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Learning from popular female members ~ Graduation from low-level dad activities ~

memorable dates
Talk about allowance
The secret to staying in style
What has changed since joining
My motto for being a dad
use of money
To men who want to be raw


Sakurako Hanazono, a popular woman proud of Universe(pseudonym) and
I just fell in love with Sakurako-san's personalityhumble staffHikaru Takasaki OfSpecial talkI will send you.
We planned to have an online video call for about an hour, but the conversation was so lively that the time flew by.

How to steal!how to earnHow to mount!That's what I'm thinkingIsn't it a low dimension...
What is a really good woman?It is a theme that makes you think.
(While saying so, there was actually quite a lot of dirty talk.)

[Staff Takasaki]
Please tell me the most memorable date you had.

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]

It's a date with a local man,
Only one person is the only one who is connected all the time.
Everyday casual stories, happy things, listen to this kind of thing, and so on.
He made me laugh with his uncle's jokes, and when he came here, I made a reservation for an izakaya, and the two of us would laugh and talk about various things until we went home that day.

On my birthday, she sent me a very cute preserved flower with a rose flower in a cute glass case with a message.
I am so happy to have met him!

As for the meeting with the man, he will come to Tokyo on a business trip that day, so is there a woman I can meet today?It seems that it was like that.
I happened to have a day off from work that day, so thankfully, the Universe staff approached me and chose me.
So that person didn't make an offer to me.

[Staff Takasaki]
But does that mean they were very compatible?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
what do you sayThe way that person speaks, the atmosphere that person gives off, the kindness of the heart and personality,
All of those things are great!I felt.

It's impudent, but
That's what I thought.
He was the company president, but he didn't look arrogant at all.
What a wonderful person you are, you can see the care and kindness of the person you are talking to, and the wonderful personality of that person!
I thought.


[Staff Takasaki]
It seems that there were only good people, so it really feels like there are no bad people! ?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
I'm not serious, so I can only thank you.
I'm a Universe fan!Hahaha.

[Staff Takasaki]
Goddess... isn't it (T_T)

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
I had a lot of things to think about.
But it's presumptuous to say that,

[Staff Takasaki]
Is it your allowance?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
No!It's not!
Allowances, things like that
If you say something like that, it's money, so money is important!smile

[Staff Takasaki]
Money matters!smile

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
In the first place, isn't it impossible for you to let me eat rice?
When you grow up, you have to eat rice by yourself, right?
I'm not even a parent.

Isn't it amazing that you let me eat rice?
I had to eat it myself, but you made it on time, chose it,
I am so grateful for that, and I am so grateful.

[Staff Takasaki]
Yeah yeah (T_T) deeply...

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]

On the women's side, there may be certain genres of food that they like, but that's another matter!
じ ゃ あYou should go eat yourself like thatIsn't that what you mean lol

Come here with your friends!I should do it lol

I want to be like that
For example, if you say that you want to eat delicious French cuisine or that you want to go to a famous place, you want to be able to eat that kind of food yourself.
I wonder what you're talking about!Sorry!smile


[Staff Takasaki]
informative.I don't think anyone would have thought it would be a column like this.smile

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Sono]
I want to be like that.
I don't want to take away, I want to be the one who gives!

"I want a bag from that brand~~♡
I want to eat that thing over there♡”
Do you mean a little selfish?
She's cute, but she's a selfish girl.
I don't know, but there are many people.
I often hear from my acquaintances,

``I met my dad the other day,
・I couldn't buy that bag.
・Isn't there an izakaya? 』

Guess I was wrong at that point!
In the first place, it's a blessing to have a papa or patron!

This is also my selfishness, but it is a selfish idea
You won't buy this, or you won't take me here,

In the first place, the idea of ​​"I won't give it to you".
Isn't that what it is?

I always think.

If so,
Try to be the kind of woman you want to be for you,
Hey, look, there's a private male brain too lol

[Staff Takasaki]
Voice of the heart*Good luck!Good luck!You've broken the nose of the gold-dead girl, the pride-filled mount girl~! ! !

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
I think so.In the first place, it doesn't matter where you are, whether it's an izakaya or a gyudon restaurant.Having fun talking with a wonderful person and eating together makes me happy because everything is delicious.

I want to be someone who doesn't get carried away.

There are children who rarely say things like the worst of being taken here.

[Staff Takasaki]
yes!is!Yes Yes.

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
It's the best when you're eating rice in the first place!

[Staff Takasaki]
yes. (permeate)

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
Sorry for being off topic!I was talking about who the best dad is lol
I'm not good at making judgments like this, hahaha

They've been together for a very long time, and it's like they're trying to spoil each other a little.
cute begging lol
I think it would be nice to have a woman who is good at begging.
Imagining yourself saying "I want this~♡" makes me laugh.

~ Now let's talk about allowances ~

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
I wonder what about the allowance,, it's a difficult place.

[Staff Takasaki]
It's difficult, isn't it?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
For example, it is said that one hand is the market price, but there was an old man who said that it was too pitiful.

