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[Actual record] Battle of 5,000 yen Part XNUMX

<Previous synopsis>
It's been a month since I started working as a dad. Although she has four regular women, she thinks "I want to meet a college girl" and she meets one amazing beauty.Despite being 1 years old, she was a bewitching woman with an adult atmosphere.

Her face-to-face condition is "XNUMX yen +α"so,"If you like it, I would be very happy if you could add it to that amount.” was added.So, when we met, I gave 5,000 yen, but from an unexpected LINE exchange, "XNUMX yen + α" was the amount at the time of meeting,XNUMX yen for mealsI know that I thought it was the basic line.

I was meeting with another woman for XNUMX yen, but after some hesitation, I decided to stop seeing her.LINE comes from her many timesIt was


⇒ Last story [Actual record] Battle of 5,000 yen Part XNUMX


5,000 yen offense and defense

Even after I decided not to meet with her (Mr. Miru), she continued to send me many, many passionate LINE messages in the usual manner.Each time, I was procrastinating because I was busy with work.And finally, in November last year,final battlewas done.


The following is the LINE exchange at that time. ■ is me and ◎ is her.


◎ "Are you still awake? I think you're busy, but I'd be happy if I could just do a line while we can't meet!"

■ "Hmm, I don't understand why Miru-san is contacting me so much, wry smile Miru-san can find a better dad. She's beautiful 😅"


She had a bit of a temperament, and was always a bit weaker than her and stronger than me.I was a little angry and decided to treat him coldly this time.Since we decided not to meet, it was already high time.


◎ "It's purely because I enjoy being with Keisuke-san! The simple reason!"

■ "The main reason is that I'm busy, but I don't want to say this,XNUMX yen for rice is toughis.The maximum is XNUMX yen.The other children are XNUMX yen😅 But everyone has their own conditions, so there are probably many people who would be perfectly okay with XNUMX yen for rice, and I think there are some people who would enjoy talking with them🙄”

◎ "That's right! When I told you about the allowance,I understand!I was wondering if it was okay because you said,,,💦”


The fact that "understood" did not mean approval, but acceptance,Last story (Part 1)As written inAfter this, I didn't return the line.My heart ached a little, and I thought it was a pity because she was such a beauty that I could talk to her, but I thought that it couldn't be helped as long as the conditions couldn't be met.

However, 10 days after that, I received another LINE from her.

For me, it was planned to fade out in the last LINE exchange.

Portrait, Night View, Female, Woman, Asia, City, Street


◎「Is it difficult to see you again?」

■ “Huh? I miss you!


The reason why I responded in this way is because it was LINE after I had told you that much,She accepts the condition that "meal is 1 yen"Because I thought


◎ "That's great 😆 ✨ It's totally fine~! I'm busy with schoolwork right now, so how is it going after the middle of the year?💖"


yeah?I'm not talking about money...Thinking so, he replied:


■ "As I said before, another woman's allowance is XNUMX yen, soXNUMX with a little color5,000Is yen okay? No, well, I like Miru-san the most because she's beautiful, but that's about it 🙄 🙄 🙄"


Most of all, it's a lie, but it's true that I liked it.

However, it is not possible to double the difference with other women.


◎ "I would like the allowance to be XNUMX🙇 ♀️!Because of the beauty tax (?)


I respected her for coming this far and not changing her basic line.After I withdrew, he said that he wanted to see me so much, but he didn't change that.Great.After all, she was a "good girl".


■ "Well, it's difficult 😅 So, after all, someone else is good 😌"

◎ "Well 😭 But I can't compromise on that point, so I understand. If you change your mind again, please invite me!!!"


After that, the last LINE was to say thank you to each other.


she was awesome

She was a very nice girl until the end.I'm sorry that I ended up cutting her because she's so beautiful.


It's a dad activity, so of course it's sales, but I think it's true that she thought it was fun to meet me, and I got along well with her, and it was fun.So it hurts her a little that she cut her girlfriend like this.Even now, she wants to LINE her, but I can't break her basic line like she didn't compromise.You have to play within your budget.If you spread the furoshiki, it will not be good.


If you were a normal woman, I think your attitude would change along the way.But she didn't give up until the end.Moreover, in order to protect her own value, even though she said "I want to see you" so much,did not compromise.She was a really nice, nice lady.what is she doing now?


5,000Battle of the Yen.It was an exchange that still remains in my heart.



I would like you all to explore clearly how much the man is willing.And if there is a basic line, it's hard to say, but I want you to tell me.

And the man's "OK" and "I understand"UnderstoodAndConsentPlease note that it may not be



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Is it hereditary?I have loved women since I was a child.Eating delicious food and drinking alcohol with a woman is my favorite time to be lively.Thanks to the smiles of women and the pleasant conversations with women, I somehow manage to live every day, lol.Around XNUMX, married, media.I hope everyone has a good meeting.

Article by Keisuke Urano

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