verbalized, it will be a good opportunity to think again).

Both men and women are happy when their goals and expectations are met.

Nanase's experience suggests that if you do that, the relationship will last for a long time.

And what should we do to make them both happy?So, the point is flowing.

Cherish your encounter

Only met once.It is only by cherishing that one encounter and having the power to make it into something that you can stand on the starting line of dad activities.

When meeting someone for the first time, it is important not to be deceived by their appearance (things they have, clothes, grooming), but to see through the other person's heart.

Even if it looks filthy, don't shut yourself out from the beginning and see humanity first.

Rather, it is said that people who wear tattered clothes are more likely to become big dads.

Also, as you go through the number of events, you will soon be able to find out who seems to be a good match for you.

Remember to show respect and gratitude to others

Mr. Nanase says that you should not impose your own demands on others, but try to consider the other person's feelings when dealing with them.

"No, no, that's a matter of course when dealing with anyone, right?"

I thought.

However, the reason why Mr. Nanase dares to say here is that the women who have misunderstood the fact that daddy activities are getting a little better, forget this most important thing.

I don't care about the other person, I let my own selfishness go through.

Furthermore, if you think that it is natural to have someone do it, and it is natural to receive money, the attractiveness will be halved.

As a result, dad won't be able to think "I want to see you again".

I remembered the interactions I had with my dads, the troubles, and the partings.

I say this with a sense of self-discipline.Don't forget to respect and appreciate your partner.

Humans are creatures who forget important things when they get carried awayis.A daily review may be necessary.

Exchanges with other women and social gatherings are also exciting

Nanase's lecture was more interesting than I expected, so I paid an additional fee to attend the social gathering.

Will there be catering?I thought it was dried food, canned beer, canned chuhai and juice.

I don't usually drink at all, so I just drank tea and had snacks.This was the only disappointing thing.

Eight people remained at the social gathering: Mr. Nanase, Mr. Midori Mamiya, Ms. Miyu Watanabe, and five other participants.

Consultation from women...

  • It's been a year since we haven't seen each other, but there's a dad who contacted me again.She doesn't understand why or what she's going for, and she's disgusted.He lets it go for now, but he also feels guilty.she doesn't know what to do
  • Papa's fashion is too casual, so it's embarrassing to walk with him.how to talk to daddy
  • Papa's fingernails are growing out and it hurts.how to talk
  • Rather than staying at a luxurious hotel, I would like you to stay at a love hotel and increase your allowance accordingly.how to negotiate

Regarding Mr. Nanase's answers to these questions, I am not confident that I can accurately convey everything from the atmosphere of the questioner to every word of Mr. Nanase's remarks, so I will refrain from writing (as expected, it is a recording). not until).

Rachel asked about odor control.

R: Have you dated someone with bad breath?

Seven: “We dated by mouth breathing.”

R ``Even if you can't deal with it just by breathing through your mouth... For example, if you kiss, your mouth will stink (really)... If you lick it, your whole body will stink.''

Seven: "I'll be a character who is not good at kissing. I don't care about the smell of my body."

… Oh, oh. ...Excuse me!Make me a disciple!

Analysis of Mr. Nanase's attractiveness

Mr. Nanase was so charming that even a woman like me fell in love with him.

I will try to analyze her charm in my own way through her lectures and social gatherings.This may be the secret to a successful dad life.

Attraction XNUMX: Focus on and express the positive side of things

For example, let's say that she became a woman on top of the flow.

Generally speaking,

  • You look like you're in high spirits with an old man you don't even like...
  • I don't like it if it looks sloppy...
  • Why do I have to do my best...
  • Tired...
  • I don't feel too good...

And so on, you can think in a negative way.

But, "I'm getting paid, so I can't help it, I don't want to do it, but I'm going to ride it..." I ride it, for example.

On the other hand, what about Mr. Nanase?Mr. Nanase, who talked about the cowgirl position,

"It's good because I can check if I'm using a contraceptive." "It's also good for muscle training."And with a big smile on the stage, he stepped on his four legs.

The sight of her long legs popping open was spectacular, and she had the coolness of a dancer.

Nanase has the power to focus on the positive side of things and express it.

Attraction XNUMX: Control of emotional expression, work that can be achieved by otherness

The items that were compared as negative emotions in the previous section are:

"How I look to others (I don't want to look cool)" "I get tired (I don't want to be troublesome)"

It's a thought that only thinks about yourself.

What should we do to reach Mr. Nanase's level when we tend to think only about ourselves like this?

It seemed to me that Mr. Nanase had a habit of "thinking from the other person's point of view = having otherness."

What can I do to make my partner happy, and what can I do about it?

The same was true for those of us who attended the seminar.We really think about what we want.

First, think from the other person's point of view, accept the feelings of each person, think about the true meaning of what you are saying, and answer each question and doubt accurately and positively.

I know that my own happiness lies ahead of the happiness of others.That is Mr. Nanase.

Charm XNUMX: Tolerance like a mother, bodhisattva level

What I felt when observing the situation at the social gathering was that Mr. Nanase listened to people with a smile and nodded loudly at key points in the conversation.

In most situations, the questioner wonders, "Is it okay to ask such a strange question?" But Mr. Nanase doesn't think so.

There is a sense of security that whatever you say will be accepted.

I feel the warmth and tolerance of a bodhisattva and a mother.

Attraction XNUMX: Somehow it motivates me

Mr. Nanase enjoys challenges and has continued trial and error.

When I listen to her comments, which condensed the trial and error, I wonder if I can do it too.

Thoughts such as "fun", "happiness", "(even if you already have money) work hard for money (but you don't make money)".

Oh, maybe even a raccoon-faced mature woman can do it!

in conclusion

After participating in the seminar, I became a fan of Mr. Nanase.

This column was written voluntarily without being asked to advertise.

What I felt while writing and after writing was, "I am happy to be able to write about her."

It's a strange feeling.I would like to continue chasing Yui Nanase who gives me happiness.

By the way, the seminar participation fee is 3,000 yen, and the social gathering is 1,500 yen.It cost 4,500 yen in total, but it's well worth it.

I would like sugar babies who think "I don't want to be a dad anymore!" to participate.

Most recentlyThe next seminar (for men and women) will be held on September 20th.is. (I tried to advertise a little, voluntarily).

The end


A married office worker in her 40s who travels the world with her creativity and charm. She has been writing as an outside writer for Universe Club since September 2017.Her hobby is random reading.Her reading range ranges from romance novels to business books to academic papers.She never reveals it to her dad, but she actually graduated from the University of Tokyo.

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