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The Twitter drama "Papa Katsu Surgery" has started.About the plastic surgery of Papa Katsu Joshi

This time, a Twitter drama called "Papa Katsu Seisei" will start, so I wanted to take this opportunity to write about my thoughts on plastic surgery and papa katsu.

What is the Twitter drama “Papa Katsu Surgery”?

The twitter drama "Papa Katsuseisho supported by Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery" will start at 4:4 on April 22 (Wednesday) and will be broadcast every Wednesday and Saturday!I'm really looking forward to the fact that the actual cosmetic surgery is supporting it, and it looks like it's going to be a real story.

In the first place, I learned about Twitter drama for the first time this time.You can see it from the performers or Mio Yamazaki's Twitter timeline. The Twitter drama will be developed in a short time of 1 minutes per episode.


The part of Daiki Sugimoto: Shinji Nishimura (Raffle Crane)

Mr. Mio Yamazaki

Tokyo cosmetic surgery

The preamble was too long, and I became like a Tokyo Beauty Surgery's turner, but it has nothing to do with it.I'm really looking forward to this collaboration project, hoping to dispel the negative image of dad life and plastic surgery.

Is beauty good and ugly bad?

I think that many of the women who receive a lot of offers and support from Papa Katsu are beautiful, stylish, intelligent, and perfect as women.

It is often said that companies will increase sales if they hire beautiful women for sales and sales.
It is said that there is a difference of 3000 million yen between the annual income of a beautiful woman and a ugly woman.


I don't know if being beautiful is actually an advantage because I'm not beautiful, but because I'm beautiful, I'm unilaterally favored by people I don't like, and the stress of being the center of attention around me, and the stress of being the same sex. I think there is a possibility that it will be broken, and there will be stress.

But I have never heard of anyone saying that being beautiful is hard.If you are asked whether you are beautiful or ugly, I don't think there is a mistake that being beautiful is an advantage.

Appearance is the first barrier for Papa Katsujoshi, and it is true that appearance makes a big difference in the number of offers.

Some men say that ordinary women are better than beautiful women, but there is a high possibility that beautiful women can meet many dads at papa activities and dating clubs.

About the plastic surgery of Papa Katsu Joshi

Looking at Twitter, the word "plastic surgery" often appears for women who are working as dads.Papa katsu girls are very fashion conscious and have a high sense of beauty.

It's a past articleMac's self-esteem articleI read and thought.Isn't this "self-affirmation" exactly what women who undergo plastic surgery are looking for?

I don't think plastic surgery itself is a bad thing as long as you can live a happy life.

It seems that there are quite a lot of male members who are not good at women with breast augmentation.In the case of the face, if the material is not good, I think that it will not be so beautiful even if it is plastic surgery, so I understand a little.

As a personal opinion, I'm opposed to having too much plastic surgery and becoming alienated from humans, but it's okay to have plastic surgery to the extent that you can get rid of your complex! !I think.

However, I want you to get closer to your favorite face, not someone's favorite face.It's too sad to live a life that keeps denying yourself.I agree with plastic surgery to affirm yourself!

Introduction of plastic surgery themed manga

I was so overwhelmed that I thought I knew there was a time when I was worried about plastic surgery, but I ended up losing the title, so at the end I used the introduction of the manga as a trump card to close this place. I will have it.

helter skelter

Before,Recommended by MagnoliaThe movie "Helter Skelter" is based on Kyoko Okazaki's original work.After reading this (and watching the movie), I was depressed for a whole day.It's such a shocking story.

Good luck Kanna

It's a little old, but Yumiko Suzuki's "Kanna is a great success" is bright and recommended.

Although it is not plastic surgery, I also recommend "Viva! Yamada Barbara", a story about a former model, 38-year-old Barbara Yamada, who returns to her 20-year-old self when she enters the refrigerator.

i am a plastic surgeon

"I am a plastic surgery beauty"was also interesting.I read it for free.
The main character who has plastic surgery is bare.I'm scared of the bruises and harassment of the natural beauty Honami-chan.

The story that I went to plastic surgery because I was ugly

It is a manga that is updated on Twitter.
Aiuchi Airu's story about going to plastic surgery because she's ugly, and a report manga about her actual experience.



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