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[Body relationships] Episode of daddy's emotions


Hello, I'm Mikazuki.


I have been working as a dad for many years because of my physical relationship.

I'm going to separate the emotions in the episode in it and talk about it.




・Your pocket money is high


My pocket money is about XNUMX to XNUMX yen per time, but there is only one dad whose pocket money is large.

I was surprised to receive it even though I didn't present it.

Is that dad a manager in his XNUMXs?chairman?is.I can tell by the way you say that you have enough money.I was attending a vocational school at the time, so they helped me with rent + tuition + buying a new car.

In addition, I received XNUMX yen as pocket money including meals and physical relations. Since it is the amount for one meeting, it was XNUMX a month when we met four times a month, so is it okay to do the opposite?I also thought, but it was a gentle dad.

I have known him for a long time and we have a relationship of trust.

I'm quite old, so there are times when I can't use a cane, but I'm fine at night, and I can't go to the end, but I enjoy it for about two hours and it's over.

Sometimes I hear stories about expensive dads, but I realized that I also met such a dad.


・Joined Papa's company


When I retired from my previous company and consulted with my father, I decided to work at his company.

My dad's company is a trading company and I was the receptionist.The salary was good, and the employees around me were only college graduates and smart people.Occasionally, I would act in the company's conference room with my pocket money.


・Deep relationships with celebrities through connections


I'm not talking about my physical relationship with my dad, but the celebrity in my dad's company's commercial was one of my favorites, so I wanted to meet him.

This was the happiest thing about being a dad.The atmosphere was different from what I saw on TV, but I was very happy to drink together.After that, I became friends with the entertainer and became a physical relationship.smile

Having sex with my dad and having sex with my favorite celebrity was a great memory.




・Do not wear a condom


There are people who don't want rubber by daddy.I'm not taking the pill and I'm afraid of an infection, so that dad cuts it.

However, when I started working as a dad, I thought it would be fine if the amount of money was fixed and if the allowance was XNUMX yen, it would be fine if the dad gave XNUMX yen, but now I think about it.I could have been pregnant, or I could have had an infection, so I'm thrilled.Most of the dads talk about not wearing rubber when they go to the hotel and the action starts, so now I tell them "I can't do it unless I wear rubber" before going to the hotel before going to the hotel.

It's safer to say it before you say you don't want to wear a rubber just before the act.

If there is a dad who still doesn't want to wear it, I think it's better to cut it for yourself without overdoing it.


・It was stolen


The daddy was always a daddy who only had a physical relationship at the hotel gathering.

We had met a few times, so we relaxed and talked about various things, and when my dad was in the shower, I saw something that looked like a camera lens from the TV, so I took the cloth and recorded it with a video camera. had becomeI got scared in an instant, and when I looked at the recording history of the camera, I saw videos of sexual intercourse with multiple women.I got goosebumps because of mine, and when I questioned my dad when he got out of the shower, she apologized on the ground and said she would pay more money, but it's not about money.I got angry.

I'm afraid to find out if the video is out in the world.I asked her to delete all the videos on the spot, but there was another woman I didn't know anything about, so all I could do was want her to notice me, so I broke up with her dad on the spot.

Papa activities are paid, so voyeurism is a gray area and it is difficult to report it to the police, so all you have to do is watch your dad's actions and be careful.




・Ambush Papa's wife at the hotel entrance


It was a drama-like encounter that made me break into a cold sweat.

I ate rice as usual, acted at the hotel, and when I left the hotel, my dad's wife appeared at the entrance.

I didn't know who the woman was, but my father was frozen and the atmosphere was heavy, so I instantly understood that it was his wife and broke into a cold sweat.

His wife was speaking calmly and indifferently, and on the contrary, I was scared.They didn't say anything to me, but I was teary-eyed because the atmosphere was scary.

According to the story, the child was just born recently, but he didn't come home at all (he is working as a dad with multiple women), money is not a problem, but he is the only one who enjoys himself and can't help raising children.It seems that I was secretly wearing a GPS to my dad, so the day I came after him happened to be the day I met him.My wife was talking at the entrance of the love hotel, but she seemed uncomfortable when I was there, so I said, "Excuse me, I'm going home..." and went to the station.

After that, I lost contact with my dad and I don't know what happened.It was an incident that happened because of bad timing and my dad's inability to balance play and home life.Papa activities are also risky for dads, so it's a good idea to play carefully so that you don't get caught.


・Papa's company became in the red and was told to return the money he had helped.


This is a recent story, and it seems that dad's company has become deficit at once in corona.

It was really hard to reduce employees and reduce stores.In the meantime, my dad called me and said, "I want you to return the money I helped you for two years. I'm so desperate."However, when I told him that it would be difficult to return this money because it was related to my body and the money I received from him, my dad burst into tears over the phone.

I think it's pitiful because I often see stories about companies in the red on the TV news, but I also thought that returning the money that was given to them is a different story.

I had mixed feelings, but the call was over as it was, and after that, the deficit seemed to recover little by little, which was good, but I'm no longer doing dad activities with that dad.




・It's fun to have strong sexual habits


There are XNUMX papa episodes that are carefully selected for propensity.


XNUMXst person: Papa who wants to use sex toys on trains and restaurants

It's a so-called little pink moving toy.The train was the hardest, it made a lot of noise and felt good, so I didn't know how to express myself.Papa seems to be satisfied just by looking at that expression, so that's all.

I thought that dating was the basic thing for daddy activities, but it was embarrassing because it was just a date with my dad's propensity, but it was easy because I could get XNUMX yen just for that.


Second person: Papa who cuts clothes and hair

I play with my consent, but I had a daddy who liked to tear my clothes and underwear and cut my hair.She seems to be excited to tear the clothes she wears, so she does it every time.smile

I have specified that hair is OK here, but it seems that cutting it also excites me.I was surprised at how strong the habit was.But he's a good dad.

We will receive XNUMX yen for clothes, beauty salon, and pocket money.I have a lot of pocket money and it's fun, so I match it with my dad's play every time.


XNUMXrd person: Papa who likes XNUMXP lesbian play every time

XNUMXP is XNUMX girls and XNUMX dad. There was a special dad who couldn't finish unless he saw a lesbian play in XNUMXP.

The other girl was the one Daddy brought.I was neat and clean, and she was a gal, so she was the exact opposite of me, but she seems to get excited if she takes her daddy.

I was worried when I first met a girl, but I was surprised that I was able to play lesbian.

Daddy likes to watch us masturbate while we play and that's how we finish.

Surprisingly, I was able to do lesbian play, and the girls were more beautiful and smelled better, so I got a high price for it, so it was a completely acceptable range.



That's all about the physical relationship I experienced with my dad.

There are more, but this time around here.

I feel deeply that I have had a fairly deep experience.smile


I'd like to hear other women's episodes and dad's side ♪


It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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