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Women's Edition [Acts and troubles of real dad activities]


It's becoming more and more common to see incidents and troubles on TV in papa activities and compensated dating.

In the meantime, I summarized the troubles I experienced and the incidents my friends experienced.

This time it's the damage that the woman received.


▼ Accident during a drive date

I was on a drive date with my dad far away.Dad was driving as usual, but when she tried to get a drink she turned the steering wheel the wrong way and crashed into the car in front of her.

I don't remember it very well because it happened in an instant, but the airbag came out and hit my face and chest hard.

My face hurts, and above all, my chest hurts, and I thought my bones were broken. After that, I was taken by ambulance and had a medical examination, but it was a facial bruise and a chest whip.Luckily I was saved in a car accident as this was a minor injury.

My dad got away with a scratchy wound, and I had a whipping pain in my chest for about two months and it was hard to sleep.

It was the first time I had an accident while working as a dad.If I am seriously ill or die, how will this be passed on to my relatives?

I was really lucky in my misfortune and had a minor injury, but I didn't want to experience such misfortune because it was hard to live until I was completely cured, so I cut ties with my dad who was exorcising evil.

Since then, drive dates have become traumatic.


▼Papa disappears while eating

The day I first met my dad, we had dinner at a high-end teppanyaki restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo.

It is a chic shop with XNUMX yen per person.I ate the dishes in order of course, and at the last dessert, my dad said, "I'm going to the bathroom for a while," and left the seat. When I asked the store clerk, "What about the man who went to the toilet?"

.......Yarra letter.

But you have to pay, the total amount is XNUMX yen. The two of us spent XNUMX yen and drank a lot of alcohol, so the bill was expensive.I reluctantly paid and contacted the dad after leaving the store, but I couldn't get in touch.

I wondered if there was such a thing, and learned what I learned from my dad life.


Arrested with Papa

This is my friend's experience.Since the word is strong in the incident that actually happened, I will wrap the word in oblate.

A woman asks her dad for more pocket money while on a date with her usual good friend dad.

It seems that he was told, "Then you should smoke with me."

The dad had been smoking leaves (large ○) for a long time, and the woman knew about it, but he pretended not to know and refused to smoke, but the woman was most in need of money at that time. If it's just one time, he negotiated for the amount of pocket money and said he accepted the invitation.

And when he went to his father's house for the first time, there was a room with a lot of leaf-like things, and he said that it was a good feeling to smoke together.However, at that time, the police visited the house.

The dad had been under the eye of the police for a long time, and at the wrong time, he had a fight with the police at the dad's house.

It was the woman's first time to smoke, but she was smoking in a house with leaves, so she was taken by her father and the police, and her parents were also called.

After all, it's not about the amount of pocket money, it's about being known to parents, and I'm listening to the story that I regret becoming a criminal.

No matter how much pocket money is added, it is better not to get involved in crime, and that kind of dad should be cut.


▼ Spear Escape Papa

I'm talking about a friend.After going on a date with my dad for the first time, I went to the hotel, and my dad told me, "If you exchange money now, I'll wither away, so I'll pay after the act." There was no figure, and the clothes and shoes were gone.

The woman left the hotel immediately, thinking that she had escaped, but she could not find her father and was unable to contact him.

Nothing was stolen, but it seems that the woman felt sad because she ran away and the hotel bill was paid later.

After all, it's scary to suddenly have a physical relationship when you first meet, and you can't trust receiving money after the act, so it's safer to talk first and receive it even if you're withering.

That friend also said that after that, whenever he and his father went to the hotel, they would always get their pocket money first and take a shower together.This is safer for both dads and women to go to the shower together to protect their valuables.


▼Trouble that was about to be tried by dad's wife

This is my experience.I had a shopping date with my dad as usual.Daddy's wife was ambushed when I was about to leave the hotel after shopping and going to the hotel.

The wife has suspected an affair with her dad for a long time, and seems to have followed her with a GPS.

I was told, "What is this? Compensated dating? But legally, it's the same as adultery."

Papa Katsu is a relationship with consent and how much money you have, but from your wife's point of view, the meaning is the same as adultery.

I couldn't say anything, and my wife said, "You can take this to court, right?"After that, there was no contact from my dad, and I was nervous that there might be a trial, but after that nothing happened, and I think my dad persuaded me.


▼Daddy's child is suspected of being pregnant

A friend told me that I was on board with that consultation.

The child has a boyfriend, but he was dating with a physical relationship with his dad.

I always had sex with my boyfriend without a rubber, and I always had sex with my dad with a rubber, but on that day the rubber came off during the act and it seems that I was in a state of vaginal cum shot.The child thought, "Well, is it okay?"But a few months later, I found out I was pregnant.When she came to me for advice, she said, "I don't know if it might be my boyfriend's child, so I should go to the obstetrics and gynecology department first and calculate backwards when I got pregnant."When her teacher told me the date of insemination, it was the time when I had a failed sexual intercourse with my dad.

However, I wondered which child I was pregnant with, and I went out with my boyfriend without a rubber band every time, but the probability of getting pregnant is not zero, and the possibility of being pregnant with a single rubber-out vaginal cum shot with my dad I thought there was something else, and the child's face turned pale and cried.According to the teacher, the possibility of pregnancy is higher in the state of vaginal cum shot.

In the end, the child couldn't even tell her boyfriend, and she told her dad, but she unilaterally said, "You're wrong."I was always on the lookout for advice, lending him money, but he was very mentally exhausted.She wouldn't have been in this situation if it hadn't been for that time, and she regretted that her father should have taken responsibility when the sexual act failed.

I also have a physical relationship with my dad, so I have experienced sexual failures.It's especially scary for women who haven't taken the pill.

Even if you go out and do it raw, there is a chance that you will get pregnant, so you should be careful.


The above is my experience and the incidents and troubles experienced by my friends.

It's pretty muddy content, but this is reality because it actually happened.Of course, there are some people who are living as dads without any trouble, but I think most people have experienced one or two troubles.

Recently, I often see deaths of fathers and women.When looking for a partner in Papa-katsu, let's look carefully and have a fun Papa-katsu life.

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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