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Why did you start dad life and how can you do it?

The reason why I started papa katsu

This is Belle in her second year as a dad!

Daddy activities are popular these days!I think everyone has their own reasons for starting.

When I talk to men, I hear a lot of stories about girls who are working as dads, and things like "this happened" and "this happened".On the other hand, a girl told a man she met about "something like this" and told me about it...lol
Those who have lost or lost their jobs due to the coronavirus, those who are earning tuition to pay off their debts, and those who want to earn money with goals.It's very different and everyone seems to have different reasons.

The reason I started working as a dad is... I live alone, but 3 years ago I had a panic attack due to a stress disorder and was unable to work... I was forced to return once. It got worse, especially because I couldn't get on a crowded train, so I couldn't "commute".I was living on the Injury and Sickness Allowance for several months. The job I got was three times a week, so it wasn't full, so I started doing it to make up for it.I have rent and living expenses, and I want to move, so I need money.

I was a hostess in Ginza from 21 to 29 years old.There was a time when I was working in the daytime, and there was a time when I was focusing on one and doing my best to be No.1.wink

By the way, I left Ginza at the age of 28 because I was planning to get married.However, after I broke off my engagement, I was dispatched to work at night just to help out a little bit, but since the age limit is often up to 30 years old, I was repelled by my age when I was over 30 years old, and I couldn't work. I couldn't do it even if I wanted to.After the age limit of 30 years old, I will be 35 years old, and I will be 36 years old this year.crying

I used to be a hostess, so I have no problem talking to men I've never met before, and I can entertain them. ··smile


What can I do if I want to live as a dad?

If you want to do dad activities, there are apps for dad activities and dating clubs.I have used both the app for dad activities and the dating club, so I would like to tell you the reasons for the advantages and disadvantages.

There are multiple apps for dad activities and dating clubs.Both can be found by searching the internet.

First of all, regarding the app dedicated to dad activities, men in their 20s to 60s have registered.

It's a disadvantage, but honestly, many young people do it out of curiosity, so there are many who don't have to pay for transportation. It was an impression that there were many people in their 40s and above who paid properly.

Be sure to decide the amount of travel expenses before you meet!There were also butch and investment solicitations, so I will write about that in detail in the next article!

What I want to tell you is that the app dedicated to dad activities needs more attention than the dating club.All promises are verbal, so there are no guarantees.

The advantage is that you can choose who you meet.You can narrow down by various conditions, age, place of residence, annual income.educational background, etc.We can exchange messages in advance before we meet, so I think that people who are doing it properly can understand to some extent from the message.

Depending on the app, it is recommended to register more than one because there are also apps dedicated to dad activities that usually post a photo of the face.

Next, regarding the benefits of dating clubs, there are more people who are doing it properly than apps dedicated to dad activities.To put it simply, he's the kind of guy who comes to drink at a club in Ginza.

They are well-dressed, and their clothes, hair, and cleanliness are neat.There was a person who I met on a papa-katsu app before, who came in a white tank top like Kiyoshi Yamashita, looking up at a fan.smile

I think I found out that I was surprised and frozen.smilecheeky

Even if the other party doesn't like me, the secretariat will tell me, so the transportation expenses are guaranteed.There is no guarantee because it is just a verbal promise that it is a dedicated app for dad activities.

The biggest disadvantage is that if you don't get selected, you won't hear from me.I can't choose myself, and I don't know what kind of person I am, but I can't send myself, so I have to wait forever unless the other person chooses me.If you choose me, I'll meet you face-to-face, but I'll meet you without exchanging messages in advance.

When I listened to the story of a man who is registered in a dating club, I met some people who were drinking in Ginza but got bored and registered in a dating club.I have the impression that many of the people I met at the dating club are in their 50s and up.

Which one is better?I think it depends on the person.

If you don't care about age, dating clubs are recommended, but you don't have to wait patiently because the frequency of being called out is quite low.

Anyway, if you want to meet a lot of people, or if you want to choose yourself, we recommend the Papa Katsu app, but be careful!

Make sure to carry your valuables with you when you have an appointment before you meet!

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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