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10 dating clubs visited by interviewers who are not good at interviews

Comparison of XNUMX major companies

I have been in this industry for XNUMX years. . .It's all pepe.
Even now, amateurs are not confident as interviewers. .Interviewing is difficult.I honestly don't know. 
It may be easy if it's just a registration, but I don't know, so I went to study for interviews!
I think I went to more than 10 companies in total.It's a part, but I wish I could tell you something that I know a little bit about the industry.

・One and Only

It's run by one person, so I don't take pictures.
Isn't it called a male member on the spot? ! ! !

"Would you like to meet the person who is having tea at the hotel and has just returned from overseas?'
It was shocking. .This is the power of matching.I went to register without knowing that I was prepared to be such a mistress, so I declined that day and sent a picture later, but since then I have not been introduced. .At my level, I only had that one chance.

Even the people I interviewed with beforeI went out with a mistress for XNUMX years at One and Only.
There was a person who said.I definitely recommend it.

-Ginza CrystalSan

First of all, there are many female staff members, so I felt safe.
A pleasant female staff will contact you with a bright voice, whether by email, telephone, email, telephone, or telephone.
Wear a suit and receive a thorough explanation, then head to another studio for photos.It will be a good souvenir to get some photos.I'm just embarrassed. .

There are also male members who have been with us for more than XNUMX years, so I think the layers are thick.
It's wonderful to be a club that is loved in the past and now.

-Aoyama PlatinumSan

The interviewer was male!Good salesman!As I said, I was nervous about the interview.
The part of the explanation of the relationship type was very helpful!
It's not a leading question, but what would you do if you imagined a date and had a pattern like this?I remember that it was easy to understand even for beginners.

But maybe not. .I thought, but I decided to go to another studio to shoot at a later date!
It feels good to have a professional take a beautiful picture.

We will contact you carefully from all kinds of staff.
As an Aoyama Platinum Lady, please behave in a sophisticated manner.

Anything over XNUMX years? !This is the club, which is run by a great senior.
However, I went to the interview when I first joined the company, so I think the system and impression may be slightly different.I learned a lot.

Mostly rejected is the ideal interview

I have never found an interview interesting.It's fun to meet various women. 
But it's not like we can be friends, it's work and it's not fun after all 
Of course.

What I feel during the interview now is that I have some idea of ​​what a dating club is like.
Thank you to the long-established dating club that has been stacking up.

After that, I had an interview with a dating club that has become a hot topic.
I feel safe in a long-established club with only one man.
・When I felt that the introduction was tough, I recommended customs and AV!
・I don't want to tell the truth about an interviewer who looks down on me 
You can't trust people who don't look persuasive
I was explained properly, but I don't really understand what I want to know
・・・ Peko Peko for male members, tough for women. .
And so on, I was able to feel the good and bad of each.
This experience is still being used to help us improve.

Arasa demand and price

The most important part is the amount of support!
I think it's better to understand that at the dating club, you will almost always be asked what kind of compensation you want to have a relationship with.

The thing that shocked me the most when I went to the interview was 
"For your specs and your age, such hopes are too high. It's hard to introduce." 
This is what I was told softly and firmly with my eyes.

Allowance = your price? !

Please understand that the amount presented is not your value. 

The real value will be found by the man you date.
・It makes me happy with a smile.
・It heals you when you are tired from work.
・He/she makes a partner of the pleasant meal.
・Compatibility in adult relationships is good.
Only then will I be able to find the value of being a lover.

what is the market

I think it's the bottom line. 
2 hours for dinner, 2 hours for free love, 1 yen guaranteed minimum transportation fee Please come up with the answer yourself.

I don't think you should talk to your friends about it.
Most will not understand.
Think hard for yourself.

However, I don't think it's a good impression to put too many conditions from the beginning, so
I recommend negotiating that when you two meet.

Dating club interview full of scars

I think you need to be prepared to be hurt when interviewing for a dating club.

There were some painful experiences, but now that I think about it, I think I had a wonderful interview. 
Rather than misunderstanding and dating a man and getting in trouble, it made me realize my position clearly.

There is no such thing as a free and safe meeting

But I think dating clubs are different.
Why don't you go to an interview after polishing yourself so that you can meet a good club, a good interviewer, and a good male member?


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