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exposure!How to spot a real rich man

It's been a long time since I've been posting.
My name is Ai Takita, and I've been putting a lot of effort into blogging lately.

To all women

I would like to teach Takita, who has been a staff member of the dating club for 6 years, how to recognize the real rich.

The reason I decided to write this is because I would like you to declare your annual income at the time of the interview.
I feel that most people report less than their actual income.

And the money you can play with is completely different between a single person with an annual income of 1000 million yen and a family with an annual income of 1000 million yen.
Takita believes that annual income is not everything.

If you can buy your desire with money, you can buy it

Why do rich women like women?

I think it's because they think that the more money they spend on themselves, the more their desires will be satisfied.

I want to study abroad, I want to shop, I want to have plastic surgery, I want to save money for the future, I want you to pay my tuition.
If you can buy your desire with money, you can buy it.

That's why I like rich people!
I hate being stingy!Isn't it?women are.

However, what Takita thinks when he sees it inside.

It's the one who gives me money = I'm not rich That means.

Your worth is determined by others

Feedback from a woman on a date the other day
I was stingy.Please introduce me to a rich man next time.and.

Check information about men.

An annual income close to XNUMX million.

I think at times like that.

It's really a waste.


The woman is frustrated when she sees only one money and sees short-term profit.

I think my worth is determined by others.

I want to pass all my wishes, I don't want to bend my wishes
I want a lot of money, but I don't want to give it, and I don't want to match it.

Maybe, or rather, definitely not suitable for dating clubs.
For a 2-4 hour date together and without a reward tailored to your needs
I didn't feel satisfied or attractive, I think that's all.

He is frustrated that he didn't accept his wishes

It's honestly ugly.

It is the women themselves who kill and take advantage of big opportunities

But some people are really stingy and can't afford it.

This is Takita's way of thinking about how to identify a rich person.
Takita tends to meet with multiple men, so of course there are many differences, but please refer to it.


After all, most men are doing work that touches people, so they tend to look younger than their peers.
For celebrities, teeth aren't the lifeblood, but for managers, the impression is that they have clean teeth.Nails are trimmed too.Impression that there are many people with beautiful skin.


When you talk about your own experiences and lifestyle, you can research whether you are spending money on things that ordinary office workers cannot experience.
People who only boast are given the impression that they have little leeway in life, but on the contrary, the better they are at listening, the richer they are.If you start by denying what the woman said,
Make sure they are receptive to the conversation, as it can be stressful.


Attitudes toward people, the way you talk to the staff during meals, how to eat (how to hold chopsticks, do not mumble, do not spit)
After all, I feel that people who interact with wealthy people will not be accepted unless they are elegant to some extent.


If it's a suit, it's cool just to wear a size that fits your body perfectly, and you can feel like a man.Made to order after a good age.
If it's plain clothes, it's even better if it's a brand that matches your age and has a natural feel that you're not embarrassed to be with.

From various conversations, after confirming experiences that cannot be seen from outside, lifestyles, and living standards
I hate this man!Let's judge.

Of course, even men who don't need to interact with people much and don't look like they have money
There are many rich people.

Never judge a man by looking only at the money in front of him.

It is the women themselves who make the most of the big opportunities.


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Article by Ai Takita

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