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▲ Top XNUMX good things about being a dad


Hello, I'm Mikazuki.

Previously, I wrote an article about the top XNUMX things I had trouble with when I was a dad, so this time I will introduce the top XNUMX things I liked about being a dad!

This is what I felt when I was a dad.



Then.XNUMXth place, you can eat high-class food that you have never eaten


Before I started Papa-katsu, I had only gone to all-you-can-eat and fast food restaurants, but since I started Papa-katsu, I have been taken to many high-end restaurants and have had a good experience with food.

I don't think I'll go out to eat French food by myself, but I remember being surprised when I went there with my dad.In addition, I often go to high-end yakiniku for XNUMX yen per person and sushi that Ichimoto refuses, but the good meat and sushi are delicious, and I feel that ordinary chain stores are unsatisfactory.Good or bad...smile

I think, but I couldn't experience it if I was alone, so I thought it was good to be a dad.

My favorite food is foie gras.



XNUMXth place, gifts are expensive (I can't buy them myself)


This is a common occurrence in dad life.When I think about it again, I realize that I can receive expensive gifts because I am a dad.

The presentations I received included a room in an apartment, a car, high-brand bags and wallets, home appliances, and jewelry.

I'm happy because I would never buy it myself.The most expensive room is an apartment.I think it was quite expensive because it is a place in the center of Tokyo.

He said, ``If you don't live there, you should start earning the rent,'' and gave me a car as a gift.

Another dad gave me a gift that said I should sell gold and jewelry when I was in trouble with money.I'm so happy to have met these kind dads.



XNUMXrd place, you can experience various things with your dad's connections


I had a lot of experience using my dad's connections. ↓

・My dad, who runs a travel agency, cut the cost of overseas travel and lodging at less than half the price of a hotel with a good seat, so he could go on a trip abroad with his friends at a very cheap price.

・Papas involved in orthopedic surgery and aesthetic medicine were able to perform plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine at no cost.

・My dad, who is affiliated with a trading company, was able to have a drinking party with an entertainer who appeared in his company's commercial.

・My foreign-affiliated foreign dad was taken to various countries.

・The theme park related dad gave me a suite room in a famous hotel for free.

・Legislation Daddy helped me when I had a problem.

・I was able to participate in a dinner party with a TV-related dad and an entertainer.

And so on, as many as I can think of right now.Thanks to my dad's connections, I had a good experience and it's become a good memory.

Papa's connections are the strongest.



XNUMXnd place: I was taught things that I can't usually do, such as investment, golf, and casino


Investing was a world that I was not afraid of, but my father, an investor, said, ``I'll give you a little investment, so give it a try.''

At first, I didn't understand the meaning, but I gradually understood it, and now I enjoy investing as a hobby, even if it's a small amount.

I'm happy that the investment I made at the very beginning has increased so much now, and I'm glad that my dad taught me.I think.

Golf was a sport that I didn't really try to do on my own.Is it fun to get a tan?I thought, but it's fun to play golf while my dad teaches me!I thought.

They bought me golf clubs, and playing golf wearing cute sunscreen was the best weather.

I learned about casinos overseas.I always went to Korea with my dad who likes casinos.

In Korea, I was only interested in beauty and food, but my dad said, "Let's go to the casino together."

I don't like gambling, but I was surprised at how big, spacious, and beautiful the casino building was.

I learned how to play roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more.

There were times when I used my head, but it was good because I enjoyed it because it is a casino that can not be done in Japan.



XNUMXst place, you can earn when you like & help with tuition and rent


This is the best thing about being a dad.

If you go on a date with your dad whenever you like, you can get pocket money, so you can make extra income and save money.

Some people who have multiple dads make good money by filling in their schedules.

Not all dads help with tuition and rent, but some dads help pay a large amount, which is very helpful.If you do well as a dad, you can reduce your expenses and use it for what you like.

But it's no good just being spoiled by daddy.Being an independent father and doing schoolwork and work in parallel will help me in the future.


Here are the top XNUMX things I'm glad I did as a dad.

It's just my subjective opinion.

I wrote an article about the good things and the troubles of being a daddy, but each person feels differently about being a daddy.

There are people who live extremely wealthy, and there are people who have become pregnant, have incidents, or have troubles with their activities as dads, so please don't think that dad activities are a good part-time job to make money.

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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