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[Analysis for many years] Image of a woman who is liked by dads

Hello, I'm Mikazuki.

After working as a dad for XNUMX years, I thought that "a woman who is liked by dad" is almost decided, so I wrote an article.

I want my dad to help me for a long time, I want to have a good dad life, I want to be liked by my dad.

But it's a must-see for those who can't quite live as a dad.


I have been a dad for XNUMX years and have met countless dads.

I also have a dad who has been going on for years, a new dad.

I've heard good and bad stories about various women from many dads.

Among them, what is "a woman who is liked by daddy"?I analyzed it in my own way and put it into action. As a result, now I earn over XNUMX million yen a month with XNUMX dads.Actually, there are more dads, but there are currently three main dads.

Going into the main subject, ``What kind of woman is liked by daddy activities?'', but the most important thing is the ``first impression''.

In addition to dad activities, people can generally understand "likes and dislikes" and "does not suit" from the first impression.

I often hear examples of things that people don't like very much: their hair color and clothes are eccentric, they don't use honorifics, they only talk about themselves, they listen to their dad's work more than necessary, they don't care, and they say and act in ways that are purely money-seeking. They don't like women who don't like what they see, don't look like the picture, and ask for too high a price from the first time.

(If you don't fit in with your dad, you won't be forced to like him.)

Papa activities generate money, so of course most women want money.Me too.

But daddy is human too.Even if you have plenty of money, you don't want to date a woman who makes a bad first impression.

So, even if you have to put up with it a little, it's important to dress yourself up to match your dad's personality and conversations.

The most popular opinion among the dads was, ``I'm disappointed because it's really obvious that you're looking for money'' and ``I didn't like having several dads.''

New dads often ask me, "I don't care if there are other dads. How many do you have?" In fact, most dads say, "I don't really like women who have physical relationships with unspecified people, so I ask." is what they said.Of course, there are some dads who disagree, but the majority of them were of this opinion.

From a woman's point of view, it's better to have more dads, but from a dad's point of view, it's not good.

To be a good woman, it's good to make her think, "You're the only one."

Even if you have a boyfriend or are married, it's better for yourself if you don't mention it, and your dad can go in with you without worrying about it.

Papa activities generate money in relation to time and body, so how can you be a woman who wants to see you again from your dad?

Even if I have dozens of dads, I always hide the number of dads.Please refrain from being businesslike.

Don't just talk about the money and financial sense of dad activities, but also tell your dreams, things you want to do, and positive savings, even if it's a lie, and your dad will want to support you.It's not good to lie too much or lie too much, but it's better to be firm with yourself when you're with daddy.

From our point of view, dad activities are like work, but most of the dads want to enjoy play, healing, and pseudo-romance.

I gave you advice, but I have summarized what I am careful about as a woman who is liked by my dad, who has been working as a dad for XNUMX years. (depending on dad)

(1) Listen to what daddy has to say, and remember what you heard and said next time you meet.

(2) Be courteous to the store clerks at your dad's favorite shop and stand up for your dad

(3) Be well-behaved and clean when eating

(4)Do not ask for more money than necessary

(5) Send a thank-you message after the date ends

(6) Examine and show interest in daddy's hobbies as much as possible

(7) Try not to use your phone when you are with your dad

(8) Adapt to daddy's personality and tastes as much as possible without overdoing it

(9) Hide dating club history, dad activity app history, number of dads

(10) Boyfriend Husband Don't Tell

(11) Talk in a non-business-like manner in a friendly manner that encourages support and assistance.

If you keep this kind of thing in mind and work as a dad, you won't be hated in the first place, and you can be a woman who makes a good impression on your dad.

It's one of the tricks to last longer to hone your humanity and act smart as a dad.

If you keep dating for a long time, you will build a relationship of trust, so your allowance will increase, they will buy you what you want, they will take you on trips, and the range of gifts you will receive will expand.

In my case, my dad, who I've known for many years, sent me XNUMX yen a month even though I couldn't see him because of the corona crisis, he took me on an overseas trip, and I had a wonderful experience thanks to his connections.

It varies depending on the dad and the woman, but sometimes they are very lucky.

So, first impressions are important, but if you pay attention to the above things, such as the awareness of being a good woman when you meet, the way you use words, and so on, there are many things that will benefit you if you act wisely as a dad.


Based on this experience of mine, please become a "woman who is liked by daddy activities" and become a wonderful woman both in daddy life and in private.


It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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