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Stories about my university days②

Hello, this is Umi.
Continuing from my last story, I would like to talk about my university days.

I think that each person has a different way of thinking, but I think that it was good to do various hospitality business when I was young. (By the way, I worked in apparel, a cafe clerk, a high-class restaurant, a chat lady, and a cabaret club.)
In fact, I think that the experience of meeting and talking to various people at that time is being utilized now as a working adult.I've never been afraid of a scary customer.
(At the time of the final interview at my current company, the interviewer told me that I was really sitting down lol)

Well, this time I would like to talk about cabaret clubs and one dad.

Face and body unsuitable for the night world

Last time I was a chat lady, I wrote that the hostess club was also at a loss.That's right.Her face isn't flashy, and although she's tall, her breasts aren't that big. .Feeling sad. (My butt is round and big! Maybe)
I was cheating on the chat lady, but when it came to the real thing, I thought that the cabaret club was tough.
However, I thought that it would have to be in a glittering and famous place, so I went to a cabaret club in a quiet place for an interview.
Partly because there was a shortage of manpower, I passed without incident.I went to work the next day.

Meeting lovely sisters

On the first day, I sat inconspicuously in the corner of the waiting room.I had a selfish image and thought that hierarchical relationships would be strict and scary.However, a veteran sister with a good scent sitting next to me suddenly"You really have that type of face! I'm sure you'll like it."and gave me sweets.
Other sisters also took care of me when I was helping out because I'm not a strong drinker.
I thought it was easy to work.

one daddy?meeting with

When I got used to help, I was called by the manager"Go to that customer."They said.When I went there, there was a cute uncle with wide eyes.Like a regular customer, to the store manager"You really know my type."It said.It seems that my type was a plain face that didn't look like a cabaret club.Thank you.

That person came once a week according to my work day.For the first time, I went to karaoke with him and went out to eat.

One day, why don't you meet someone other than your companion?They said.I don't like the fact that most of the money I paid goes into the store and only a little comes to me.I also wanted money, so I thought it would be fine.

I wasn't asked to do anything naughty.We held hands, ate delicious food, went for a drive, and had a great time.

There was just one problem.
He was very curious about my personal information, and he insisted on telling me about my university, home, and SNS.

One day, when I got off the nearest station, I felt like someone was following me.When I turned around, the person was standing there.Oh, I thought I had let it go this far.
I can't do it anymore, I told him I'm sorry, called my parents, and asked them to pick me up immediately.
He didn't seem to want to frighten me either, and when he saw me crying in fear, he left before my parents came.

I quit the cabaret club, which I thought was easy to work, because of this incident.

I'm sorry for putting you off.Ladies, please be careful when walking on the streets at night.
I carry a whistle instead of a security buzzer.Because when people are really surprised, they don't speak out.
(By the way, Sorami has a black belt in karate. Lol)

I was still a child.
I'm going to have a grown-up conversation soon.
Thank you for reading this time as well.

I'm Sorumi, who has a heightened sense of beauty and is increasing her femininity year by year.I would like to write about my life where I am working hard on both love and dad life.

Article by Sorumi

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