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I was planning to find my daddy, but I got a boyfriend ①

(About the previous article)
Hello!I'm Kako.
Last time, you said you didn't like being kissed by your dad when you met for the first time
I was allowed to post a complaint.
Is there a backlash? ?smile
I want to meet a good dad this time!
I tried to register for the matching app.

I already have a wonderful dad whom I see regularly.
But with that dad only about once or twice a month
I don't see him, so I'm looking for another dad in my free time
I want to chat!Have fun!Earn money!and
I tried my best to keep in touch with various people.
Surprisingly, I have acquaintances, and as a dad
It was a futile move.
But this time I never thought
I got something different! !

From the results, the matching app
I thought it would be very difficult to find a father.
There are people in their 60s in the matching app
I wanted pure love.
There were also people with adultery purposes.
for those who want to pay
I couldn't meet even one person (ToT)
Some people said they would give me fish and meat.
Some people said they would put me on a boat.
There are various people and this is this
It was very interesting.smile
In the message, just say the word "pocket money"
Totally blocked!
After exchanging messages about 5 times
"I'm looking for someone who will give me some pocket money and go out to eat with me. What kind of person are you looking for?" ? 』
I was sending a message with
everyone i interacted with
"What are you talking about?"
"I don't want that.excuse me"

Reply or block.
"is that so"
Interact with the person who replied
I tried, but ended up getting blocked.
I thought that the effort of the message was wasted
I do not recommend matching apps.
I think that it is good for searching for daddy only for it.

(Apps that start with p and end with s!)
Actually, I've never used a matching app before.
There were many kinds of
I narrowed it down to three famous ones, and I chose
It's an app that starts with p and ends with s!
Just a little more hint
It's a light blue app.
When a male member sends a message
I chose from paid ones.
You can search by narrowing down your annual income
I really liked that point.

Create a profile first!
I didn't want to post a picture of my face
I made it an image of cute cosmetics that I picked up appropriately.
But when asked, I posted a photo of my face for about an hour.
After all, if you have a photo of your face, the number of messages will increase.
I was pleased.
I was able to choose my job and educational background.
I wrote the facts as they were.
I like eating delicious food.
I was able to make a profile immediately with sentences such as.
Nickname is a pseudonym.

In the end, I didn't get anything as a dad life
matching app.
Come to think of it, it would be better if I met only one person as a papa
but it was too close to my face
Wings were very nice
Because he didn't care about the place or the public eye
I took it to natural extinction.
I also exchanged lines with him.
I got in touch with you.smile
Even if you didn't return it, don't worry and send it again
He was a strange person.

It has nothing to do with dad life
For men in their 20s who have the same favorite food
I tried to send you a message.
I also replaced the line.
This is not as a dad life
I will fall in love soon. . .
I thought so, so I contacted them.
Actually, I dated him for two years.
I suddenly got dumped and haven't had a boyfriend since.
Since I was free, I spent my days purely enjoying my dad life.
Because it will be an unexpected development later with this person
I'll call you A-kun!

After all, the matching application withdrew in 3 days.smile
It's hard to find a daddy,
The first time I met a wonderful dad
I thought it was really a miracle.

(Encounter with A)
Exchange messages with a matching app
I switched to line and withdrew from the app.
I quit after 3 days
Mr. A was a member for 6 months or the contract period is
It seems that Mr. A did not withdraw.
I was invited to dinner by A.
About once every two weeks
We had dinner together after work.
On the third date, both of us had work.
I went on a drive date on Sunday, which was my day off.
on the way back"Dating"
He said so and we started dating.
At that time, the matching app
"I'll definitely erase it in six months. 』
They said.
I didn't even care
I still managed to fall in love with people
I was so happy.
I don't even know how long I haven't had a boyfriend
I got a boyfriend after a long time.
And I immediately reported it to my dad.
"I got a boyfriend after a long time! 』
from daddy
"congratulation!My daughter also got married the other day.I hope it goes well'
There are two differences between me and my dad's daughter.
Papa's daughter is outside the prefecture
We don't usually live together.
dad sometimes"I'm happy that my daughter has increased"
I am also saying
"I wish I was a real dad! 』
What were you talking about?

Never tell A-kun that he has a dad.

Thank you for reading to the end.
Next time, I will record about Papa and A-kun!

A 2-year-old who just broke up with her boyfriend of more than two years?

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