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I interviewed a teenage girl about her life as a dad

you"Sugar datingWhat kind of image do you have for

"Earnable" "Embarrassing to find out" "Easy"

…I think there are various images.

This time, we have an interview article about a teenage girl Ako's dad life situation.

The more I learned about how Ako thinks about her dad life, the more profound it was.

The encounter between the writer and Ako

The author and Ako met at a girls' bar after a meeting with a business partner.

There were many young girls in their teens and early twenties at that girls bar, and I remember it being an extraordinary space for me.

However, I am a woman, and although we are far apart in age, it is not that far.

It's strange to be silent... That's why I started talking about papa activities.

"I write a column about men and women, what do you think about dad life?'When.

Then, A child answered like this.

"Now it's commonplace to post daddy's photos on Instagram stories!'

It was an unexpected answer, so I decided to ask about Ako's father's circumstances in detail.

Child A's dad life style

As a result of interviewing A child's father's life situation, I learned the following.

・Whether or not to have sex is decided on the spot

・More like a friend than a daddy

・Do not meet without treatment

・ I don't feel embarrassed about being a dad

・There are multiple dads

A child is working at a girls bar and living as a daddy.

Freeter now.

I don't have any particular goals for the future, and although I don't think it's good as it is now,What do you want to do when you turn 20?That's why I want to focus on saving money now.', he said.

The main method of searching for dads is the app for dad activities.

I'm interested in dating clubs, but I don't think there's a demand for them as a teenager and uneducated.It said. (After that, I recommended Universe Club to Ako!)

Child A who puts all the allowances she received from dad activities into savings.

"My friends often say things like, "Aren't you contributing to the host?!" (laughs).I'm ignoring it though!'

It seems that the money earned at the girls bar covers the living expenses.

Currently, there are two regular dads and two irregular dads.

Some dads have a physical relationship with each other, while others treat them like friends.

"Daddy and I go to Disneyland!I posted a picture of that moment on my Instagram story.My friend asked me "Who is this person?"'

Unlike the dad activities I imagined, I got the impression that I was playing with my friends.

"If you're a dad who's like a friend, don't you think he'll say things like, "No allowance please!"?” and ``I'm here!But such a dad cuts off from here!Daddy who didn't meet the first promise is a liar!I hate lying!"It said.

When I asked about the sex situation with my dad, "I wonder if I'll ask my dad for sex techniques.It's a feeling you can't experience with a young man!So maybe I don't like it that much.'

Child A speaks shyly.

It may be that you can enjoy your dad life more openly and self-understanding.

About Parent Barre / Friend Barre

I asked A-ko, who is posting on Instagram stories and earning a lot of money, about her parents and friends.

"I don't care if my friend finds out.The people around me are also active as dads, so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.'

"I met him because I wanted to see him, because I wanted to have sex with him.Is this weird?It's normal for lovers.'

"There are many people in the world who feel embarrassed about being a dad.'

"I don't care if my parents find out.Rather, I don't want to live a life like my parents (laughs).'

I found out that I have a more straightforward idea about dad life than I imagined.

It's true that you are the one who chooses to be a dad, and how much relationship you have.

It certainly feels a little different to have the feeling of being embarrassed, feeling guilty, or doing something wrong, even though it was something you decided on your own.

The author has experience working as a dad, but somewhere "I have to hide myself doing dad activitiesThere was a time when I thought

But that would not only be disrespectful to Daddy, but it could also be lying to yourself.

After finishing the interview with Ako

Unexpectedly, I felt like I was able to hear from Ako, who is in her teens, about her thoughts on dad activities that are typical of today.

Through this interview,You can think of dad life more casually!You should have more fun!I think I was able to change my mindset.

As A child says, it is important to enjoy yourself with confidence because it is a dad activity that you have decided for yourself.

Having this self-confidence also leads to self-improvement.

Some girls reading this article said,I don't want people to know that I'm working as a dad!There may be some children who say.

Of course, you don't have to be open about it yourself, but if you don't mind, try praising yourself for doing your best as a dad.

And let's improve our self-affirmation more and more and step up to a wonderful woman.

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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