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I found my first dad at a sex shop

Meeting Papa at a Sex Shop

I met the man who became my first dad at a sex shop.Until now, I knew the word papa-katsu, but I didn't do it because I had a scary image of papa-katsu.
The customer came for a long course every time, but he didn't play much and was just chatting.Many of the customers I served at the sex shop were about my father's age or even older, so I had a hard time telling what to say, but that customer was different.I was about the same age as her father, but we got along really well.
I was looking forward to meeting the customer.And when I talked to any customer, I used to lie about my age, area of ​​residence, occupation, etc., but little by little I told them the truth.She actually told me that she is married and has a small child, that she does not live with her husband and does not receive any living expenses.Then the customer said, "I want to meet you outside and help you."The customer also had a child and understood the difficulty of raising a child.That's why I want to help!I think that's what he thought.I wondered if it would be okay to meet outside.Until now, other customers have said, "I'll give you money, so why don't we meet outside?"Each time, I felt, "I'm afraid that it will be dangerous even if I meet outside." At that time, I answered, "Let me think about it...", but after that, he came back many times as a customer. They came every other week and often on weekdays, so I wondered, "What kind of work does this person do?" I heard that he was the president of a real estate company.She quickly showed me her business card.And he said, "If you have any troubles, feel free to contact me."

I refused once, but finally decided to meet outside

On the night I received the business card, I had a fight with my husband.The reason for the quarrel was that her husband said, "I want to live with her because her husband's current job is gone."Even after getting married and having a child, my husband doesn't want to live with me forever. I ended up moving into a house where my child and I lived.And I have never received a living allowance.I was worried about what to do and sent an email to the customer the next day.I received a reply immediately, saying, "If you don't mind, I'd like to support you."After that, we decided on the schedule and meeting place, and immediately decided to meet the following week.I was nervous because I had never met a customer outside.On top of that, I was traveling by car, so I was thinking, "What if I do something scary?"I got in the car, wondering where I was going to go from now on.It is a high-class Japanese restaurant on a high floor that I have never been to.I was so nervous that I barely remembered what it tasted like.After that, I went to the hotel and played, but just like when I was serving customers at a sex shop, I mainly talked rather than played.It was my first time being a dad, so I didn't know the market price, but I received an allowance on my way home.Surprisingly, the amount was one day's salary at the sex shop I was working at that time.In addition to the allowance, they also bought a lot of food and other necessities for life.After that, we started seeing each other regularly, and each time we met, he took us to various places.I liked hot springs, so I went to a hot spring facility in a different place each time.My dad was the company president, and he was busy with work, so I felt sorry many times when he received a phone call about work while we were meeting.Even so, he made time for me, so I was able to live my life to the point where I didn't have to work at a sex shop, and I was able to quit.At the sex shop, the clerks were right next to me, so I didn't feel scared. It was a heavy burden.On the other hand, my dad doesn't touch my body roughly (in fact, he rarely touches me), and he prefers talking to sex, so I was able to meet him with peace of mind.


My husband wouldn't pay for my living expenses, so my dad helped me a lot.We both had children, so I think they understood my situation.Just like making friends with people you get along with, I think it's best to have someone you get along with as a daddy.I also liked that she was a dad with plenty of money.Starting with that dad, I've had several dads, but even if I met a dad who didn't have money and received an allowance several times, the allowance was reduced halfway through, and I ended up doing it. There were times when I couldn't get paid for doing just that.I'm so glad I met a rich dad who understands my situation.

I started working as a dad when I was working at a sex shop.I would like to write about anything that was fun or difficult in my life as a dad.Also, I like cute sex toys and my house is full of toys.thank you!

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