[Staff Takasaki]

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
It's just a matter of talking

[Staff Takasaki]
Oh, you mean it's in line with men's economic power?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
Economic power is immeasurable.
I can't measure what the person has been working hard and stacking up until now.I try not to be too nervous, but there are some people who are overt, right?

[Staff Takasaki]
I think there are some women who don't like it if it falls below this.

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
You're right, that's true for both women and men.

It will go smoothly there, so how about this for men too? There are no people who use the phrase (inquiring eyes).

Male: "I'll leave it to you.how much is good 』
But I don't want you to say that!lol
Huh? !like lol

[Staff Takasaki]
Do you mean let the women decide? ?smile
(This is precisely because I know that I won't say anything unreasonable, so I think you should trust the other person before making a decision...)

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
But money matters too.
What should I say?
I don't know about the allowance, but there are people who color it,
I wish I could say "Papa", but I don't know what to say.
It's a bit difficult, but...

[Staff Takasaki]
Does it feel like it's decided at the end of various exchanges?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
Woman: “How have you been? '
Then, on the contrary, the man said, ``How have you been? ', lol

I don't understand why people think differently.
I'm not getting paid for it!smile

It's kind of like a toast to the wonderful time of two people.

[Staff Takasaki]
wow cool lol


[Staff Takasaki]
I think you eat a lot of delicious food on dates,
What do you do with your unchanging style?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
There was a time when I was called a Gundam because I was able to exercise all the time, so I'm the type who wants to eat more than other people lol
What I have not changed is to improve my posture, this is super nice!recommendation!

[Staff Takasaki]
Well, it's a style that makes an effort.

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
But don't you want to make an effort if you can? (Laughs) I think it depends on the field you want to work hard in, but if you like it and work hard, it's fine.
I've always been a hard worker, and I like myself for doing my best!There is a place like this, but I tried too hard, quit, and got tired.Like (laughs) Keep doing your best (laughs)

I feel like I'm just going to do what I like naturally.
When I don't want to do it, it's better to feel like I don't do it!smile

[Staff Takasaki]
After all, it's better to continue for a long time.

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
The number of times you can do it in your mood.
In the past, they said they were going to do it 100 times, and then they didn't do it the next day.

[Staff Takasaki]
Then should I say 30 times every day?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
Oh yeah yeah!That's why I only do it 15 times.
Seriously 15 times!

30 times, wow. . .But I can do it 15 times.
I decide the menu and do it every day.
It's a squat, and it's a lot of fun for a little time!
And when you don't want to do it, take a break and start again the next day!

[Staff Takasaki]
Has anything changed in your life since joining Universe, for better or worse?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
Nothing really changed for the worse.
Only things have changed for the better! !

[Staff Takasaki]
Don't you think this is fake?smile

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
But I don't really have anything bad to say, so what should I do?smile
No way!

I wonder if this is what you have in mind?
I think people who think badly only meet people who say so.

This is just my selfish opinion, but the other person is a projection of me, isn't it?
If you're thinking, "I've changed for the worse, you didn't do this, you didn't do that," you probably have a problem with yourself.
I wonder if that kind of person will meet that kind of person.
I can't say for sure.

[Staff Takasaki]
But that's true,
As for friends, when I was a yankee, I made yankee friends...

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
understand! !
I can't help but have fun!
Let's just saySome people said things that made me wonder what it was, but that's it!
Yes next, next!I feel.

So there's no point in saying, "I didn't like that, I didn't like this, I was told this and that."
Since there are so many different people, not all of them are good people, and sometimes you may feel bad about them.But there are many good people in the world.
For some reason, I want to attract good people and be a good self

Do you think it's fake?smile

[Staff Takasaki]
No, I'm really learning. (Grateful eyes)

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
No, I will study from Universe staff and men!smile


[Staff Takasaki]
I think Sakurako-san is a person who is always positive and brightens up those around her.
Do you have a motto in your mind?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
Love & FreeThat's right!
The national character of Japan is that people don't say "love, love" very often.

Comforting yourself and taking care of yourself is also love,
A feeling of caring for someone or something,
things that you value,
Favorite place, air, space,
Love dwells in everything.

A little too big scale?smile

[Staff Takasaki]
I want to publish a book, not a column.smile

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
laterKeep yourself in good mood♪
There are times when I don't like it when I'm alive, but when something happens, it's when I'm disturbed.
When you're in a hurry, when you're in a hurry, when you're restless, when you don't have room in your mind, etc...
Something is bound to happen at that time.

But even if it happens, it's mostly my own problem, so I wondered if it was a way to perceive it.

[Staff Takasaki]
What do you spend your dad's money on?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]

[Staff Takasaki]
Is there anything you want to do with your savings in the future?

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
I want to be a cool female president!smile

[Staff Takasaki]
It suits you!I want to be hired!smile

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
Money comes around, doesn't it?
If I could use the money my dad gave me to start a business that would be useful to people, help people, and be of help to others, and then return it to them in various ways,
As expected, it's not an allowance "yes (^^)", but lol

More, if your shoes and bags are worn out, you can casually give them a present, invest in them, or give something back.
Isn't it hard to do cool things now?

