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Daddy live debut

Nice to meet you.
He's just a normal human being.No, you may have had a lot of unexpected experiences while pretending to be normal.
I have never been shy in my life.

I would like you to think about your occupation from this writer name and from the content you will post from now on.
I won't reveal it, feel free to imagine.I'm in my 20s with a high sense of beauty.

It was my first year as a member of society when I started working as a dad properly.Even when I was a university student, I messed up a bit.I would like to write about it in my next column.
I specialize in apps. (I'm interested in the dating club, I'll write about why I haven't registered)
Surprised by the low salary of the daytime job, I thought about starting a night job, but since my main job requires physical strength, I started being a dad with a light heart.
I would like to write various things such as encounters with dads.

first time dad

For the time being, I tried the app for the first time without knowing it.Hide your occupation.Don't post a photo of your face.
I still got a good review.
The people who liked me even though I didn't even know their faces were those who were taller than 175, those who had a solid profile, and those who had proof of identity and annual income.
I'm 165 cm tall, and I like heels, so I'm around 170.I thought it would be nice if my dad, who was with me, was big.

For the first time, I exchanged photos with a dad who is 180 cm tall and has a solid annual income.I got the impression that he was smart and had a lot of silver hair, so I decided to meet him.

First meeting

I wore the clothes that I had at that time, and I wore black heels with my long hair tightly wrapped.
When I saw him at the station, I was surprised at how tall, thin, and cool he looked.
I made a reservation for Japanese food.
She fell in love with me at first sight because I was innocent and untainted by anything.After that, I'm sure it's thanks to the occupation filter.I was very happy to receive my allowance for the first time.

first time with someone other than boyfriend

Today I went to the hotel because there was an adult.It wasn't as scary as I thought.
Papa's body was a little weak, but he was slow and gentle.
But after all, it's good to be with someone you like.and
(At a time when I haven't gotten to like sex yet. It will change from now on. I'll tell you the reason sooner or later.)

itchy and sad and irresistible

After the meal, I was invited to the hotel, but since that day, my dick has been itchy (I've been busy and neglected), so I didn't feel like going.I received an allowance when I declined and left, but when I went back, Mr. Noguchi was there.I thought that this would be less even if it was just a meal, so I contacted them.
The reply that came back was curt, and I thought, oh, I can't do it anymore.Then, before saying goodbye, I blocked him by saying, "You should check it out."
What remained was the itching of the dick.When I checked it, it was just bacteria breeding.I got better in one day with the medicine.Ho.
A regular gynecologist is necessary at this age.

The first regular dad.
Thank you for giving me the instructions.
I am looking for a new daddy.

I'm Sorumi, who has a heightened sense of beauty and is increasing her femininity year by year.I would like to write about my life where I am working hard on both love and dad life.

Article by Sorumi

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