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what to wear when meeting dad

When it comes to clothes when you meet your dad at a dad activity, the basics are a neat and feminine look.However, that wasn't the only clothing required by the dads I've met so far.When I met my dad, I changed my clothes a lot depending on the dad I met.I will write about why I changed my clothes because of my dad.

Royal road first!Meet in feminine skirts and dresses

When I meet my dad for the first time, I always dress like a woman, neat and cute.Dad would be disappointed if a woman dressed too casually to meet her.If the woman who comes to you doesn't look nice, her allowance may be lowered, so clothes are important for us as well.I usually wear casual clothes, so I studied hard to find feminine clothes. I had no sense of dress at all, to the point that my friends would tell me, "I don't want to go out with people dressed like this!"I searched online for clothes that my dad would like, and chose clothes while listening to the staff.Of course, I asked the store clerk to tell me what to wear on a date instead of saying, "Please tell me what to wear for dad activities."My favorite outfit is a white blouse with a pink cardigan and a black and white skirt above the knee.I also liked the dress with a white collar and pink all over.Usually when I meet my dad for the first time outside, I dress like this.Besides clothes, I also studied makeup very hard.I'm not only good at clothes, but also makeup.Before I started working at a sex shop, I had never done proper makeup, and at an interview, I was asked, "Did you come without makeup today?" I was taught makeup on the spot.I thought that it would be bad if I continued like this, so I desperately learned how to apply makeup.I gathered all kinds of makeup products, researched them by watching YouTube videos and makeup books, and asked Depakosu's older sister to teach me.

I will meet you in a suit and suit

Why are you wearing a suit when you meet Daddy?You may think that, but I had a lot of opportunities to wear it.The reason is "because I can make an excuse if I meet someone I know".Some dads have wives and children (rather, many have wives and children), so it's hard to find out.The reason why I can use the suit as an excuse is because my dad was a president and many sales people, so it was to make it look like he was dealing with customers and business partners.If the father is married, most of them try not to find out from their wives, but some are tolerant, saying, ``I don't mind doing anything else as long as you give me a lot of living expenses.'' There was also a wife.It was also helpful for me to meet in a suit.I'm divorced now, but I was married at the time, so there was a risk of being suspicious if I went out in a dress or skirt.Even more conveniently, I wore a suit for the daytime job, so I wouldn't be suspicious if I said, "I'm going to work!" and went to see my dad.By the way, when I met my dad in a neat and feminine outfit, I would wear a suit, stuff a dress and a skirt into my day job bag, and change clothes in the nearest station's restroom.Also, I had to leave my suit in a coin locker, so my expenses increased.I took these measures to avoid my husband finding out, but if you are a married woman who is working as a dad, what measures do you take to prevent your husband from finding out? I am wondering if there are any.

Dress as modestly as possible, preferably in trousers

This is the same reason as when we meet in a suit.Because I can make excuses when I run into someone I know.Even if you have a lot of money, even a little time is precious to a dad who has a family.There were some people who could only see each other for a few hours while their children were coming home from kindergarten or elementary school because their fathers had a day off from work.In that case, there is a good chance that someone you know is nearby, so you want to respond as firmly as possible.Also, many doctors and others don't wear suits to work, so if you meet someone in casual clothes, you can excuse yourself by saying, "I know someone from work."I've never found out that my dad, who has been supporting me, is doing daddy activities, but it's better to take proper measures.


Basically, I dress like a woman, neat and cute, and go to see my dad.Dad would be disappointed if the woman he planned to meet was too casual.She went out with a neat and clean coordination of pink and white.I had no fashion sense, so I studied hard.I mainly wear feminine and neat clothes, but I sometimes went out in a suit or normal clothes.Because my dad was also married, so I don't want her family or acquaintances to find out.Here are some tips on what to wear when meeting your dad.

I started working as a dad when I was working at a sex shop.I would like to write about anything that was fun or difficult in my life as a dad.Also, I like cute sex toys and my house is full of toys.thank you!

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