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Ten rules to protect safety for women who are new to dad life ─ Part XNUMX (Hotel edition)

Keisuke Uranois.I usually work as a journalist for a serious magazine.
Based on my own experience of papa activities, stories I heard from women I met so far, and stories I heard from people involved in papa activities and compensated dating in the past, I tried to prevent women who are new to papa activities from being in danger. The points to note are summarized in XNUMX articles.

last time (Ten articles to protect safety for women who are new to dad activities ─ ─ Part XNUMX),last time(Ten rules to protect safety for women who are new to daddy activities ─ Part XNUMX [Meeting / Date]) is a continuation of


after entering the hotel

[Article XNUMX] Always take a shower together


There are women who say, "It's embarrassing to go in with a man" or "I've never been in a room with a man, so it's better to be separate."I think it's natural, and if it's a lover, that's fine, but in a relationship like Papa Katsu,When you first enter a hotel, you should take a shower together..


First, while you're in the bath, your ID card or other personally identifiable items may be seen, and your money may be taken. You may also include a GPS.
What is common isbe prepared for voyeurismmatter.There are people who upload it to paid sites.In any case, try to minimize the amount of "unmonitored time".


And I was told this by a woman who works in the sex industry, but taking a bath together is "venereal disease check"It seems that there is a meaning.If you have syphilis and the disease is advanced, you will see a red rash called rosette on your back.It is also important to observe the genitals.You should check carefully whether there are any strange boils, whether there is a strange smell, whether there is pus or the like.


I think it's a high hurdle for women who aren't used to it, but there are many men who will be happy if you say, "Would you like me to wash you?"If that's embarrassing, you can say something like, "I haven't seen you in a long time..." and pretend to look embarrassed.In the meantime, you should observe.


[Article XNUMX] Make sure that the rubber is worn, and repeatedly confirm that it is properly worn.


Among the women who actually met dads, there was a person who had the experience of not wearing rubber.I was very surprised because she was a plain and neat bank employee.According to her, she said, "I thought she would be okay because she was a decent-looking office worker."ChlamydiaIt seems that it has become

I really want you to stop "doing it raw" in a relationship like Papa-katsu (oral sex should actually be done with a rubber, but depending on the partner, I'll do it raw, this can't be helped) kana……). When I read the tweets of the girls behind the scenes that I see on Twitter, I am very surprised that there are many women who do it raw, probably because the pill is spreading recently.


Since I got married, I have never been with a woman outside.It goes without saying that raw sex is more comfortable for both of us, but recently there are condoms that don't feel like you're wearing them.

I think that only boyfriends who have been dating for a relatively long time and know the background of the other person can do it live.No, even my boyfriend shouldn't do it raw (I didn't even wear a condom when I was in my 20s, lol).


Now,Don't be relieved just because you put the rubber on first.There is a guy who removes it in the middle of the action.Therefore, during the act, it is better to casually touch and check the male genitalia regularly with the intention of caressing.It may take a certain amount of technique to check in the flow so that the other person doesn't get suspicious or get discouraged. increase.It's also a good idea to check as if you were playing with your own genitals during insertion.


Even after ejaculation,Is it properly ejaculated in the rubber?is also important to check. I don't think any man will be suspicious if you say something cute like "Did you come out?" The point is to ask with the nuance of "Did you feel comfortable with me?"Alternatively, you can squish the condom by saying something like, "I like touching sperm."


Summary and Extras


So far, I have talked about the dangers hidden in dad activities and countermeasures for women who are new to dad activities.I gave a bit of an extreme example, and I may have frightened you. "think too muchThere are many people who think.


Certainly, I don't think the possibility of encountering the dangers I've raised so far is that high.As I said at the beginning, when I asked the women I met,Many say that the men they met were all good people.is.Perhaps the truth is that there are many men who kindly escort me, buy me delicious food, and occasionally do some shopping for me.
However, I have heard many times that people have been stalked.I would also like you to remember the many tragic incidents that have been reported in the news.


"can't go that far” may also be said.

However, I think that the probability of avoiding risks should increase if you just think "that might happen" in the corner of your head and be cautious, but just be cautious.I would like you to lead a life of papa life that is safe and a win-win for both men and women.


[Extra] Be cautious casually


Finally, let me give you an example where caution is good, but this method is rather dangerous.A woman I actually met.I almost didn't interact with her, and promised to meet her as an "adult" on the same day.I was a little bit horny because several people canceled at the last minute.So we decided to meet up and go to the hotel.She was 20 and in college.


She texted me over and over once an appointment was made.

"Where would you like to stay at the hotel? Please let me know when you have decided."

"Ah, it's an allowance, but the hotel fee is separate, right?"

"Have you decided on a hotel? I'd like to meet you in front of the hotel or directly in your room because there's a risk of being seen by people."

"Have you decided on a hotel? I will leave the house after receiving your reply."


I was in an important meeting.After the meeting ended, I looked at my smartphone and was surprised to find that there were more than 5 messages, and said, "Are you a trader?I also thought, but I couldn't get enough of the message, and I tilted my head.


I immediately replied, "I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm at work. Let's stay at 〇〇 in Shibuya. I'll send you a map."

"I'm relieved. I'll be on my way."

"Ah, is it OK to pay for the hotel separately?"


Moreover, messages were sent over and over again.It was my first time experiencing something like this, so to be honest, I was confused.And I got a little annoyed.I wondered if it was a foreigner or a foreign company.


And finally, this message.

"When you grow up, please promise me the following.
 XNUMX.Please hand over your allowance as soon as you enter the hotel.
   XNUMX.Please be sure to attach the rubber
 XNUMX.Always take a shower before the act
 XNUMX.Please brush your teeth and gargle before the act
 XNUMX.Excessive SM play and too hard play can not be supported
 XNUMX.Please don't do anything that will leave scars on your body."


I was speechless when I saw this.


However, when I actually met her in front of the hotel while being cautious, she was a normal female college student who seemed to be everywhere.She was a bit like a gal, but she didn't feel worn out, and was a female college student who seemed to be in a private university.


She was very nervous.When she listened,I've never met a man before in Papa-katsu, and this is my first time being an adult.is what they said.That overly awkward, wary message was a manifestation of fear.


It was good for me, butWhen I thought about what would have happened if I had met someone who likes SM, I felt indescribable.Messages like "I can't handle excessive SM play or too hard play" are absolutely useless.In other words, "soft SM play" and "a little unusual play" are OK.Others may find the odd and frequent message frustrating.


In addition, To the other party"It is also dangerous to find out that you are not used to itis. Because it makes you think that you can take advantage of it.


Even after entering the hotel, she was wary in her own way, but from my point of view, she was defenseless. "Article XNUMXThis is the woman who said, "I've never been with a man, so it's better to be separate."After she went to the hotel and finished things, I told her some precautions that I wrote in this column so that she could do her dad activities safely in the future.


I exchanged LINE messages with her when we parted ways, but it ended with just one round trip to thank her.I hope to meet and talk with you in the next few months.I don't know if he continues to be a dad after that, but if he does, I hope he isn't in danger.


This is the end of "Ten articles to protect safety for women who are new to dad activities".I think there are many women who have encountered various dangers and troubles other than what I wrote here.I would appreciate it if you could share your experiences and countermeasures in the comments.I would like men and women to be safe and have fun with each other.


Thank you for reading.

Is it hereditary?I have loved women since I was a child.Eating delicious food and drinking alcohol with a woman is my favorite time to be lively.Thanks to the smiles of women and the pleasant conversations with women, I somehow manage to live every day, lol.Around XNUMX, married, media.I hope everyone has a good meeting.

Article by Keisuke Urano

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