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XNUMX characteristics of women who are not suitable for dad life

Nice to meet you, I'm Omame Nishio.
I have been living as a papa-katsu since the time when there was no such word as papa-katsu.
My job is a hostess, and I'm also active as a dad. I am proud that the number of people I meet in a year is quite large.I have seen many people, both men and women.
I've been on a lot of consultations such as love troubles and money troubles.
I have seen many such troubles, and I have found the characteristics of women who are beautiful but can't earn money from daddy activities.This time, I would like to introduce three of its features.


The first is that it is dependent.I feel like it's common among young women these days.
A woman who has a fleeting atmosphere, such as being restless without someone and being unable to live without this person.
Cute in the image!It looks like it's good to be pampered!You might think so, but it's actually not.
In fact, he is often unsatisfied and has a mental temperament.These people are often dependent.Women with a dependent constitution often cannot be spoiled in situations where they can be spoiled more.
And I'm dependent on Papa, so what should I do if he hates me?The thought that I don't want to be blocked works, and I can't negotiate or ask for an allowance, and I can't even get my allowance.
She tends to become a cheap woman herself.
Addiction does nothing good. You can live alone!Men are attracted to women with such strength.

loose on time

This is a problem before dad activities, but women who are loose on time are not suitable for dad activities.
Time is said to be priceless and is given equally to everyone.
But the value of time is different for each person.
For example, let's say there is a woman who earns 1000 yen an hour and a father who earns XNUMX yen an hour.
If you are one hour late for a meeting, the woman has wasted 1000 yen, while the man has wasted 1 yen.Many men who are business owners and rich men are concerned about the value of time, and if they are late every time, they feel that it is a loss to meet this woman.
Let's stop meeting anymore, it will be.
I don't find slovenly women attractive.It seems better to keep promises and time exactly.

too tight for money

Women who are too obsessed with money are the worst for dads.The reality is that no matter how rich a man is, he will be turned away by a woman who is stubborn.
If you want money for everything, or if you keep asking for branded items, you won't like it.
On SNS, I often see daddy girls who get a lot of allowances and buy new brand bags.
Papa life can earn so much!There are many women who start with an easy feeling.
It seems that successful papa katsu girls are getting a lot of money easily, but it's actually different.We are working hard behind the scenes.
She works hard to improve herself so that she will be liked by her father, spends a lot of time, entertains him with her skillful storytelling, and so on.
A series of conditions are met, and finally you can get a lot of money.
Before you ask your daddy for money, take a second look at whether you're worth the money.

An example of actually failing in dad activity

My friend is talking about the coronavirus that is making a noise in the world these days.It is the night town that has been hit hard by the spread of the coronavirus.Customers are dwindling and sales are declining.It was a time when we were in a situation where we couldn't sell to our customers.
A friend of mine who worked with me at the store I work at is a popular cast member who is always in the top XNUMX.She was also puzzled by her sudden decrease in income.
One day she approached me for advice.
"If the corona ruckus continues like this, my savings will run out in three months, what should I do?"
It is difficult for humans to suddenly lower their standard of living, and it is not easy to find a new job.So I replied:
"Why don't you live with your dad? Your customer is rich. Ask him to help you."
Yes, one of her clients was a rich man who could be called the number one VIP in town.
In addition, I knew that the man had been talking to her about papa for a long time.
"Why don't you help me even during Corona?"
She nodded and started dating the next day.
The No. XNUMX VIP in town, it's not a big city, but it's a town with a large population, and there are many rich and small rich people, so her life will be more elegant than before.I definitely thought so, but it wasn't.
In fact, the support she receives is less than 10 yen a month, and we meet at least twice a week.She also had a physical relationship.I think that all the daddy girls know, but this is a pretty low allowance, right?
She's a beautiful woman, and the man said, "I love her from the bottom of my heart."
So why is your pay so low?
The answer is that she was addicted.As I mentioned earlier, she had a thought that she was not good at being spoiled and didn't want to be hated.
Even if you ask for more, you don't ask at the right time.
I could be more pampered, but I can't be pampered.
Men said that too.So he advised her directly.
"Would you like more?"
then she
"I don't want to lose him by saying too much."
In the third feature, I introduced that women who are too picky are not suitable for dad activities, but it is also a problem that they are too spoiled.
She is still in a relationship with a man, but now seems to receive little support.


I introduced three characteristics of women who are not suitable for daddy activities and examples of actual daddy activity failures. How was it?If you think this applies to you, please reconsider yourself.
Increasing your own attractiveness will be advantageous not only in dad activities, but also in daily life and work.

Night work, more than XNUMX years of working as a dad.He is now retired and writes columns for the Papa Katsu site and night work, and receives papa katsu consultations.He also receives daddy advice from men, and his unique method that incorporates psychology is popular.His hobbies tend to be withdrawing from games.she is a shy girl.

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