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What kind of person would you like to have an affair?


Even Nozomi Sasaki is cheating on me, so I wonder if she doesn't cheat just because she's beautiful.

Yarichin who loves young girls, what kind of person would you like to have an affair with?






Do you know someone named Reinhard Heydrich?To be honest, he's not the kind of person you should know much about.He's a soldier in Nazi Germany.He is the de facto leader of the so-called Holocaust.

He was assassinated in the middle of World War II, so he is not a very famous figure, but many post-war researchers say, ``If he hadn't died, there would be no other successor to Hitler.'' A man so to speak.Putting aside his humanity and ideology, there is no doubt that he was a man of outstanding ability.

Heydrich was such a person, but there seems to be no doubt that he had various problems with his personality, and he was known to be extremely bad, especially when it came to his relationships with women.

Before he joined the Nazis, he was in the navy, and he would go out to dance halls night after night and pick on women.At this time, he was already engaged to a woman named Lina, but that had nothing to do with Heydrich.

One day, he seduced a woman.Her records state that she "brought her woman to her home, after which she was asked by the woman's parents to make amends with her," so it is likely that she was picked up and brought back to her pregnancy. I wonder if I let you do it.

The problem is that this woman was the daughter of a high-ranking officer in the Navy.That is to say, Heydrich has interfered with her superior's woman and done something that required her to make amends, and she is.Again, he was already engaged at this time.

That's why he was dishonorably discharged from the navy, but Germany at that time was in the midst of a historic recession.The unemployment rate was over 40%.A man who was the elite of the navy until yesterday has fallen into a man who will not even have bread tomorrow due to one night's mistake.

And Nazi Germany, led by Hitler, appeared as a savior who gave salvation to the unemployed, who were said to have been 500 million people at that time.Considering what Heydrich did later, it might be the worst overnight mistake in human history.

By the way, Heydrich ended up marrying Lina, but his bad habits to women didn't go away at all.Infidelity and adultery are of course, but he also goes to customs.After all, this man has even established his own sex shop.By the way, this sex shop is equipped with a large number of wiretapping devices, and for Heydrich, the "Secret Police Chief", it was also a practical benefit.He wanted to use the brothel to steal the secrets of the nation's dissidents and political opponents.By the way, Heydrich later admitted to the failure of this strategy, saying, ``It seems that the world of movies is the only place where secrets are leaked in bed.''On top of that, he himself is a regular customer of this store, and he has also made the mistake of being eavesdropped by his subordinates.

That's why he was cheating even after getting married, but one day he stopped cheating.

It all started with a man named Walter Schellenberg.He was Heydrich's subordinate, but he had an affair with Heydrich's wife Lina.How ironic that Heydrich, who once had sex with his superior's daughter and became a NEET, now has his wife cheated on by his subordinates.Or rather, the head of the secret police, who ignored human rights and eavesdropped, could not even see through his own wife's adultery.

But for some reason, Heydrich became aware of his wife's affair.When Heydrich found out that his wife had been unfaithful to him, even though he himself was unfaithful, he was furious.

However, the target of his anger is not his wife, Lina, but his partner, Walter.

When he invites Walter out for a drink with power harassment, he poisons his drink without hesitation.And when Walter drinks it, Heydrich confronts him.

"I've poisoned your liquor. I have the antidote. If you don't want to die, tell me everything, and never approach Lina again."

Luckily Walter told me everything honestly.Rather, it would be better to say that he was admitted by Heydrich that "he told everything honestly".

Anyway, Walter took the antidote and never approached Lina again.
By the way, at this time, Walter said, "As expected of a former naval officer."I admire how he can say such things to a man who was trying to kill him seconds ago.

Now, after this incident, Heydrich stopped cheating.

According to his wife Lina's autobiography, "I also had an affair as a punishment for my cheating husband."Since Walter is "a young, handsome, middle-of-the-road guy," he's not very convincing, but he at least gave Heydrich a sanction.

You don't need tolerance, good looks, or charm to prevent cheating.

"Fear and Horror"

That's what Heydrich called the Gestapo, of which he was the head, but the most important thing to prevent cheating is "fear and shudder."

With all due respect, Nozomi Sasaki proved that no matter how beautiful a woman is, she can cheat.Whether a woman is beautiful or not has no relationship at all.

So, what is it that Nozomi Sasaki lacked?

It is fear and horror.

Anyway, despite all the incidents, the couple shows no signs of divorcing.On the contrary, at least on the surface, I have said, "The couple's relationship is harmonious."

Of course, I don't know the actual situation in the family, but if you believe only the information that comes out, Nozomi Sasaki did not give Mr. W any sanctions.He has sinned and there is no punishment.If human beings can be governed by such a law, criminal law will disappear from all over the world.

give me punishmentGive them the fear that they will be killed if cheating is discovered.

Some people spy on their smartphones to discover cheating, but it's an investigation and not a punishment.The reason why Heydrich was feared was not because his eavesdropping was terrifying, but because he eavesdropped and then killed.

Of course, I'm not saying that men should be restrained, much less that they should be eavesdropped.Instead, it is important to show the stance that "As long as you follow the rules, I will not punish you. But if you break the rules, I will not hesitate to go to war."

So, if you think, "Even if he cheats, I'll forgive him for whatever reason," you can't prevent a man from cheating.

When Kaiya Kawasaki was once asked what she would do if her husband cheated on her, she answered, "Forgive the first time, kill the second time." Whether or not to allow the first time is a matter of pros and cons, but there is no doubt that it is necessary to follow the stance of the second time.

I am very rude to Nozomi Sasaki, but in a sense, it can be said that Mr. W's affair has given hope to women all over the world.

Nozomi Sasaki is cheating on us, let alone us.

Please rest assured.Even if you have an affair, it is not because your outward appearance or inner attractiveness is inferior.Even that Nozomi Sasaki is having an affair.The disease of cheating can never be prevented by things like appearance.

fear and horror.

Foolish people have always surrendered to fear rather than to emotion and reason.What you need to prevent cheating is not the candy of outward attractiveness, but the stick of punishment.



Well... Kaiya is also having an affair...

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