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Is it strange to work for company management?


Is it strange to work for company management?
I joined Universe because I wanted to start a business in the future.I've met a few people, and they often ask me, "Why did you join the club?"

Every time I say that I want to run this kind of company and want to build a network and funds for it, I get a cold look every time.

I wonder if it wasn't cute, and now I'm reflecting on it.

But is this really funny?

Also, how did the respondents respond to the above question?






What would you think if you asked a staff member of Mouse Land in Chiba Prefecture, "Why do you work here?"

Regardless of whether Mouseland's hourly wages are cheap or expensive, if a cast member gave such a dreamless answer, even I would be fired.Even if it's a lie, I think you should say "because I want to make everyone smile" in front of customers.

That's exactly what your question is about.No matter what the questioner's motive is for doing dad activities, there is no doubt that you should say it in front of the other person.

Perhaps the questioner thinks that he sells his body and earns money, but that is the job of a prostitute.It is true that the questioner may also sell the body, but the essence of the product that the questioner sells is a dream.What I'm doing is actually not that different from Mouseland.

If the questioner sells only the body, the questioner's allowance will be a fraction of what it is now.If you're just selling your body, you can finally earn 1 yen by dealing with XNUMX or XNUMX dirty old men in a day.

So, at least on the surface, it would be better for the questioner to give an answer that shows the other person a dream.

Study abroad, scholarship, social experience, whatever the reason is.Most uncles who hear such stupid things have a warm head, so it's no problem to say, "I wanted to meet someone like you."Dreamers tend to believe in mysterious poems.


word choice is important

I don't know what your business plan is.However, no matter how good your plan is, if you say, "I'm making money for my startup with daddy activities," there's a high chance that people will think I'm stupid.

It doesn't matter if the person asking the question is actually an idiot.The important thing is that if you say such a thing, the other person will think that you are an idiot who does not want to get involved, so it is a problem.

Therefore, you shouldn't say that to anyone, not just your dad.I don't know what kind of company I'm going to start, but unless it's a very special industry, there's nothing to gain by talking about making money with Papa Katsu.

I'm not going to deny the idea of ​​making a start-up fund through papa katsu, but a decent adult won't sign a contract with a company whose president is a person who says it.It's too risky to do business with a company whose president is someone who can't tell the difference between what you should say and what you shouldn't say as a member of society.

Your management plan will probably be evaluated as "sweet" or "stupid" by many people.However, as a matter of fact, there are many creatures such as the president who uses the mistress's shop for entertainment, so I think that it is not impossible to make a personal connection through papa katsu.

However, if the questioner told the other man about it, the slight possibility would be XNUMX%.

I do not deny that personal connections are important.However, there are only scammers who want to connect with people who speak the word "connections".

I work as a love hotel staff in Tokyo. She uses Twitter and blogs to provide love guidance, but this time, she decided to discuss her troubles with Universe.We are looking forward to your visit.Book "Ueno-san of love hotel" "31 days when I made a favorite boyfriend who is not good at love" etc. Love Hotel Ueno's Counseling Room

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