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Even if you're ugly or poor... How to win XNUMX gacha! ?

For those of you who are having trouble being a dad

Parent gacha, workplace gacha, school gacha...
There are people who are born blessed and those who are not.
Papa Gacha will also exist in terms of papa activities.
A woman who can meet a very good man as soon as she starts dad activities, a woman who meets a gentleman who takes him to a high-class membership restaurant or hotel every time,
Women who continue to pay rent and living expenses to men every month...
If you are a woman who is working as a dad, don't you think that everyone is a little envious?
And don't you look at those people with your fingers in your mouth?
"I can't hit the papa gacha..." Women who think so will probably never get a hit no matter how many times they pull the papa gacha.
If you know the answer, we recommend that you ignore the following and read other articles.
If you want to win the unreasonable ○○ gacha that is spreading in the world, I think you can see the hint if you read the following.

○○ to hit the gacha

"Game of Life" Have you ever played a board game with a name like this?
What am I living for?Sometimes I think.Wake up at the same time every morning, do 8 hours of work that anyone can do,
Before I go home, I eat with a man, get some pocket money, and go to sleep exhausted.Every day like that.
Even among women of the same age, the lucky women advance two squares and three squares at once, but I can only advance one square at a time.
But sooner or later, everyone is moving forward for the goal of “own happiness”.

A blessed appearance, a blessed family environment... The grass next door that you can see from SNS is endlessly green, and you can't help but feel that you don't have the weapons that other people have.
I'm not beautiful, I don't have enough money... can't I be happy if I'm not well-equipped?

No such thing!This is the real thrill of the Game of Life.
People are not born fair.From this unfairness, you can aim for happiness by making the most of your abilities and potentials.

The important thing is to know enough.
If you set an Everest-level ideal as your goal, no matter how far you progress, you won't be able to see the goal, and you'll probably get exhausted along the way.
Sloppy and half-baked gives a bad impression, but like the word good seasoning, there is an ideal temperature.

100°C water is too hot to use, and 30°C lukewarm water will catch a cold.
For me, hot water around 43°C is the right temperature, but the temperature that feels that way varies from person to person.

Being ambitious is a wonderful thing, but if you aim too high and try too hard, you will miss the happiness within a three-meter radius.And in the end, it takes a roundabout way to reach the goal of happiness.

A man I met at a dating club.It's fun to be with him and we get along well, but he doesn't buy brand-name items like my dad, who is full of SNS.He wonders whether to continue the relationship.
Of course, if you continue to be a daddy, you may or may not meet a man who is closer to your ideal.And although that person is very good, their personality may not match... No one knows what the future holds.
No matter who you choose, you'll imagine a different future.I wonder what it would have been like if I had chosen a different path at that time... I might regret it.This can be said for anything, not just dad life.

To be happy, you end up...

Convince yourself and convince yourself not to get lost in life.No matter what anyone says, the path I chose is right.I wish I could tell him that it was good here.It doesn't matter which one was originally correct, or other's evaluation.
It's your life, so as long as you're satisfied with it, that's fine.
It's impossible to change other people or people around you, but it's easy to change yourself.It may not be easy to change your appearance because plastic surgery takes time and money, but it is easy to change your mindset.Anyone can do it if they are honest and have a little bit of courage.

There is absolutely no need to compare yourself with the amount of money or gifts that someone whose face or name you don't know.
The value of women that men feel differs from person to person, just as much as the value of paintings.
Ah, this person puts a lot of emphasis on appearance.
Youth is important
If you don't agree with the idea that any woman is fine, you shouldn't go out with him, and if you're satisfied with it, go out with him.

It's up to you to make yourself happy or not.
Gacha doesn't exist.Luck is also a skill.
You can't be happy if you think that someone will make you happy.If you can't hear your own voice because of the noise in the world, I want you to put down your smartphone and face yourself more.
What do you want to do, and are you satisfied with that? I want you to make the most of what you have and make you happy.If you don't face your true nature, time will pass, and you'll end up living your life being swayed by the voices of others.
And you'll end up thinking that it's someone else's fault that you can't be happy all the time.

A Final Word

I want to tell you who read to the end.

【Heads up】
There are more than a few men who are aiming at you as a target of fraud, among men who are good at it, men who have built up a huge amount of wealth by themselves, and men who like money more than women.I don't have a good story rolling, so I want you to stop believing people easily.
The smartphone that is turned upside down at the time of eating... isn't the conversation being recorded?
A picture taken by saying that it is a picture of food...Are you not reflected in the picture?
It seems that there are cases where the weakness is grasped and money is demanded because of it.
Even after you get used to the activities, be careful when you meet men, and be careful not to lose money.

I'm an office lady who can be found anywhere in your city♪ I will write articles based on my experience dating over 50 men in the universe⭐︎

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