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Ten articles to protect safety for women who are new to dad activities ─ ─ Part XNUMX

Nice to meet you,Keisuke UranoIt's called.
Papa activity history is shallow, just started in September this year.I've met about 9 women so far.I am currently meeting with a few people on a regular basis.


You may think, "What are you doing with so little experience?", but I have a long history of using dating apps and have had many relationships with women.In addition, my main job is a magazine reporter, and I have experience covering slightly dark relationships, nightlife, and underground, including dad activities.From such a person, when I saw the behavior of the women I met at Papa Katsu, there were many times when I thought, "It's dangerous...".


Especially, "I have only met a man a few times so far", "It is the first time to meet a man",Many women who have little experience of working as dads and women who are new to working as dads engage in “dangerous behavior”is.It's too defenseless, so I've said it directly to the person a few times.


I'm fine, but I was worried because I thought, "If it's a dangerous opponent, I might have a hard time."


Certainly, there may be few people in danger.When I asked about 20 women I met, many of them said, "There were a lot of good people."However, somegot stalked""met with dangerSome people said.There were only 20 people, but there were a few.The best way to avoid danger is to assume the worst.


Therefore, this time, I decided to summarize the XNUMX points to be careful about avoiding dangers in dad activities for women who are new to dad activities and women who are inexperienced.These knowledge is not limited to "papa katsu", but also in matching apps etc.Common precautions when meeting "unknown men"I think it 's.


These XNUMX Articles also include the stories of many women I have met in various places other than dad life.It is based on quite a lot of experiences and information, so it will surely be concrete and practical.I wrote in detail, so I couldn't finish it all in one column, so it became a total of three columns.


Please take a look.


■ Creating a profile and posting photos


[Article XNUMX] If you are not thinking about sexual relations, there is a "prohibited word"


I think it's fine to deliberately use sexually suggestive language as a strategy to lure men.
"Adults are x from the beginning”, and there are women who do not really want to be “adults” and just eat rice several times in a row to earn an allowance, and then fade out.That's also a great strategy (although it can get you into trouble, so I would only recommend it to women who are good at risk management).


When I was told by a woman with a long history of being a dad,More than 9% of men end up with “adult” purposesIt is said that.
Also, I met a neat and clean woman who told me "I don't want to be an adult" and said "That's okay", but when I left, she said "Let's go to the hotel". I also heard that it was broken.


The problem is that inexperienced people unintentionally make people think that sexual relations are OK.This calls for trouble and danger.


For example, you could write "I like karaoke" or "I like massage".this is,Meaning and Misunderstanding of "Petit"will be "Puchi" is the act of performing sexual processing with your hands or mouth without finishing it.
Also, if you write "Karaoke" or "Driving" as a place you want to go on a date, the message will be "It's OK to be alone," and instead of "Petit", it will be misunderstood as "OK until the end."is in trouble.


Among the women I met, there was actually such a woman.
She was a very naive woman who had almost no experience as a daddy and had only one sexual experience with a man. She was like, ``She doesn't know anything.She wrote "Karaoke" and "Massage" on her profile.So she took a little stab at it, and sure enough, she wasn't conscious of it at all.


So I decided to teach them about various dangers.Her existence is also the motivation for writing this "Ten Articles".About this girl, I wrote a column for men's "Darling" (The Trap of the True Story "Good Papa"), so please take a look if you are interested.


In addition, words such as "help", "support", and "help"Adult” means.It is better not to use it unconsciously.


[Article XNUMX] Photographs should be taken carefully so that individuals and places cannot be identified.


You may think, "I know that," but please be patient and read on.
It's news about three years ago, but a certain female idol,Identify your home from photos uploaded to SNSI was a stalker victim.Of course, since I'm an idol, I always post photos carefully so that I don't fall victim to that kind of damage.Yet, for some reason, the address was identified.


The picture was a selfie taken with my iPhone against the wall of my home.No matter how much you look, you can only see the woman and the wall.However, the resolution of recent iPhone photos is too high.She turned to her window and took a selfie of her.for that,The scenery outside the window is reflected in the black part of her eyesWhen he zoomed in on it, he could see the building identified by the address.


Shortly after she uploaded the photo, she was ambushed by a male fan with malicious intentions in front of her condominium room.It's an unimaginable possibility.


This is an extreme example that shows that "some people go that far".


It is basic to check whether anything that can identify an individual, address, occupation, school, etc. is reflected in the background.
No woman I've ever met has uploaded a picture of something like that.But keep in mind that the dangerous one may expand and look for things.It's become a nasty world where you have to worry about what you see in your eyes.


■ When we meet for the first time


[Article XNUMX] Let's set "face-to-face meeting" as early as possible


When I listen to what women say, it seems that many men dislike "face-to-face meetings."However, as much as possible, it is better to set up a "face-to-face meeting" before dinner or a date.
There are various forms of "face-to-face meeting", but in general, it's like having a conversation for about 30 minutes to an hour at a cafe or coffee shop (I heard that some people were assigned to the park in the morning, but with a bitter smile) .


Of course, the amount of the allowance will be less if it is "face-to-face".
Some women don't want to spend time with a small amount of money, so they skip the "face-to-face" meeting.Maybe he's very dangerous.Considering the risk of having dinner or a date with such a person,After all, it is better to insert a check called "face matching"It will be.


In particular, the other party who can afford it psychologically and financially, the so-called "upper daddy""fat daddyIf you are looking for ", you should put "face-to-face" even more. There is no "upper daddy" or "fat daddy" for a man who hates "face-to-face".A man who doesn't have that kind of leeway is often a man of his own.


Only "face-to-face", after that there will be no news "face-to-face fraudThere is such a word.I also remember it, wry smile.
But I guess it's just that he wasn't selected, and a man who says he's a fraud for such a small amount is just that kind of guy.If she strongly thinks that she wants to meet again, she should be contacted, so she should blame herself for not thinking so.


I also had a “meeting” with most of the women at the beginning of my dad activity. Women who request "face-to-face" rather "It is in orderI thought, and had a good impression.If you are told to have a dinner or a date right away, you will think, "Are you really used to it?""Arrangement" is necessary for high-quality encounters.I think it's worth it if you can get it quickly.


(Continued to "Part XNUMX")


Is it hereditary?I have loved women since I was a child.Eating delicious food and drinking alcohol with a woman is my favorite time to be lively.Thanks to the smiles of women and the pleasant conversations with women, I somehow manage to live every day, lol.Around XNUMX, married, media.I hope everyone has a good meeting.

Article by Keisuke Urano

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