I want to treat you to the best lunch or dinner with your favorite food!

It might be a little shabby
I don't want to do it like thatI want to give back a happy space!Because it does a lot.
Even if what I can do for you may be limited, I want to be like that.


[Staff Takasaki]
Now that I've heard this, I understand why you're so popular...! !

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
A model-like person or a celebrity-like face is also beautiful, a beautiful person!
I want that too!smile
But,It has to be like this!Or that the person who brought me here or the person who gave me this as a gift is great.
It's not like that.

People who don't get along don't get along.
It's not possible to be this kind of person, or you have to be fair-skinned!For people with short hair, it's okay, and busts must be a few cups or more.
The person who says that might be from a different planet!

[Staff Takasaki]
It's true that if you're from a different planet, you won't meet.

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
What was that question? ?

[Staff Takasaki]
It was a question if there is something you want to do with money!smile
You want to repay the favor.

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
yes!I want to please!
Remembering me, contacting me, making time for me to eat, it's impossible.I can't thank you enough.
Also, what is that amount of money?
I don't intend to look at it, but sometimes when the clerk says, "This is it," you can see a huge amount of money.

What is this amount! ?What?

[Staff Takasaki]
how much is it...

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
6 millionOr something!It's rice! ?Believable! ?

[Staff Takasaki]
Good luck...lol
Voice of the Heart

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
You will be surprised! !
To be taken to a place like that is a very ordinary life.
I'm really happy!
As expected, if I was asked if I could return the 6 rice, it might be tough now...

no, that's no good
In the future, I want to be someone who can naturally do that kind of thing!

[Staff Takasaki]
No, but it's a little over 6💦 Do your best to get 2 lol

~ To the story of a selfish man who goes around and does it live ~

[Female member: Ms. Sakurako Hanazono]
When I was told to let me live, it was a refusal.
What do you think?What?
Will you marry me if something happens, or if I get an infection or some other illness?It's good to go to the gynecologist every day, but
Your penis will suffer the same or even more damage.
I had no relationship with him and said goodbye.

[Staff Takasaki]
Occasionally, there are women who cry and consult with the club that they weren't able to refute it and were forced to live...

[For women: Sakurako Hanazono]
What are you thinking?
I have a man's time, and I'm going to have a good time with my time.
So you don't have to use a condom, right?
This is a big deal, right?

[Staff Takasaki]
If you are forced to live anyway
Refute!There is only this.



This time, I had the opportunity to talk with a popular woman, Sakurako Hanazono.
This person is on a different human level...
This is all I have to say...

A woman who is always full of gratitude to the male members and staff..

Thank you for letting me eat!
Thank you for the wonderful meeting!and (T_T)

I see feedback like this every day.

I was taken to an izakaya that college students go to...
I had to walk far to the store.I'm tired.
The worst that was only tea.It's normal rice.
I was forced to eat high calorie foods.

I want to say to these people!

Popular woman Sakurako

′′ it's amazing to be able to eat rice!
I had to eat it myself, but you made it on time, chose it
I'm so grateful for that, and I'm so grateful... 』

That's what I'm saying!


And humble!positive!

Complaints and complaints arrive at the club every day.
Of course, I will be empathetic and think about what I would do if I was in this position.

I wish I could contact the club when I can't deal with it myself.


Even if you don't like men, yes next!Do not worry!, which is themed around
I don't blame the man, I don't blame the staff, I don't blame myself,
The spirit of not blaming anyone or anything!

I think it's really cool.

AndI want to be a giving self, a stoic that pursues what I want to be!

how to buy branded products
how to get a higher salary
Most women only think about how to get home in a short time
it might be.

In such a situation, there is a woman who is thinking about how to return the favor to a man.

Sakurako-san, what can I do to treat myself?
That's what I was thinking.

Of course it's a dating club,
It is true that the relationship is related to money,
There was love between Sakurako and the male members.

And I think that the man who chooses Sakurako-san is also a man full of love,
As a staff member of Universe, which has many wonderful members, I am very happy.

It's not just a vain dad life that the men of the world are devoured.
Cut off any women who make you feel empty or negative when you're with them.

Women of the world!positive!humble!Thanks!
If you don't forget this, the men you meet will surely change.

Are you sure you haven't made a mistake with the daddy girl you're going to talk to again?
Don't hang out with friends who only get mounts for how much you got them or what they bought you.

I hope this column will change the way you think about being a dad.

A man who would like to meet Ms. Sakurako who cooperated in this column.
Please contact Takasaki (*^^*)

My name is Takasaki, and I joined the company in May 2016.I love fun and interesting things, and I go out to snowy mountains, the sea, and out-of-the-way izakayas all year round.For some reason, I'm called an uncle in the company, so I can't give advice about girl power.Even though I am such a person, I sincerely want to help the men and women members so that they can make their daily lives more exciting and realize their goals and dreams.Please feel free to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you. talk to this staff

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