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Ten articles to protect safety for women who are new to dad life ── Part XNUMX (meeting / date edition)

Keisuke Uranois.I usually work as a journalist for a serious magazine.
Based on my own experience of papa activities, stories I heard from women I met so far, and stories I heard from people involved in papa activities and compensated dating in the past, I tried to prevent women who are new to papa activities from being in danger. The points to note are summarized in XNUMX articles.last time(Ten articles to protect safety for women who are new to dad activities ─ ─ Part XNUMX) is a continuation of


■ When we meet for the first time (continued)

[Article XNUMX] Do not ride in the car of a man you meet for the first time.

Even though we met for the first time,i want to driveI was surprised when I was told something like

Certainly, looking at the profile, there are some women who write that they are going on a date, such as driving, and it seems that there are a certain number of women who do not think it is dangerous.However, it is absolutely dangerous to take a drive when you meet someone for the first time, so don't do it! (I think most women know this, but... wry smile)

Even if you're dealing with a "good guy you can trust", he may be hiding some peculiar tendencies.
Alternatively, you may be employed by someone with such a propensity.
where I went by car,many men are waitingmaybe. I want you to think of the "worst case".

It might be fun to go on an adventure without thinking about the risks.
However, a real adventure is something that takes place after assuming various dangers and taking countermeasures.Same goes for backpacks.


[Article XNUMX] Consider the possibility of being filmed from a distance

It may be a rare case, but you should act with the thought that "there are such people".
It's not a dad activity, but a story about compensated dating with a matching app.Many videos of women waiting at meeting places have been uploaded to YouTube.I have seen the
In today's world, "anything goes".Especially since SNS became monetizable, there are many people who "do anything to make money".

If possible, meet in front of Hachiko at Shibuya Station,It is better to choose a place where there are many people and it is difficult to shoot from a distance.I think.

Alternatively, you can move a little away from the meeting place (for example, "Midori no Madoguchi") and show yourself after the man appears.
In that case, if you politely say something like, "I'm sorry, I'll be a little late for work," no one should get angry.
If the other person gets mad at you, say, "I've sorted out the narrow-minded guys."

I think it would be nice to meet at a café, etc., although it will cost you money.
There was a daddy woman who always chose "a cafe specified by me" as a meeting place instead of "a place specified by the other party".

When asked why, they said, "There is a store clerk and a security camera at the entrance, so I don't have to worry if there is a problem."That makes sense.I missed hearing what had happened so far.

[Article XNUMX] Do not meet in your own living area

This is also basic.A stalker just by meeting him onceI have heard that it did.
Because he had met at the station he used to change trains for his commute, he was ambushed at the station every night on his way home from work, and was finally found, followed, and rushed to his house.

I think this is an extreme example, but it's still safer not to meet in the neighborhood of your house, in places you often go, or at the nearest station to your home or office.
I think it's important to assume the "worst case" and act accordingly.

■ dinner/date

[Article XNUMX] When you leave your seat during a meal, be sure to finish your drink and take your bag with you.

This is a case I've heard of as well.
In the middle of a dinner at an Italian bar in the downtown area of ​​​​Shibuya, when you leave your seat to go to the bathroom,A rape drug was added to a half-drink, lost consciousness, and found himself in a hotelthat's right.It was around 9:XNUMX p.m. when he did that.

There's been a lot of news about rape drugs, so I'm sure you're aware of it, but most of the time, you probably imagine that it happens in bars and clubs late at night.However, when I heard this story, I was surprised that it was not so.
It can also occur in crowded izakayas, bars, and even family restaurants.Hm.

I heard this story again, so I don't know how the man got her to the hotel.

However, if you call a taxi and carry an unconscious woman on your back, no one may stop or call you.
Modern society doesn't care about other people, and most of all, they fear getting into trouble.So you can imagine.

Leaving your seat with your bagTo prevent your ID card from being seen while you are away from your desk, your workplace or school being known from your belongings, or your bag being equipped with a GPS.is.If you don't feel comfortable carrying a bag every time, at least bring your ID or something that identifies you in a pouch or something.Also, assuming that the GPS was put in, I think it would be better to check the contents of the bag before returning home.

You may think that you are thinking too much, but as I said in [Article XNUMX], even if you seem like a nice person, you may have a peculiar tendency.
Alternatively, you may be employed by someone.Overthinking doesn't hurt.

[Article XNUMX] Do not eat sweets given as gifts on the spot

This is also an anti-rape drug measure.There may be many men who bring popular sweets as souvenirs along the way to please women.
I used to do it a lot too, but stopped after rape drugs became rampant.

Even if the other party doesn't seem to be offended, you should think about the worst.
If you must eatEat it with "Half Koshou" or eat it immediately at the meeting placeI think it's good.

As expected, if you lose consciousness at a train station or on the street, kind people will help you.Everyone is very conscious of first aid.
The reason why you look ignorant at a restaurant is probably because you can't tell the difference from the possibility that you're drunk and passed out.

(Continued with "Part 3". "Part XNUMX" is finallyHotel versionis)

Is it hereditary?I have loved women since I was a child.Eating delicious food and drinking alcohol with a woman is my favorite time to be lively.Thanks to the smiles of women and the pleasant conversations with women, I somehow manage to live every day, lol.Around XNUMX, married, media.I hope everyone has a good meeting.

Article by Keisuke Urano

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