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I couldn't

Hello, this is Umi.
My hair is in good condition these days and I'm in a good mood.
I've tried many things, but the one that worked best for me was to rub in a wash-off treatment, which is always on the top of the list on overseas mail order sites, and apply a famous Korean hair oil before using the hair dryer to create a scalp mode. to dry.It seems that it is good to dry the hair and the skin gently at a low temperature.
Hair is really important, right?
Another long digression.
Today I would like to talk to you about a dad you never liked.

Physiologically unacceptable, but personality-oriented

I decided to meet with the app and have a nice impression of the polite interaction.We didn't exchange pictures before we met.
When I met him, his appearance seemed a little physiologically unacceptable. (There are few smiles and not a lot of cleanliness), but the talk was lively with someone who understands my profession.Above all, I could tell that they were very interested in me and that I wanted to cherish them.I don't just want to give money, I want to buy clothes and bags and give them various experiences.I was told that I want to cherish the time I spend together.

Next time we meet, let's have dinner.Am I extravagant?I tend to think that the restaurant I chose is an evaluation of me, so I worry about it, but the restaurant I was taken to was lunch time, but there were no customers. A shop that will be doing.I thought it must be a secret place, but the moment I drank the water that came out, I was surprised that the cup smelled fishy.I lost my appetite and left rice that I usually don't leave.
Am I the girl you want to cherish? ?I start to think.

Daddy who was a maniac with a strange waist swing

I decided to have an adult relationship with an advance payment system.To be honest, I didn't like the way it looked, so I was reluctant.However, she has a very kind personality, and I closed my eyes thinking that the person who was touching my breasts was the person I fell in love with, let's become an actress.My body is quite prone to getting wet, so even if my head didn't accept it, I felt it properly.
and when you finally go
"Huh!?" My body was surprised.
Daddy's waist is in a great direction?LOL Right and left, for the time being, I had a strange feeling that I had never experienced before, and I was screaming in my heart that it was over quickly.
I had Botox on my eyebrows and forehead the day before, so I had no wrinkles on my eyebrows even though it was painful, so I was almost expressionless and only a painful voice came out.

And I started to feel uncomfortable.
Papa's conversation is all mine.After dinner, when we left, we talked about my profession.
I noticed.This person is a maniac.Behind the scenes, trying to keep track of all the house location schedules, using a lot of jargon, and more.Stockings are likely to be stolen if you continue like this. .why didn't you noticeCome to think of it, the other two girls said they were in the same industry!I didn't say anything important, did I? !have become.

I replied on LINE that I would like to see you again, but it is undecided whether we will meet in the future.
I once again felt that the impression of physiological acceptability received at the first meeting is very important.
And it seems that I have to be in love.It was me who wanted to meet handsome daddy.
Come to think of it, I didn't talk much about my dad's unexpected romance.I hope to write about them in the near future.
Thank you for reading this time.

I'm Sorumi, who has a heightened sense of beauty and is increasing her femininity year by year.I would like to write about my life where I am working hard on both love and dad life.

Article by Sorumi

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