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Actual record!Dangerous and Strange Daddy Experiences I've Encountered So Far [Beginner's Edition]

hello everyone.I'm a chap senior.
I have been a daddy for over XNUMX years.Recently, the number of women who are active as dads has increased so much that it cannot be compared to XNUMX years ago, and I feel that the economy is in recession.
This time, I would like to introduce a story of my experience for those who are new to daddy activities, who have recently started daddy activities.
Papa-katsu has an image that it is easy to earn money, but it is actually a risky and dangerous act.It's not just because I'm a daddy, but when I get on the train, I see strange people and dangerous people, right?In the same way, there are dangerous people in Papa Katsu.
I would appreciate it if you could connect it to self-defense through the dangers that actually happened to me and around me, or the stories of dads who were strange.

CASE XNUMX: [A certain danger] Post-payment dad

Even beginners may know this.
Dangerous daddy's royal road is deferred payment daddy.It's a dad who gives you an allowance at the end of a date.
They make all sorts of excuses and take it to the deferred payment.

I lost my allowance before, so I can't trust it unless it's paid later.

It is true that some women run away with allowances.
A friend of mine had a woman like that.They repeat such acts without any guilt.It was even said that the area where they lived as a papa would be ruined.
So, I understand that you feel sorry that something like that happened, but most of the time you don't meet such damage and use it as an excuse to run away.
If you make them feel sorry for you, they probably think you're winning.Stop dealing with them immediately.

I don't have it right now, so I'll withdraw it at an ATM later.

This is also a common pattern.To be honest, some people paid for this pattern.
In fact, I experienced it several times when I was young, but I have never been shunned.
I think it's probably because my dad often came by car at that time.Since the license plate of the car has already been cracked, he may have thought that he should stop doing dangerous actions such as paying and running away.However, even if you actually run away, the police will not do anything even if you rely on the police just because the license plate is cracked.On the contrary, you may be at a disadvantage.
In the first place, why don't you withdraw money in advance when you meet with a woman on the premise of exchanging money?These days, you can withdraw money at any convenience store.Be wary if someone you meet for the first time says something like this.It is best to say goodbye on the spot.

I'll settle it with company expenses, so I'll pay it all at once on the 25th of the month.

I see this often.I have actually been scammed.
Because the amount of money was so large, I felt irritated and had relationships about four times without receiving any allowance.But the end is not paid.I received a phone call from someone claiming to be in charge of accounting at my dad's company, and they asked me a lot of questions.
Now that I think about it, I was ignorant because I was young.In the first place, you shouldn't use your company's expenses for personal private purposes (although it's actually a tax measure that everyone does).
Even if you pay for the company's expenses, you don't need to match the company's payday.
It's a different story if you're going to have the body you're hired by the company.In that case, I think I will probably write a contract, and if there is an unpaid bill, I can use it as a shield.
I think that most of the cases of paying expenses without being hired are to use the body outsourced.In that case, there is no need to match the transfer date with the payday of the company.So if you ask "why is it at the end of the month?" and the answer is "in accordance with the company's payday" and there is no contract, it can be considered a lie.Stop interacting immediately.It is a waste of time.

CASE XNUMX: [Occasional Danger] Papa who is not Kataggi

I have also occasionally encountered a dad who is not a katagi.
I've been in a luxury car!When I was excited, no matter how I looked at it, it looked like a dragon...
The actual risk is about XNUMX%.There was also a dad who became a very good dad.
"If other old men do something that doesn't make sense, say it anytime, I'll do something about it."
There was also a dad who said.But half of them are really bad guys.
There is a big difference between good dads and bad dads.
In the case of a good dad, he is kind even when he is H, and the allowance is also bouncing.
In the case of bad dads, when it was H, it was almost forced. Even if you say "Stop!"
"I get excited when I see that hated face."When I was told with a grin, my blood was drawn.I thought he was going to be killed.It was two hours of hell without any resistance because I was scared.By the way, without exception, such dads have wonderful art engraved.There are many people with pie ◯.
with an innocent feeling"It's so beautiful! Can I see it?"If you say it with shining eyes, you will be pleased (life hack)
Bad daddy doesn't have fingers for some reason.There were many Vellfires and Prius cars.
I think that Papa is a heavy burden for beginners, so if you feel something is wrong, it is better to run away.

CASEXNUMX: [Criminal act] Counterfeit daddy

I have also experienced it several times, but you also need to be careful of counterfeit dads who use counterfeit bills.
I think that it is often handed in an envelope or a pocket bag when handing over the allowance, but it is better to check the contents until you can trust it.
"I'm sorry I was afraid of someone with a counterfeit bill in front of me, please let me check."
If you say it and check it, you won't be able to make a bad face.The person who makes a disgusting face there is a counterfeiter.
normally,“Eh, is there such a person!?”Because there are a lot of people who are interested in it.
Occasionally, I see tweets on Twitter saying that there was a bill from Kodomo Bank, but in my case it was a counterfeit bill.At that time, I felt worth living in counting bills with a considerable amount of money.I was also the manager of a girls' bar, so I had more opportunities to touch banknotes on a daily basis than the general public, which worked well for me.You can tell by touching it, the quality of the paper is strange.As expected, the printing is strange when you look closely.It wasn't elaborately made, but I noticed it right away.
The area where I live as a dad is too rural, so it was basically a place to meet by car. Yanke!" and showed the screen for calling XNUMX, and drifted away.
This is a normal criminal act, so it is a report case even if it is not a dad activity or a dad activity.Only then will the police act.Beware of counterfeit bills.

Summary: The police are unreliable

I personally introduced a light experience story, but how was it?
Papa-katsu must protect himself by himself.The police can't rely on it unless it's a big deal. After I had sex with him, I had a dispute about money and had him call the police on the spot. bottom.It was a moment when I realized again that I would not be an ally.
I would appreciate it if you could put it in a corner of your head that there is such a thing.

Night work, more than XNUMX years of working as a dad.He is now retired and writes columns for the Papa Katsu site and night work, and receives papa katsu consultations.He also receives daddy advice from men, and his unique method that incorporates psychology is popular.His hobbies tend to be withdrawing from games.she is a shy girl.

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