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[Women's perspective] Dating good and bad with dad life

Hello, I'm Mikazuki.


For many years, I have been working as a dad through a dating club and have had many dates with many dads.

Among them, there are good dates and bad dates (not good memories), so I will talk about them as well as advice.


First of all, before the place, men's attire is important.After all, women judge men by looking at their appearance, cleanliness, and the situation on the spot, so if the father is in a suit, the first impression will be cool and point up.If you meet a few times, you'll get to know each other well, so I think it's okay to dress casually.

Women also dress up nicely and dress up to meet, so it is ideal for men to look well-groomed as well.

And the main theme "good date" is a drive date, a meal at a high-end restaurant, and a trip.These three are the royal road, but I thought it was good to be a dad.

Many of the dads are wealthy men, so most of them drive luxury cars.

Women don't usually drive luxury cars, and they rarely get to ride rare cars, so "being able to ride a luxury car" is a valuable experience for women.

I also remember riding a luxury car for the first time as a dad and being happy with the comfort of the ride.There are many women who are not interested in cars, but they can be proud of themselves just by "riding in a luxury car", and they learn the types of luxury cars every time they ride in a car.smile

A drive date is a space where you can talk without worrying about your surroundings, so it is also recommended for women and men who care about their surroundings.

And if you want to eat, it was a memorable date because a high-class restaurant left an impression on you.

The reason is similar to the drive date, but Papa-katsu allows women to do things that women don't usually experience, so it's a great pleasure for women to eat at a good restaurant that they don't usually go to.

A woman takes her to a restaurant in a luxury hotel or a shop that she can only go to with her dad, saying, "If I date this dad, I'll be able to eat such a wonderful meal." It attracts and leaves a good impression.

I don't usually eat French or Chinese food, but when I went to eat French food for the first time with my dad, it was delicious and shocking. I remember eating.

Next is travel.Traveling is recommended after the father and the woman get along well.

The best thing was traveling abroad.The date I went to Europe in first class was a good memory.

I have traveled abroad with a friend before, but it was my first first class trip and my dad knew a lot about Europe, so it was fun being able to go to places that only he and I could go, such as various sightseeing spots and souvenirs.For domestic trips, it would be fun for women and a good date if my dad leads me on where to go.

There are few women who dislike traveling with a dad who is familiar with the destination and pays for the travel expenses.

Traveling allows me to spend more time with my dad, so we get to know each other better.

These three are dates that I thought were good for Papa Katsu.


And bad dates (not good memories) were theme park (amusement park) dates, meals at chain store pubs, and karaoke dates.

Going on a date at a theme park is simply not fun even if you go with your dad, it's tiring to walk for a long time, and you're worried about the eyes around you because you're likely to meet someone you know.Theme parks are more fun with friends, and to be honest, I didn't enjoy going with my dad because of the age difference.The hotel from the theme park was tough because my physical strength was also reduced.

I was not good at rides, but in the flow of being handed a ticket on the day.It was hard to say no, so I went, but now I don't want to go anymore.

Next is the meal at the chain store Izakaya. I think there are many women who think, "Is it a chain store izakaya for papa katsu?"

I don't drink much alcohol and I don't like smoking, so I didn't like eating at izakaya.

I think it's good to have a little expensive restaurant that women don't usually go to in papa katsu.Because you can't talk slowly and calmly at an izakaya.Papa-katsu-joshi places a lot of importance on the restaurant they take them to in order to confirm their worth.

Finally, it's a karaoke date.If you both love singing, it doesn't matter, but karaoke is a closed room and unlike a drive date, daddy's hands are free, so there's a fear of not knowing what to do.When you're in a naughty mood, it's exhausting to sing while dealing with your dad, and it's not good for hygiene.When you want a relationship with a naughty body, it's safer to go to a hotel than a karaoke room with an agreement.

Women are delicate both physically and mentally, so it's a good idea to discuss and decide on a date place together.


Finally, this is just my opinion based on my experience, so please use it as a reference for both women and men.

There are various ways and places to date with ten people.It's nice for women to have a man take the lead, but please listen to women's opinions and have a fun date.

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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