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Frequently Asked Questions for "Universe Anonymous Question Box" (XNUMX)

It's been a while. It's Papua.
We will answer the questions that are frequently asked on a daily basis in the "Universe Anonymous Question Box".

Please wait for a while for the results of the questionnaire that everyone answered before.I'm too busy to count m(__)m

Can I join even if I am overweight?

Go to the interview before asking.
I think there are probably many patterns even with the same "fat".

He's not overweight just because he cares too much
Big-boned Whip Whip body type
chubby but big boobs

If you look at your body shape, it's clearly above the standard weight, but your breasts are A cup or B cup... I think it depends on your looks.
In any case, it is too wasteful to hesitate to go to an interview for reasons such as "I weigh XX kg" or "Because I'm told I'm fat".There are more men than you can imagine who are attracted to plump women.
Of course, please pay attention to the minimum cleanliness such as makeup and grooming.

Can I join even if I am over 〇 years old?

Before You Listen (same as below)
Universe Club is a rare dating club that basically does not have age restrictions for women.
If you look at the "New Joining Women" section on the Universe Club website, there are quite a few women in their 50s and older.
There are three types of men who join the universe club, or rather, men in general, and there are men who love women in their 50s and 60s.
As proof of that, the popular keywords in adult video popularity rankings are "mature woman", "mother" and "mother".

What men are looking for in adult women is not "cuteness that is unsuitable for their age", but "motherhood and sex appeal that they don't have when they are young".

"I'm said to have a baby face, even though I'm already old lol" or "I love feminine fashion-the other day I was mistaken for a college girl even though I'm in my 40s lol" please don't

Those who have already said it, please don't say it again.

By now, there is no doubt that your "word record" has become a topic of conversation with that junior and that boss.

Along with the words, "Our company has a really painful old lady."

I say this with self-admonition, but people tend to drag on the fashion and makeup of the time when they shined the most.This is something that can't be fixed unless you're conscious of it.
Men who spent their youth in KimuTaku's drama maintain brown-haired host-style fashion, and women who enjoyed the bubble era wear red lipstick on their pale lips.
What they both have in common is that they look unlucky.
It's not ``light happiness'' in the sense that it's sexy or ephemeral.
It's a "misfortune" that smells poor, old-fashioned, and doesn't feel clean.
This misfortune, in a bad sense, produces only ``childhood feeling embarrassed to be together'' and ``useless old age''.

In any case, makeup and fashion after the middle age should be updated by appropriately incorporating trends, starting with a method that is self-aware that "this makeup (eyeshadow, lip, eyebrows) and fashion has been around since I was young." should.

*We sometimes see young women in their teens and twenties wearing strange makeup, but many people in their teens and early twenties have just learned how to make up. It's normal to make assumptions.Everyone remembers it that way.
A woman who can make up well from Hana who has just started makeup is someone with a considerable beauty sense.
By the way, Papua also made mistakes in his teens, such as ``I painted my face too white and the color of my neck and face is different.

If you are thinking about going to the Universe Club interview, it would be a good idea to review your makeup and fashion first.

In the past, I received a question in the question box, "I'm 40 years old, but I've always been told I have a baby face. But I don't have money, so I only have UNIQLO clothes. Can I wear a hoodie to an interview?" There is, but honestly it's out of the question.
Although it is very rude, the reason why this woman is called "baby-faced" is probably because of her clothes.I don't think it's because she has a lovely youthful and cute baby face.
Also, even though you can dress freely on the surface, an interview is a formal occasion where you ask, “I would like you to hire me.” I can't help but wonder what you're thinking when you're in your 40s and say, "Is it okay if I wear a hoodie?"

When I search for male members, black members appear, but am I a black member?

Considering that black members can offer women of all ranks, I think you can understand that it is different.

I don't usually wear skirts, but can I wear pants?

Think of how you dress for an interview at the Universe Club as you dress for a date.
Many of the places the men I meet in the Universe club take me to are high-end restaurants.It would be a considerable fashion expert to be able to match with pants style in such a place.
I think it's quite difficult to be a little more fashionable than other people and know a little more brands.
It is safe to wear a skirt unless you are confident in your style (including height) and fashion sense at the level of Ai Tominaga or Nanao.
I understand that you want to stick to your favorite fashion, but clothes that make others feel that they are not suitable for the occasion will result in you missing out on a good relationship.

By the way, when it comes to talking about fashion at dating clubs, daddy activity information sites always say, "Let's refer to women's announcers' styles."
This advice is often correct, especially for women who are not used to wearing skirts.
There are various types of facial features, even for female announcers, but the coordination of female announcers is designed to suit any type of features and to be liked by men and women of all ages.

For those who want to study feminine fashion for the time being, but don't want to buy many magazines, try looking at the fashion of announcers who you think are somewhat similar to your features and body types on TV or Google image search.

By the way, as far as university students are concerned, it is recommended to refer to the entire coordination of the magazine "Ray".If you are a female college student, you can do something if you refer to the fashion of this magazine.

I tried to cover all the frequently asked questions in the question box at once, but it turned out to be unexpectedly long, so I'll continue next time.

By the way, if you search for "site: (Universe anonymous question box URL) clothes" or "site: (universe anonymous question box URL) food" in the search window, you can search the questions in the universe anonymous question box with your favorite keywords. You can search.

The question box also has thousands of questions and the same questions are often repeated over and over again, so if you are concerned about it, use the above method to find out.

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