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Is SEX pleasure or love?

We become indebted to.This is Takita.

Aren't you all tired because of the hot weather every day?

Please spend the summer with your health first.

Well, this time Takita wants to tell you this!I discovered that.

About SEX

This is difficult for other staff to write about, and some people may wonder if there is an official blog called SEXSEX like this, but it is the most important thing.I think so, so let me write.

Sometimes feedback was that the meal was fun and a gentleman, but after that it was a very rough person.There is a case to get.

In my previous blog, I wrote that men should try AV for women.

I've written about the gaps in motivation for registration and the gaps between males and females in purpose, but this time I'm going to talk about the SEX gap.

I think SEX is the deepest relationship between men and women.

And I think the most uncomfortable relationship is SEX.

In order to obtain pleasure, men seek women in order to eliminate and satisfy various desires such as satisfaction, monopoly, and superiority.

However, I get the impression that women who are resistant to sex are half or half when Takita meets.

do you like sex?to the question of

like.Some people answer, I like it with my boyfriend.Some people answer.

However, there are quite a few people who answer that they are not good at it or do not want to do it as much as possible.

Many women in their early 18.19.20s and early XNUMXs have a particular aversion to sex, and I think there is a big gap between that age group and the sex that older people want.

Pleasure Pursuit VS Affection Confirmation

To tell the truth, Takita has been very interested in AV for a long time.

When I was in elementary school or junior high school, I probably secretly watched my father's AV video tape, which I think Ai Iijima starred if I remember correctly.

From that time on, I was very interested in SEX.

However, I don't think there are many girls at that time who have such an interest.

Boys became interested in masturbating from the upper grades of elementary school, and enjoyed watching adult videos with their friends.It seems that he was doing

The difference between men and women, the gap has already started from there, and according to SEX experts after various investigations

“Men pursue pleasure, but women are fundamentally different from confirming affection.”

I was writing. 

Couples who have just met are attracted to each other, and men seek pleasure and do such and such things by referring to AVs in their past memories.

Even if a woman is in a relationship with support, she will gladly accept the favor and have sex with some risk.

It's easy for men to be fully prepared for sex, and it's quick.

It takes time for women to fully prepare for sex, to raise their spirits and become ready to accept sex.

Women start with a negative start.

If you have sex with someone who has watched and studied AV for men so far, it will feel good if you force it, attack your words, and shake your hips!That's what it feels like.

Is that what women really want?When I think about it, well, it might be good if it's someone who has a strong sense of M, or someone who likes to do everything.

Maybe the majority of women aren't there.I think.


I think that having sex with a boyfriend you love makes you happy, but some people don't like having sex with their boyfriends.

Then how much do you hate having sex with someone who is 20 years apart and has no love?

From a man's point of view, even as a woman who doesn't like sex, I don't think it would be fun if she didn't express herself, didn't have a voice, and stared at the ceiling.

I feel that it is better to start a relationship with a basic woman thinking that it starts from a state where there is not much love.

Women have various erogenous zones such as ears, neck, nipples, and genitals, but there is a difference in the feeling of being caressed by someone you love and even being caressed by someone you don't love.

Even if the person you love takes time to make you happy, you may feel dirty in your heart if you are licked by someone you don't love.

I wrote a lot, but what I want to say is

Women are SEX from a negative start.

I wonder if it's important to be able to treat you.

Considering that the temperature is completely different, first of all, let the woman enjoy it, experience the pleasure, and the pleasant SEX will leave a lasting impression.

SEX may be the goal for men.However, women may start with SEX.

Takita isn't that skilled either, so I'm sorry for the vague expressions such as "maybe", but I personally think that sex is important in relationships between men and women.

Ai Takita

2013.1.25 Joined Universe Club: Members at the time (Kida, Aso, Uta, Takita) 2019.4.15-2022.1.4 Take maternity leave.She has returned to being a mother of two.She still finds the work that deals with delicate feelings very interesting and difficult.There are many ways to meet her, but she loves the unique secret garden of dating clubs.She believes that what she tells women strictly = she really can have a good experience with women.I think that a woman who understands her position and understands her own position can have a wonderful experience and polish women through the dating club.She wants to be honest with men as well.Favorite job: The time spent interviewing women and being consulted by men about women Least favorite job: computer work, IT terminology talk to this staff

Article by Ai Takita

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