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What is the occupation of the woman who is working as a dad?



What kind of woman is a woman who is active as a dad in a dating club?I think there are many men who are wondering.

I will take a survey from many dads and introduce what kind of women there are.

In the second half, I write about a rare woman who is active as a dad.


・ Female university students, vocational students

There are women who are enrolled in famous schools and women who are working hard for their studies and future, such as female college students.

The reason why I am active as a dad is "I want to concentrate on school, so I want financial support", "I want to study social studies for my future dreams, I want to hear various stories", "I want to rely on my dad while I am a student" There is a woman who is both talented and beautiful.

I want to support women who are working hard towards their dreams!It's good for men who think

Most of the women are young and pretty.


・Cabaret club lady, club lady, prostitute lady

There are some women that you don't usually get to meet.There are some reasons why women work night shifts, and some people are proud to work hard.Occupational pattern looks beautiful and conversation is also good.It depends on the person, but I have a lot of things to talk about, and it's fun to be together.Interested men are worth the offer.


・ Marunouchi OL, Receptionist

Some women work full-time.A beautiful, witty and kind office lady, a receptionist, etc.

There are many women who are calm and understand their work well.I think that men who like mature women are suitable.The most common reasons for being a dad are ``It's hard to live on my current salary'', ``I'm reducing my commute to get a qualification, so I want financial support'', and ``As a member of society, there are various adult I want to talk to a man."

It's nice to have a daddy life after work each other.


・ CA, ground staff

We are also registering women who are doing rare jobs that you can only meet when you are on an airplane.

It's a good experience to have a story that you can't quite listen to because it's classy.

It's a busy job, so I don't meet many times, but I can be proud of being able to date a woman with a rare job.

Sometimes you can meet women at your travel destination, overseas, or at places where women work.

There are many women who are beautiful and speak a variety of languages, so there is a lot for us to learn.


・Actress, model

There are not many women registered, but there are women who are doing their best as celebrities.

If you want to meet a woman who trains every day to become an actress, or who has a high sense of beauty and cares about her appearance to become a model, or who is working hard to achieve her dreams, try looking for her at a dating club. .

If you become a little famous, the grade in the dating club will rise and you will not be able to see it with ordinary members, or you will only be introduced to men who are reliable from the club, and it will become difficult to find.

It's nice to see a woman I've supported become famous.


・ Female doctor, nurse

Women in the medical field are also registered.Some female doctors have their own clinics.

It is very valuable to hear private stories of female doctors and nurses.

You can also listen to medical stories and valuable stories, so you can also be careful about your health.

In Papa-katsu, there are many people who are involved with people other than patients, eat delicious food, and fulfill their private lives.I'm busy with patient care, treatment, and surgery every day, so maybe I want to see a different view.


・Housewife, wife, mother

Women who are married and have children are also registered in dating clubs.

I keep it a secret from my family, so the secret (about the dating club) is thoroughly protected.

The most common reasons for dad activities are “I want to enjoy my time with dad activities”, “I want to date and talk with men other than my husband”, “I have a child and have financial difficulties, so I want support”, “The unknown world of dad activities” There are many reasons for mature women who can afford it.If you like mature women, if you want to be a dad in the forbidden area of ​​being a married woman, or if you are really interested, you can offer it.


*Here is a rare woman in a dating club


・Civil servants (teachers, childcare workers, government offices)

Although I can't disclose it to the public, there are women who usually work as civil servants and enjoy their days off as dads.

It's good for those who want to talk about learning, talking about learning, and supporting women who are strong and respectable.

・Ladyboy (originally male, transgendered to female)

The so-called appearance is a woman, and the inside is a man.It's quite rare, but there are people who have registered.Since she was originally a man, she senses and understands men's feelings and thoughts, and gives them emotional support.Originally, even men have higher femininity than women, and their aesthetic sense is also excellent.were you really a man?Some people are as beautiful as you think.

If you want to enjoy a date with a special person or someone with the strongest aesthetic sense, please do.


・Famous voice actor, idol

There are also famous women who come out if you search.However, since there are many women who are secretly working as dads when they become famous, basically they will only introduce them to members of the dating club with a higher rank.If you want to support a famous woman, or if you want to meet her, it would be a good idea to tell the club once.



Papa activities are basically domestic, but there are rare foreign women who wish to work abroad.

It is good for men who often go abroad, for those who go abroad on vacation, and for those who want to work as a dad overseas.

Some foreign women who wish to stay in Japan are registered.Japan = You can live as a dad anywhere overseas.



There aren't many major announcers, but have you ever seen late-night programs, internet programs, local announcers, etc.?The announcer who is on the program is also registered.Some announcers are on TV quite a bit.You can be proud of just being an announcer and a daddy.



Some women work as company executive secretaries or president secretaries.That's the child of this subsidiary!Some men think so.

Women who work as secretaries have an image of being punctual and strong-minded.There are many women who want to support various aspects of dad activities as much as they usually support them at work.



Women from all walks of life sign up for dating clubs for a variety of reasons.

There are various reasons why women want to be a dad, but there are women who are hard to meet and women who are working hard to achieve their dreams, so please find a woman you like at the dating club and support and have fun as a dad.



It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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