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Q&A for women who register for dating clubs

This is Takita.

Writing a column for the first time in a while!I thought.

This is a Q&A for women who register for dating clubs.

What is your favorite dating club?

"There are so many dating clubs that I don't know which one to choose. Please tell me your criteria for recommendation."
I have questions like this.


[Try to judge on the homepage]

TakitaIn my view, I think it is recommended to meet young managers of clubs that are changing their websites to suit the current situation.

Many of the clubs whose HP sites have not been updated or whose HPs are old are older operators.

As an advantage, I know the registered men by myself, and since there are many men who have been with me for a long time, they will tell me the habits of men, so it is safe.

[Judge by how many years the company was founded]

The most important advantage of registering in a newly established dating club is to attract women, so the staff welcomes you.

It's just that there are few men registered, so it's unlikely that you'll be able to hear it.

TakitaIn my opinion, dating clubs that have been running for a long time are safer.The staff also followed various things,

It is also important that someone with a high level of experience as a staff is working because they will give you advice.

[Call us directly to find out]

It is also important to call and have staff immediately available.

When I try to call, some clubs don't answer occasionally, and some have very poor response.

If you want to have a pleasant dating club activity, I think the attitude of the staff towards women is important.

Registration in one place?Multiple registrations?

Is it better to register a dating club in one place or multiple registrations?

Takita recommends registering multiple times at different times.

There are many dating clubs in Tokyo.

There are men who have dating clubs, but there are many men who are only registered in one place.

There are also cases where you think you're not getting any offers at all and sign up for a different dating club, but then dozens of offers come in.

The timing of finding a woman is different for each person, so that men can join every day.

So, if you have newly registered dating clubs, such as 3 registered in spring and 3 registered in autumn, chances will increase.

What to do before going to an interview

Please take care of yourself.

Hair is especially important.

If you overeat and drink and have rough skin, we recommend registering when your skin becomes beautiful.

Do your best to get an offer on the day of your interview

[Before the interview]

Punctuality is an absolute requirement.A woman who is late for an interview is not recommended for whatever reason.

Please be ready to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

Also, let's start the interview with the person in charge and respond firmly.

It is difficult to recommend women who want to make their makeup and hair beautiful at the interview venue.

Let's go fully prepared.

[during interview]

Greetings are important.

Even if you are sitting and waiting for the person in charge, stand up and say hello when the person in charge comes.

When you take off your shoes, the interview starts when you arrive at the venue.

When you show off your strengths, make sure you have a strong sex appeal as well.

Almost 9% of men are looking for after a meal relationship.Even if you tell only beautiful things, you will be buried in a lot of women.

Sexual appeal is also important, and it will be strong. * Lying is NG.

[After the interview]

Send a thank-you email immediately after you and your supervisor break up.

Clothes and spirit that are easy to get offers

take care of your hair.Hair pudding is NG!

Nail designs are flashy, too long nails are not popular!Subdued colors like beige and light pink are recommended.

We recommend wearing clean clothes like the weather girl!

There are women who say they don't wear that type of clothing, but even if it's just a man you meet at a dating club to get an offer, please be like a weather girl.

What should I do if I do not receive an offer?

I don't get many offers.What should I do?We often ask questions.

I'm going to call it straight.

The reason why the offer does not come

A case where you don't look good

Your face isn't everything.There are also recommended points other than the face, such as having a large bust, high education, college for young ladies, and occupation.

The case where the photo is not good

Can you capture your femininity?

Are your photos showing your bust, waist, hips, skin tone, legs, etc.?

Cases where the profile is too safe to be noticed

There are thousands of people out there, but their looks aren't good, their profiles aren't good, and they won't be interested.

I tried to tell you from the perspective of a slightly dry dating club.

Thank you for reading.

Ai Takita

2013.1.25 Joined Universe Club: Members at the time (Kida, Aso, Uta, Takita) 2019.4.15-2022.1.4 Take maternity leave.She has returned to being a mother of two.She still finds the work that deals with delicate feelings very interesting and difficult.There are many ways to meet her, but she loves the unique secret garden of dating clubs.She believes that what she tells women strictly = she really can have a good experience with women.I think that a woman who understands her position and understands her own position can have a wonderful experience and polish women through the dating club.She wants to be honest with men as well.Favorite job: The time spent interviewing women and being consulted by men about women Least favorite job: computer work, IT terminology talk to this staff

Article by Ai Takita

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