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Consequences of having an affair with a married man


There are many men in the world who make women unhappy.
I wrote this article because I think that there are many women who are suffering from an affair with a married man, even among daddy women.

Doronuma Affair Experience

This is my friend's experience.
At that time, I was in the same university as that friend and was working part-time at the same izakaya.
My friend ended up dating a man who often brought his subordinates there for drinks.

However, after hearing several times that the man was married, I told my friend about it,
A friend of mine also asked a man about it each time,"Who said that?"I didn't admit it at all.

After four months of dating,
From the boss of a man who could not see it, to a friend“You should break up because you are married.”It seems that I was told.

Finally, the men also admitted,
I confessed to the fact that I am married and have a three-year-old child.

men to friends
“I am thinking of leaving my wife.
I also have children, so I want you to wait like this.”
I told you.

My friend decided to stay with me.

But what happens next is terrifying. . .

night view 1

After about a year of dating,
I got a call from a friend crying.
It seems that the phone was seen while the man was sleeping, and he got a call from his wife. . .

"I know everything about your school and your part-time job.
If you don't go anywhere alone from now on, you know what will happen."
It seems that it was a contact.

I"It's not always possible to have one partner, so it's better not to go."I told you,
friend is"It's my fault that I didn't break up with him even though I knew he was married."and went to the place alone.

When a friend of mine went there, he saw his wife, a woman he didn't know, and three children, a man.

After my friend was hit twice,
"I'll give you that guy. Even if I go out with you, he'll cheat."It seems that I was told.
Also, the man's wife published his real name, school name, and part-time job on the Internet, and many people wrote that he was an unfaithful woman.

After that, my wife said she would give it to me, but she still didn't want to break up,
After much quarreling, I ended up breaking up with my friend.

What do you want to say from this tragedy?

Don't wait for a man to wait until you break up!about it.

"I want you to wait until I break up with my wife."
"I want you to wait until I get a job."
"I want you to wait until the band sells"
There are all kinds of excuses to wait, but you're wasting your precious short youth.

I wouldn't say wait forever if you really mean to.

when you really do it
It's best to feel like if you don't have a partner, let's go out with each other
it might be.

Also, now is the Internet society.
Suspended in an instant on the netYou will be taken.
Don't let one man ruin your life.

And there's more to this story,
The other day, when I was having tea with that friend, I happened to find the man on Facebook,
Surprisingly, he divorced his wife and remarried a mutual friend of ours.

My friend wasted a year on this man.
This man is definitely a Sagechin man who makes his opponent unhappy.

Conversely, the experience of a friend who was happy with an affair

Ferris wheel

The man met a friend and on the second date
"Actually, I have something I'm hiding from you."was told, and on the third date"Actually, I'm married. I lied."It seems that I was told.

At this point, I am no longer the man I used to be.
I have the leeway of an adult and feel confident as a man.
“Because I want the woman I fell in love with to be happy.”It seems that he thought that he would not tell the truth quickly.

After all, the friend seems to have continued dating the man,
the man is always"You can call me a wallet. Say it when you want to eat."
"I'm fine with being the third substitute, so use it only when you're lonely. If you like someone, you can always throw them away."That's what he always said.

The latter married is clearly an Ageman male.


Those who are currently having an affair
Is your partner okay?

If you fall in love with a married man and choose the path of adultery, be careful of such men.

A man who tried to hide his marital status

It's too late once you're stuck in the quagmire.
If the affair is discovered by questioning with suspicion from you, the other party is dangerous.
It is very possible that you are only thinking about yourself.

make you expect too much

I don't want to be with you
Irresponsible men who talk about things they can date someday.
I think it's okay to go out with someone if you really like them, but don't leave them alone.Active in other encountersI think it's better to be.

not thinking about your happiness

If you really want to make yourself happy,
I will not deceive you.
Feeling like raising youA man who can be with you can be happy.

Find a partner that makes you happy.


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